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ID fraudsters soak the rich


Equifax will give all your details away to spammers

"Equifax et al to sell us our own data" - they will even sell our own data to scammers, I requested a credit report once using a single use email address, 1 year later that email address started receiving bank phishings attempts.

Equifax asks customer to email debit card photocopies


Equifax will give all your details away to spammers

About a year after I used Equifax (with a unique email address) I started getting spam to that address, it was paypal phising scams!

They tried to tell me that this unique email address containing their company name was randomly guessed by the spammers and yet somehow I didn't get all the other randomly guessed email addresses at my domain.

Xbox 360 Elite to raid Europe next month



I was expecting it to come out as the same price as the premium (and the other versions to drop price a little). But it's ~ £50 more expensive at £329.99 on play.

My tv has plenty of HDMI sockets but only one set of components which are already in use so was looking forward to the Elite. Far too expensive though so will have to stick to my Xbox 1 and Wii