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Win 7 RC fails to thwart well-known hacker risk

Dave Morfee


I think you will find the window that pops up will ask what you want to do with it, but it will no longer have the option to run the exe file in that list

Just the usual ones of exploring etc

Google beds Microsoft for mobile sync service

Dave Morfee
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So does this mean I can use activesync to go get me gmail?

EU says Microsoft violated law with IE on Windows

Dave Morfee

And the other OS?

So I assume Apple and the linux boys are going to be told not to include a browser as well then?

Speed cams ditched in Wiltshire

Dave Morfee

You sure about that?

Posted by AC @ 10:05

Perhaps the Clarksons of the world should go and explain to the relatives of the family killed in the recent, and very tragic pile up on the M6 why cutting back on speed cameras is a good idea, and why it's unfair that the police fine people for breaking the speed limit.


It was my understanding that the traffic was slow, due to an earlier accident, so please tell the assembled masses how a speed camera on that part of the M6, would have prevented it from happening?


IBM delivers baby SAN

Dave Morfee

thats pricey

I know this is for the SMB market, but seriously thats a lot of cash, we have just put in a IBM san, 4Tb beast for £15K fitted and installed


Windows Live third wave washes up

Dave Morfee


Probally like Adobe CS3 wants Messenger closed, Outlook closed, hell it wants anything opened closed

Google publishes Chrome patch details

Dave Morfee

Sneaky buggers

I can see Gregs point, everyone called foul at MS for being semi sneaky with its updates, but for them to update the software silently, without informing the user is a bit worrying.

Of course it would be interesting to see if they could update Chrome, on Vista with UAC working, I wonder if it would throw up a prompt?


iPhone 3G isn't necessarily

Dave Morfee

the plastic back

Perhaps this was one of the reasons for swapping to a plastic backing?

Generic VoIP toolkit comes to the iPhone

Dave Morfee

Europe ahead of US

Does Jobs say these things forgetting in Europe we are leaps and bounds above the US in terms of our mobile technology?

Surely it should be up to teh network the iphone is on rather than Jobs deciding? T-Mobile on the right package allow VOIP so why cant the iphone be used for that.


Gmail outage causes outrage

Dave Morfee

These things happen

Like someone said its a beta, and I never remeber reading anything where Google said you get 100% uptime with any of their services.

John Delaney - This was due to a fault on the Be/o2 network, two stories one is of a fire - very unlikly. The other option and the better one was a massive firewall config cock up, o2 stores lost connection to their internatl network which runs over a Be cloud, similar home broadband was the same. Some ports work eg VPN/RDC but port 80 was out.

Sounds like port 80 got blocked on the firewall, at the same time locking out o2 from it, so sent a man with a laptop to console up to fix


AMD releases 'world's fastest' graphics card

Dave Morfee

Yes please

This could be the card to tempt me away from my 8800GTS 640Mb

Wind farm wound down on air traffic fears

Dave Morfee


Its not that they will effect the planes, but the blades of the turbines are known to scatter the RADAR waves and can produce ghosts.

So this could be a problem when you have a stack of 747s landing


NASA eyes Japan's ISS supply vehicle

Dave Morfee

What about Europes effort?

Whats wrong with the Euro one we made and put up succesfully?? To pricey for them maybe?

Apple iPhone 3G

Dave Morfee

@Giles Jones

Try HTC, o2, T-Mobile, Orange

All of them released updates from WinMo 5 to 6 and then the newer handsets from 6 to 6.1



Desktop Eee PC spied on web

Dave Morfee


Had a look, and it looks like a DVI/VGA converter.

Was rather hoping it would have some extra display options on it though


Steve Jobs unveils plans to dominate RIM BlackBerry, Life, the Universe, and Everything

Dave Morfee


Hmm PPC only able to do Outlook? Last time I checked it could do Outlook, IMAP, POP3

Stange I dont see Blackberry supporting anything else other than its own service.


Crucial solid-state drive passes vibrator test

Dave Morfee

Windows paging?

I seem to remember that Linux is worse than windows for writing to a page file, hence the guide for ubuntu to cut down on page writes when using the eepc


Want faster broadband soon? Move to Kent, says BT

Dave Morfee

I agree

I agree with Anonymous Coward. I believe all the gas pipes etc. are owned and maintained by Transco, so why not do the same for the telecoms infrastructure


Opera hits Microsoft with EC complaint

Dave Morfee

@ Greg

So Apple done have an monopoly? When was the last time you saw an Apple mac sold via Apple that only had XP installed?

Apple have their own monopoly on mac hardware, and they are not forced to bundle IE with OSX.

Ok so MS dont conform to standards, so, its the webdesigners fault, if they wrote pages to THE standards and not the IE standards then MS would have to change the way IE worked, but while people are too lazy to do it the correct way, why should MS change?



EVE Online update kills Windows PCs

Dave Morfee

Vista 64 is fine

Installed the classic and prem patch around 11pm on Wed, have since shut down and rebooted and its fine.

Vista doesnt use a boot.ini file anymore


Brit office Xmas parties going to the dogs

Dave Morfee
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Never paid for one

My last company the boss paid for, company had 50 employees, always had a large xmas meal at a posh hotel, free beer and drink on him till 7pm ish when he tend to call it a night, but since we started at 1pm, its not too bad.

With my current company we have been to London 2 years running, seen a west end show, medivial banquet etc.



UK Charts Company to recognise album sales on USB Flash disks

Dave Morfee

So let me get this right..

Ill be able to buy an album on a 5gb flash stick for £10ish. Hopefully I will be able to format it and get a cheap flash stick :)


L1NUX number plate roars onto eBay

Dave Morfee


Around Peterborough i see on occasion W1NNT on a Honda Accord estate

What's 77.1 x 850? Don't ask Excel 2007

Dave Morfee

Is it such a big deal?

If this only happens with the 65,535 how often in daily calcualtions is that figure actually arrived at?

Ok it was a cock up on the display of the number, but the sum does come to the right number though


Next-gen Intel vPro platform to get hardware encryption

Dave Morfee

Recovery + SOL

To be honest if your mobo dies and you do not have a backup of your data that is on your laptop then you deserve to lose your data :)

MS lawyers take out AutoPatcher

Dave Morfee

Do it the manual way

To M who was complaining about downloading them all again manually for each PC, not true, you can download all the updates from the Windows Catalogue and write a batch script to install them one after another

Simple really.


Microsoft re-assures partners on Vista compatibility

Dave Morfee

Must be a lucky one

I guess I must be one of the lucky ones. I have been using Vista since last November first on my 3.2Ghz EE with 1Gb ram then on my new Core 2 box and I have never had any problems at all.

All my games, programmes work fine, I have no issues to speak off other than I so much prefer it to XP.

Vista does work with SBS you just need to make some changes on it, much like you do to a 2000 DC when joining a 2k3 server. So that is a bit of lame excuse.

Of the Vista that has been deployed never known it to randomly reboot. If it is using the hdd a lot turn off VSS and Indexing services this will cut the drive usage to a minimum.

"Unbelievably 3 machines were destroyed oy the OS! mostly it appears to be heat issues, popping motherboards, power supplies and graphics cards but Vista appears to thrash and trash hard disks."

If that did happen then you should look at the cooling on those PCs, I find it almost impossible an os can do that.

Dave M

I also fail to belive Vista caused your PCs to fail.