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Q. What's today's top language? A. Python... no, wait, Java... no, C



90% of the world is now writing apps.

Java, python, C+ ...........oh my!

There's an app for that!

Trump tramples US Constitution by blocking Twitter critics – lawsuit


Re: ID 10 T alert

That isn't what I said.

That's what you're saying.

No one has to give up any religion. That is so completely opposite of the idea here. What I'm saying is that there is no point in it if your not going to willing become a citizen of the nation your living in. Unless your motives are something else. Many people have used the word 'assimilation'. Without that, the ultimate result is destruction. Although, that is exactly what is desired by many.


Re: ID 10 T alert

You slur the meaning.

ALL people are equal.....yes. But The law as it is applied in Mexico does not treat basic human freedom the way it should. China doesn't either. Nor does Russia. The American Constitution has no jurisdiction over "Mexicans" as Mexicans are citizens of Mexico. They may have green cards and might be given the ability to work and even dwell in the US, but that does not in itself automaticly make them "US citizens" covered by all provisions of the US Constitution. More countries need to be run with something very similar to the US constitution. If they were, These principles would and actually could be applied to "all people".

Mexicans and Muslims and anyone else that wishes to become American (US citizen) may at anytime. All are welcome.

When you become American. You are American. NOT Mexican. Your heritage never changes but you do change. Otherwise, there would never be any point in the effort. The same thing should be just as easy to understand and be applied just as unilaterally to any Muslim wishing to become a citizen of the UK.

Are these Mexicans changing and becoming American?

Are these Muslims changing and becoming British?



Twitter and the use there of is not and never will be a RIGHT!

The same is true with Facebook. The same is true with MySpace (for the few that still might use that).

Trump might have a twitter account and he might use it but NO ONE outside of 'Twitter' actually controls Twitter. If you have an account and that account gives you the ability to 'block' people from you conversations...........take it up with Twitter. If you don't think Trump should have that ability, then NO ONE should. Again....Take it up with Twitter.

Russia, China vow to kill off VPNs, Tor browser


Outlaw VPN's??


Why not outlaw the "Z" key from the qwerty keyboard while your at it? I'm sure some insane politician can sir up some hooplah and manage to convince enough people that the letter Z is dangerous to all life on Earth.

An AI can replace what a world leader said in his video-taped speech. This will end well. Not



Yeah right? who does that anymore?

You know this net neutrality thing? Well, people really love it


Re: Net Neutrality is about politics

Any ISP not allowing it's customers the use of purchased (non-ISP provided) routers is a problem for many people. But many people will simply go with whatever the ISP gives them so they don't have to be responsible for anything. For many, the option is there but is refused.

What I'm saying is:

Many (if not most) of the concerns people have can be solved by taking direct and meaningful responsibility for what does and does not happen on your internal network. It serves no real purpose to be upset at an ISP for something you should be handling on your end.

An ISP directly limiting your access to Netflix is a problem. But, most people are never going to see the difference between that and their problems using Netflix based on virus infection, a poor or cheaply made router, or even technical problems from Netflix itself. How ridiculous is it to blame your ISP if Netflix gets hacked?


Re: Net Neutrality is about politics

The biggest problems are coming from two areas......government and user ignorance/apathy.

ISP throttling might be there and might be 'a thing', but comparatively speaking...too small 'a thing' to spend that much time getting all that worked up about.

I do understand the idea of QoS and ISP's certainly have that power (to a certain extent) but there is a big misconception as to just WHO is doing what.....where....why.....and how. These misconceptions are understandable when you keep in mind that very few people actually understand much about how the technologies really work. Many of those that DO understand have been brain-washed into thinking they have to do certain things in certain ways. For example, it is NOT absolutely mandatory that you include various scripts provided by Google in order to get high rankings on a Google search. These are the scripts that slow things down and make Google 'aware' of everything. Another example is the extensive use of Flash within YouTube. Flash is dangerous and needs to go away. But instead of doing that, we all encourage it's use by updating and continuing to use Youtube. Then we want to blame the ISP when we can't get good throughout on it. There is also this idea that everything needs to be on wifi to "be modern'. Wifi is not usually as good as wired. Regardless of what router you use. There are so many examples of this it is pathetic.

The end user has so much more control than is ever realized. It is beyond me why anyone would actually want to use routers from ISP's.

Ya know, people can drastically improve their ability to use the internet if they would just filter out all the advertising. Most people do not understand that most of the code on any given webpage has absolutely NOTHING to do with why your viewing that webpage in the first place. That code gets processed and not only slows down your speeds but is also where you pick up infections.


Net Neutrality is about politics

....NOT technology!

The web/internet was already neutral before 'net neutrality' came into the picture.

I find it interesting that most of the people yelling the loudest in favor of net neutrality are the very same ones that are more likely to rent their modem (and more importantly....their router) from their ISP.

If you want control over your connection, use YOUR OWN router. Using your own modem would be a good idea too.

You have a choice....

You can take control over your network or you can give it all to someone else to control. If you choose to give it to your ISP then you have nothing to complain about.

TRUMP SCANDAL! No, not that one. Or that one. Or that one. Or that one.


Too many lies

There have been so many lies from all sides for so many years, no one knows or even cares anymore what the truth actually is. Most people will (and can) believe whatever they are told. This is the kind of world our so called leaders have created (for us and for themselves).

I do not worship at the alter of any politician. Nor any 'captain of industry' for that matter. I do not see Trump as a god that can do no wrong anymore than I see Steve Jobs that way.

However, I am sick to death of getting a steady stream of lies from politicians, major media outlets, and various think-tanks.

The vast majority of anything that can be labeled as 'scandalous' regarding Trump amounts to nothing more than made-up lies created out of hate by power hungry people that only wish to see the destruction by self induced implosion of the American way of life.

I can't see a single reason for the Russian government to prefer Trump over Clinton. If anything, Putin would have preferred Clinton. Trump was elected by the same rules that gave us eight years of Obama. It does not matter what the Russians think. Clinton lost because of what Clinton did. Crying about it is not any more productive than crying about Obama. What bothers me so much about all this is that everyone wants to be so against Trump while no one seems to care at all about the criminal activity (that has been proven beyond all doubt) of both Clintons. People cry about trump 'not being fit' while completely ignoring how unfit Obama was. People seem to have forgotten how Obama completely lost all control over Airforce1 as it flew over New York...........During HIS first 100 days. People have also forgotten how Hillary welcomed the Russians into American nuclear facilities with open arms as Secretary of State. The list goes on and on.

Politicians are worthless. Open your eyes and see the truth. See for yourself how you are being lied to.

Feds snooping on your email without a warrant? US lawmakers are on a war path to stop that


Email is not private

The interesting part of all this is that email has never been private in the first place. There is no way to make it private.

Say bye-bye to net neutrality next year, gloats FCC commish Pai


Re: Say goodbye to everything next year

Peace and prosperity has actually been moving further and further away over recent years. Riots that include damage and loss of property (public and private), insanity that results in death for for anyone that happens to be there (anywhere), the thing that appears to be a religious war on a global scale, and all manner of internet related attacks across the planet......all currently happening and getting worse as people get encourage by lies.

It isn't about to start......it has been going on and at higher levels over the last eight years (and truthfully....since 9/11).


Quite the opposite

What your not getting is the reality that the thing that the US has been changing into is quite anti-capitalist. Over recent years, more and more large chunks have actually been scooped up by government.

NIST: People have given up on cybersecurity – it's too much hassle


Re: Attention must be paid

"...ask anyone who has to control expensive devices with nothing but Flash..."

That is precisely my point. It is time to ask questions regarding why it is required that these devices use Flash in the first place instead of demanding they use something else. It is time to actually deal with the fact the such devices are 'required' rather than summarily rejected BEFORE they are purchased.

Trying to fix the barn doors after to horses come home is futile. Which is WHY we are all in this mess to start with. Now I do understand the idea that "hind-site is always 20/20" but this is a very real problem that is getting worse by the day. Retailers, manufactures, ISP's, and marketing departments are going to follow trends based on what the mass population does. ALL of these entities can be manipulated. Everyone seems to be stuck in a frame of mind that indicates the exact opposite. There is strength in numbers. This has been proven time and time again throughout history.


Attention must be paid

I'm sure that there are people that have given up. It is a shame that so many would get caught in the grip of fear needlessly over all this.

Cybersecurity is NOT nearly as complicated as it is being portrayed. It does however mean certain decisions need to be made.....by the end user, by the manufacturer, by software engineers, by governments, and by the makers of operating systems. All of which need to take the issue alot more seriously than they currently do.

The average person (the end user) usually leaves it all to someone else to be responsible for. This is proven in the popularity of iphones and ipads (smartphones and tablets). End users must take the initiative and the time to actually 'learn' something about the equipment and the devices they spend all the money and time on. Without that, nothing anyone else every does will ever matter much.

Manufacturers need to understand that they are helping to create bigger problems by being more concerned about making money than they are for maintaining an environment where their customer base is protected, secured, and provided for over the long term. Far too many people across the planet are convinced that this is what Apple does. Apple 'shields' it's users and thereby makes them dependent as they never really learn anything. They just "look" cool. Well....looking cool does NOT mean being cool. It also does not translate to anything that can be called cybersecurity. Windows seems to be far easier for most people to grasp but is so obviously the worst offender when it comes to the important issue. Personally, I would push for Linux. But this does come with a learning curve that most users simply don't care to invest in (which is part of the problem).

Governments all over the planet have made it quite clear that they are only interested in any of this to the point of keeping the masses under their control.

As long as the biggest portion of the human population remains unwilling to actually learn anything about computer technology beyond social media, so intently interested in playing the latest games, and pushing their own responsibilities onto others (big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Sony, etc.) then it is easy to understand why no one can properly focus on the real problems.

You have to get rid of Flash, Java, ActiveX, VBScript (Internet Explorer and Edge). You have to start filtering out online advertising at all levels. You have to understand that doing these things might 'break' websites but these websites are things that need to be avoided anyway.

Criticize Donald Trump, get your site smashed offline from Russia


This means nothing

Obama has pretty much lifted whatever embargo was there. This is a non-issue that just plays at emotional heartstrings. It isn't really about anything more than "looks". Everything (not just Trump related businesses) is gearing up for any and all opportunities for transaction between Cuba and the US. To criticize Trump for this is ridiculous. To suggest that this is Russia being against Clinton is equally ridiculous. This is nothing more than FUD.

Forgive me, father, for I have used an ad-blocker on news websites...


Re: My question is......

I can certainly appreciate your point of view. In a very real way, I agree.

It does raise the question though of who defines "crap ads" when it is so easy for anyone to 'buy' access? This is not to mention that a very big part of it does not even come close to being under Reg control. Which means it is very difficult to say with any real certainty what is and what is not crap.

For the record though, I don't use adblockers per se. But I do filter out over 260,000 websites from my network. I do this with NO GUILT. I do this purely out of self protection. Not only for threat mitigation but for bandwidth control aswell. Since I don't use other people's software, I am not under their control. I see no reason for this to ever be done any other way. I am a user that cares.

Perhaps it is time for ALL online news sites to stop being so dependent on 'advertising' of any kind and rely on quality content. It might be surprising to discover how effective this will be at brining in more visitors, readers, and loyalty.

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My question is......

Why would The Reg suggest that it is somehow wrong for me to take responsibility for my own equipment with actions that are not only intended for the protection of my data, my privacy, my computers, and my identity but also things that help to prevent my equipment from being used to harm others (like botnets)?

Uh Reg....these issues do have the potential for taking YOUR website out (just like KrebsOnSecurity). Why would you want that? It is clear to me that your readers are trying to protect themselves. Why would you suggest anything less?

Is this what Windows XP's death throes look like?


Re: With Windows XP you are never 'out of date'.

As has been said.........XP is quite reliable.

I don't see certs being an issue. I also don't see Chrome at this point being a good browser for any XP machine. There are ways of doing things and if one is so inclined to continue to run XP, they still can. So much of it is in the way it's done. The only way through all the needless hassle is to remove all the outside controls. If you are the kind of person that "just wants it to work" without ever taking any responsibility for your computer, the XP is likely not the best OS for you. On one hand, it's becoming the red headed step child. On the other hand, it's becoming something of a singular source of control that a user can have (if they want it) that remains outside of MS dictatorship. The XP machines I still have are all still running great and just as fast as when installed. You have to maintain the network, the individual computers, and the filters. My view...."it's my machine which means it's my responsibility, NOT theirs". Maybe if more people saw things that way; the world, the web, and life in general would become a little easier and more enjoyable for people.

I see nothing wrong with using Linux. Infact, many of the computers/servers I use at home are running it. Ubuntu being my flavor of choice. But a well rounded user must be open (sourced...lol) to other distro's. The Penguin is your friend.

I want NSA chief's head on a plate for Merkelgate, storms Senator McCain



I've got something for McCain to kiss....

While we're on the subject of sell-outs.....

Snowden is the least of our concerns.

Apple will FAIL in corporate land 'because IT managers hate iPads'


Re: "Never say never again?"

This is the kinda thing I deal with on a regular basis.

It's exactly this kind of nonsense that I'm talking about. No real concern for actually fixing problems. Just replace it with a shiny new toy and watch in amazement as all kinds of new problems get created.....and they're going to tell me "it's not in the budget".....lol

It would be in the budget if we could do things in a logical manner is if we were professionals moving with a purpose.


Re: Functional Silo Syndrome

What I'm suggesting is...the right tool for the right job.

I know that the ipad is ideal for many people. If it works for you then great. There just simply is a kind of thinking thats moving through companies and their leadership that these devices are needed when they're not. It's a way of being trendy, cool, and fashionable. Things like this caries with it a certain "look" to other people. My interest is in getting the job done and doing it correctly, efficiently, and with enjoyment. It's difficult to enjoy being a professional when all you have to work with are things that are counter productive.


"a lot of companies have had a lot of success rolling out iPads."

Rolling out.....yes

The end result is a situation where a laptop is needed and an ipad is given. This slows things down and causes more people to go through alot of unnecessary grief while waiting for a series of new apps (that end up barely working) just to bypass what was already there and could be much easier to handle if a laptop where used.

The ipad I have.....I don't want. It makes a nice toy but a pitiful excuse for a computer. A ten year old laptop is more of a computing device than a brand new ipad.


Re: אֵין כָּל חָדָשׁ תַּחַת הַשָּׁמֶש

I've only seen one person in the office running a MAC by choice.


Re: IT Managers (in a windows world) dream of

There are plenty of things that employees shouldn't do on company computers/networks. But IT does not need to install "monitoring" software. Just filter out EVERYTHING except what is required. Only allow access to certain things and nothing else. This would solve alot (if not all) of this.


Re: IT Managers (in a windows world) dream of

If they wouldn't have me sign a paper saying I wont modify the laptop they are assigning me, I would fix it myself. They are going to give me VPN access anyway...just give me the relevant data and I'll take care of it. Let me take full charge of the machine I'm given and it will work longer, harder, and faster than it would if anyone else did it.

If you're not paying, you're product: If you ARE paying, it's no better


Re: Your own server


It really all depends on what you want. Many people just want to share photos between a handful of people. Not everyone does videos. Alot of people just want to deal with 5 or 6 others. Some people just want to get information out without having much if any feedback. Of course, the more you do, the bigger pipe will be required. If the idea is to get thousands of hits, then consumer grade connectivity might not be good enough.

Then there is the stability of your ISP....running your own server might not be a good idea of your modem is always going down.


Your own server

Setting up and running your own webserver is NOT that hard (certain not like the article eludes to). Any computer can be a server and it all comes down to how much work and attention your willing to give it. The more you do, the more you'll enjoy it.

As for Facebook....a public facing webpage on your own server isn't any harder to save to favorites/bookmarks than any Facebook page. If coding is done correctly, it would be just as easy to find across the web too. Take all that time and energy spent on updating your Facebook page and use it for your own server and end up running by your own rules instead of submitting yourself to whatever Facebook tells you. You can be alot happier and do alot more with it. It's already reached the point where your alot more likely to get "hacked" over Facebook than any server your likely to run yourself. Not to mention being constantly monitored and always risking infection.

There are ways of doing things. As long as you have an IP, you have options.

Indestructible, badass rootkit BadBIOS: Is this tech world's Loch Ness Monster? VOTE NOW


through it out there and see if anyone bytes.....

Why Bletchley Park could never happen today


Re: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

"That is not actually true. A foreign power cannot go to a US company and demand that a backdoor is placed in their software or that their private keys are handed over."

It doesn't have to be demanded. The companies your referring to will do it willingly while claiming they didn't know or don't have the kind of control needed to prevent it.

People will buy (and have in their homes) all those things that are made by the other guy. Then complain when a problem is found.

Facebook is a great example of this.

Facebook tests sinister CURSOR-TRACKING in hunt for more ad bucks


Re: this is so yesterday

This is what phones actually do now.


Re: Not entirely..

I'm a big believer in the hosts file. But it doesn't catch everything. It catches alot though. I filter out over 216,000 sites with it and I still have to watch what comes in. Personally, I'm surprised this doesn't get more attention than it does.

From Russia with Code: Edward Snowden gets job on website helldesk


The person in the photo looks like a woman.

Want to keep the users happy? Don't call them users for a start


Re: Users...

many apologies to users such as yourself

Those that "use" a computer ARE "users". That's why the name exists in the first place.

There are customers. There are clients. There are employees. If any of these people have any reason to interact with IT....they are users. It all depends on the business though. But in this world where everything is a computer (or a computer wanna-be); how does anyone expect to escape such an all-encompassing label?

I am a user and so are you. It's neither honorable nor derogatory. It is what it is. Just as we are all "human" (well, most of us anyway). We can play these politically correct word games all day long, but it will never change the simple fact that we are users. We use computers. It's not semantics. It's the way things are. Most resonable people don't have an issue with this idea. Just as most IT geeks would more more inclined to take pride in the name "geek".

Don't crack that Mac: Almost NOTHING in new Retina MacBook Pros can be replaced


No motivation to make this purchase

Apple in it's entire line of products are moving into very expensive mass produced disposable terminals. Users/customers are pretty much forced into their world where Apple retains full control over every little thing. There are no choices....you WILL do it Apples' way or they don't want your business.

They can have it....they can keep it....sell it to people that don't care.

Netgear router admin hole is WIDE OPEN, but DON'T you dare go in, warns infosec bod


I'm not saying that ISP's DNS servers are safe at all.

I'm actually saying that they are not safe and I'm also suggesting that people (in general) wake up and smell the coffee. It's becoming more and more important that people NOT just blow these things off anymore. Those that will not learn something about these machines will end up getting eatin' alive by them (at the behest of an unseen authority).


"Sorry to disagree, but a rooted router can easily include software to spoof-redirect external DNS servers to wherever the miscreants please."

You disagree that most people use their ISP's DNS as a default without thinking about?


I have no doubt that a rooted router could be given redirect instructions. My thinking is more in the other direction. A backdoor into your network.....


"A malicious DNS server could be configured, exposing users to web browser exploits."

I just thought this was interesting considering that the vast majority of users will end up using their ISP's DNS servers as default without ever thinking about it.


is this only to be seen as an issue if the user selects a questionable system?

How much do you trust your ISP?

Internet Explorer 11 BREAKS Google, Outlook Web Access


hhhhmmmm......haven't used IE since version 5.5

I consider it to be the best solution to all this nonsense.

Windows 8.1: Read this BEFORE updating - especially you, IT admins


I agree with Hans to a point (only to a point though).

Linux is great. The fact that it's free is no small thing. Although there are too many people that actually think that anything that's "free" isn't good enough to have or use. Linux makes the best os for servers in my opinion, but just isn't user friendly enough for the average user. Most people simply don't understand computers (or even care to understand) well enough to ensure that the right things get done. This lack of understanding coupled with the tremendous hassles involved with the update/upgrade process is why so many people just decide to "have someone else take care of it". It's all kinda sad really. But this is the reality of technology (as it exists today).

I find it kinda funny that so much time, energy, and effort is taken up by all this nonsense, while increasing everyones' frustrations and lowering the amount of time spent actually being productive with these machines/devices. There is very little room left for "enjoying" them. It is NOT meant to make us live in a constant state of fear from hack attacks and virus/trojan/backdoor problems resulting in spending all ones' time in a never ending pursuit of updates/patches/hotfixes. It turns people off.

Business's have too many other things to worry about. It's too hard to justify spending so much time and money on something like this. The individual home user is more likely to just buy a new (whatever machine/device) as a replacement. People in general will only go so far with all this stuff though. Even some of the most basic things seem to fly over the heads of a very large portion of internet users.

It's NOT anti-MS because it's the standard MO for everyone....across the board.

What it is....is the result of so few people understanding or even caring to understand technology that it's all being left to companies like MS and Apple that they end up in a position of control over everything. Then you have the NSA.....for most people, there is no way to win....so you give up and say ok....whatever you want me to do. But then what they want you to do so quickly becomes so convoluted.

Hey banks: Use Win XP after deadline? You'll PAY if card data's snaffled


A bigger picture

This is all quite interesting and there seem to be so knowledgeable people here but I do think that all of this completely misses something.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those that understand and those that don't (most people don't). Those that do understand will ultimately take care of themselves without having too many problems. So I focus more on the ones that don't.

For the average person using a computer at their job (whatever that job is)...is makes absolutely no difference one way or the other what the OS is (or at least is shouldn't). It ends up as a question for management (is upgrading or changing worth my time/money/investment?) and for any IT staff (can I properly maintain the systems that management has decided to use?).

For this topic...It's all about "properly maintain". So I'm asking what the point actually is in "updating" (not "upgrading" which is a different thing)?

If updating is for protection (with systems that DO get the job done): then I ask about the more important things like not allowing internet access for all those machines that don't actually NEED it. ALOT of people only need access to a server with a database (that really should be on-premises). Of course, someone remoting into someones' computer for making software repairs will need online, but not everyone does that. Most people don't even need USB ports (unless for keyboards and mice) or CD roms. If "tech support" is just going to read off of a script anyway....they don't need internet access. They could just log into a server. A system NOT connected can't be hacked via the internet. Well, there is still the question of email (which alot of people need)....that's what in-house email servers are for. Let the server scan ALL email before it ever reaches you. Privacy is of no concern as any email through the server should be business related anyway.

So often, computers are put online for the sole purpose's of "updates"....for what? Get MS updates against a hack attack you wouldn't get if you were not connected in the first place? Computers can be very powerful tools by themselves....too many people have the mistakin idea that computers are useless unless connected to the net.

Personally, I can use Windows, Linux, Apple....whatever. It makes little difference to me. They all have their place in life. But from a security standpoint....I'm better off WITHOUT any kind of support from MS at all. I can make XP sing. Computers I build and maintain will run rings around most machines (and for longer periods of time). Half the machines I own run Linux and I'm proud of that fact. I feel like if Linux were the OS of choice for more companies, it would translate to fewer issues with employees.

Let's get down to our passions for IT and stop accepting mediocrity from our lords-on-high. The boots-on-the-ground know better about what's going on than MS. This is how Linux came to be in the first place. These are OUR computers....NOT theirs.


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