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Fitbit picks up Pebble, throws Pebble as far as it can into the sea

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It's also astronomically expensive...

What next for the F-35 after Turkey's threats to turn its back on NATO?

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Something about Turkey

Turkeyception - Turkey buying turkeys for planes...

Worldwide smartwatch shipments predicted to top 5 million next year

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It's not about the hardware... entirely

Personally I think that the money will be in the OS, integration with existing smartphones and to a smaller extent the ability to integrate a 'common' hardware into stylistically inclined devices. I know very few people that wear a watch based on its functionality, in fact the functionality is so secondary in some cases that reading them ends up being more time consuming than checking out your phone...

If they're not stylish then they're not going to sell in my opinion - unless you're going to be that guy/girl that is already wearing your Google Glasses and ascribe to the hipster Apple device toting individualistic masses (yeah that's right you 'individuals' - you all look the same and demonstrate the same lack of imagination as all your sailor tattooed mates)...

Yep - there is no way in hell that I will be wearing a 'Google/Apple/Microsoft' watch with any sense of pride or misplaced feeling of trend setting unless they can pull of a stylistic coup - something that Apple hasn't managed in 6-7 years...

US trade body rejects S3 'Apple nicked our IP' claim

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Hornets nest?

It does strike me somewhat like Apple are starting to reap the rewards of underhanded business practice. Act like the bully boy and one day someone turns around and body slams your ass!

Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5

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Even though I'm not an Apple fan...

I'm not sure many, if any, of these reasons are particularly valid. I've found that the majority of people that buy these things are more than happy with their capability, fashion appeal and form factor. I personally wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot barge pole not the least because I find Apples business practice (i.e. patent wars) and constant milking of their customers abhorrent.

If the consumer is happy to buy into it - c'est la vie, I'm not going to stop them. Besides, who knows Apple might come up with something that's a game changer again or at least a feature that is more polished and idiot proof than other implementations and that's not a bad thing...

Samsung-Apple patent lawsuit tally hits 21, and counting

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Can someone just put Samsung and Apple into a cage fighting ring, give them handbags and let them sort it out between them!

This is doing nothing but hurt the consumer - and you know I don't care who started it... someone needs to get in there and start banging heads together!

Patent wars: Apple attacks Samsung in Japan

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I'm no so sure that it is a fallacy. Surely if it gets repeated by many different people as an observation, and if we're being honest here the UI is virtually identical to the first incarnation of the OS, then is it not possible that it's true.

Of course I could again avoid being innovative and just say "calling it a fallacy doesn't make it so"...

It's an opinion and one that as a consumer I believe I'm entitled to. Apple is faced with the problem of having designed a brilliant and usable UI that even the most technophobic luddite can pick up and run with in no time at all. As a result any change will be for changes sake and not an improvement. That's their own issue to work through, throwing their toys and holding back the competition is not the solution and, if I'm being honest here, they know they're in for a world of hurt and they've fallen to the 'sarcasm of the marketing world' and started attempting to stifle the market.

Chill on the rage fella...

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...if Apple spent more time innovating and creating new stuff rather than re-hashing the same idea over and over and over... (iPhone, 3G, 3GS, 4 and I suspect 5 having basically never changed the UI or basic design) then they wouldn't need to sue all their competitors for having the gumption to actually innovate and produce better products...

Someone should sue them for being anticompetitive and for treating their customers like moneybags! These patent wars are doing absolutely nothing for the consumer except retard the development of new stuff at better prices. Thanks Apple... for nothing.

Has Steve Jobs killed the consumer hard disk industry?

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Now all they need to do...

Now all they need to do is stop corralling their users into a 'gated' environment where the only things you can buy and install are from Apple directly. They also need to stop telling their users what they can and can't do with their devices.

I'm going to sit here semi quietly waiting for the great Apple user blow back when they suddenly go all 'Logans Run' on Cupertino.

...I guess the less said about iOS5*cough*Android the better...

First Facebook Hacker Cup lifted by ... Google genius

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I resemble that statement...

I had the sex once... at least I think I did... I do IT too...

Fanboi rumor mill dances for iPad 2 iPad 3

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what does it matter...

...if it has the same naff locked down anal control freak OS?

Honestly it's time for tablets to stop aspiring to being glorified web browsers (broken ones if using the Apple OS) and heavy book substitutes. The problem with the iPad OS is that it is going to be a larger format phone because of the way that the Apple market infrastructure has been created.

Android Honeycomb - probably not going to be massively impressive initially but it does have the advantage of being solely designed for the tablet format and better yet there is already a very large modding community that have already cut their teeth on the Smart Phone format. We have already seen the Modoco team do wonders with the Vega tablet, turning it into a really slick tool for a 3rd of the price of an iPad.

iPad is beautiful, the UI is beautiful and undeniably the perfect intuitive interface but there comes a time when form starts to limit/damage function and I firmly believe that Apple is well on it's way to designing themselves into a dumbed down limited corner.

It's a shame because they are seriously ahead of the game when it comes to hardware - simply stunning design ethos that EVERY other hardware manufacturer could learn from... in my opinion of course.

Google Cloud Connect: The limits of a Microsoft makeover

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It's clear that very few people understand how...

...the Google suite excels beyond MS and Sharepoint. Not the least is the real time collaboration which still can't be achieved by Sharepoint.

Not to mention Microsoft utterly mediocre cloud offering to enterprise businesses. Whilst with Google you can have your information spanning many data centres around the world with MS they will only host in one country. The end result is for a large multinational company you have unacceptable latency issues for sites distant from their data centres. It makes no sense to host data in Ireland when your staff are in India or China or for that matter Australia.

MS have a business monopoly and as per usual they are only offering a half assed solution and expecting us to pay more than five times as much. Not only that but now you 'rent' the full MS Office 'experience' from them rather than actually owning the licences.

MS Office and Drop Box? - What are you smoking?

Google sneak peeks Android for fondleslabs

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Wow so much hate...

Personally I think it looked nice and I'd much rather put my ping toward something that wasn't 50% device and 50% royalties (or wank factor) that you get with Apple devices... So I get something that looks similar to an Uncle Steve device without being hog tied with restricted functionality... sounds like a whole bunch of win to me...

Virgin demands ISPs end broadband speed 'con'

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Where I live?

I live in the middle of London - WC1. I'm glad you had a nice experience with their helpdesk 8 years ago - what possibly relevance does that have to their current helpdesk?

I'm not suggesting that I couldn't hit maximum, I'm saying that I couldn't hit maximum for long without their control freak throttling kicking in.

I wish people would read.

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Virgin - the crippled broadband provider

Unless you pay Virgin the top amount for their broadband packages you get what is essentially a crippled service. Their 'unlimited' broadband gets cut to 25% of their advertised service if you exceed a predetermined amount of date in a peaktime period.

i.e. if you watch a few episodes of programs and a movie from iPlayer you will suddenly discover your internet dying. Their cable modem also doesn't deal well with Bittorrent (which is now a legitimate method of getting updates and demos around the web) and essentially collapses your internet connection. Open uTorrent and you can't browse the internet.

Added to this their help centre in Bangalore is a painful experience where I have had the operators lying to me and pretending that they are fading out when they can't answer a question speaking quieter and quieter despite all the voices in the background being clear as day.

I would not use Virgin even if they paid me - they need to clean their own house before they start throwing stones.

Florida cops tase naked jogger

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Jobs: One million iPads sold

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They must be reaching moron saturation by now...

Early adopters with more money than sense? Leaves to be seen...

NASA iceberg-finder prangs into Moon's south pole

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Google Wave: Testers line up for the love-in

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I got my invite

Did you get yours?

Windows 7 Ultimate product activation hacked?

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Hell it's good and it's cheap!

Just buy it. For once Microsoft are being sensible about their pricing structure and if we're being fair it's a pretty good product.

I've been using it in an enterprise capactiy as well and it plays nice with 95% of apps. MS have got this one right - the best way to send the message to them is to buy it.


Europe won't pay more for Windows 7. Really!

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I don't get this...

...strange propeller head love of Linux and the misguided idea that it's easier to live with than windows. Contrary to popular belief Linux is not the savior of all home computing and it sure as hell is not the savior of Enterprise computing. It's just not polished enough.

As much as the Linux crew might like the idea, the rest of the world is not going to give up and stop using Windows...


Swine flu eclipsed by new fruity, full-bodied menace

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Wine flue? I think...

I has that on Sunday morning - awful stuff Wine Flu...

HTC's third Android spied online

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Another win for HTC aesthetics.

It's not a pretty thing - surely this is not the next HTC Android phone - they look like they're taking their design queues from a 70's calculator.

Microsoft cuts Vista price

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It's never been about the price

It's always been about getting the product that you expect and having a product that shows that the people who made it have some respect for their customers.

I'm still waiting for Apple to release OSX to the general hardware population - there is some serious ping there.

Samsung bares its Soul

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and the same horrible keypad as the Rokr - just awful -the rest of the interface looks nice but that keypad is a total turn off.

Teen hacker re-unlocks Apple's iPhone

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How much money they would make if they just stopped cocking around and sold it to everyone who wanted one without all the controlling pap.

It's the supremist rubbish that causes people to resent Apple and their products and all it will take is someone else to come up with a comparible product and their market share will quite nicely evaporate.

Californian sues Comcast over BitTorrent throttling

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Aye but...

You'd think he's being pretty careful to have a 'clean' PC before going down this path.

Tumbleweeds outnumber punters, as iPhone's First Night flops

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We're not the muppets they think we are...

Clearly Apple have misjudged their 'target' market in the UK and not realised that we as consumers are not only more decerning than our muppet brothers and sisters in the US but also more educated.

We know when we're getting ripped off and this was just another in the long line of 'treat em mean to keep em keen' marketing attempts from a US company selling in the UK.

A few more failures like this (similar to Vista) will make them realise that we just will not pay for an over inflated product.

Merry Christmas Apple.

Shuttle crew completes daring wing repair

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Components. American components, Russian Components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!

Chinese lunar orbiter on its way

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Competition: X-Prize

It's exactly what this stuff is all about.

Florida man faces trial for feeding homeless

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How is it that such a law even got past in the first place? Astoundingly narrow and unsurprisingly American.

BitTorrent-busters busted by BitTorrent

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There is such a simple solution for these people.

Stop fighting the flow and go with it. I would happily pay for a gaurenteed quality copy of new movies - £2-£3 per movie with the volume of downloaders surely they would begin to make some decent ping off it. Even better make it a subscribing system - £50 - £60 per year unlimited movies - I'd pay it.

The people that want to pay £14 to go see it in the movies can but I am willing to bet that if they facilitated the online distribution of movies on and already existing infrastructure (P2P) they would see their profits go up.

UK plans surveillance for Earth-menacing asteroid

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No Stress

Massive asteriods only ever hit the States, the rest of the world will be safe.

I know this because the movies say so.

Hurricane Dean menaces Jamaica, sends shuttle packing

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Quite possibly...

As awful as it is to think - I think we all are half expectin this one to end in fireworks as well and with the other teacher onboard...

Qantas spunks AU$100m on 'pterodactyl'

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At least it's not...

It'll do - people just like to whinge about change... change is good mmmmkay.

Having said that, looking like an extinct flying lizard is better than a family cartoon character giving oral pleasure - London Olympic Logo.

I agree with Dodge, airlines need to stop worrying about jamming more people on the plane and more about the customer again. On a recent First Choice package flight I discovered that the seats on the plane were so close together that getting the life jacket out from underneath was impossible. I feel so much safer.

Microsoft re-assures partners on Vista compatibility

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@ the guy who works for MS - why is it ok to release an OS and still not have it operating properly 9 months down the line. The simple answer is that it is NOT. Microsoft have shifted the bar, as low as they possibly could, and handed the product over to the spin doctors.

The ONLY reason my company is going to start using Vista is because our suppliers stop distributing OEM XP. In my opinion this is an abuse of customers by Microsoft and the beginning of the end of their OS monopoly.

We are a company of over 10,000 workstations and we are already trialling alternative operating systems over needing to port to Vista. The simple fact is that we're going to have to retrain our users anyway so it presents the perfect opportunity to implement something along the lines of SUSE Linux and Open Office.

Microsoft can kiss goodbye to millions of pound in licensing - why? Because they treat their customers like idiots.


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