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Dell kills off standalone DSSD D5, scatters remains into other gear


Relieved? Maybe not.

I am not sure Pure, and the AF startups will be relieved. Surely the fact that this product has been killed-off points to weakness in demand for this sort of esoteric device? I would not want to be in the stand-alone bazillion IOPS business.

NetApp revenues and profits decline again despite positive spin


Quoted performance figures are always with consistency enabled. In fact it's impossible to disable consistency without hand-editing configuration files under-the-covers. We never recommend disabling consistency.


"Nutanix is not capable of performing at the same time as maintaining data consistency it's one or the other. If you didn't know that then it explains why you like Nutanix - their fans usually lack storage experience"

Nope. I am not a consultant (I work in the performance team at Nutanix, and previously performed the same role at NetApp). I can categorically tell you that Nutanix has no problem maintaining consistency and performance.

Is hyper-convergence a good thing? Ask a mini computer veteran


IOPS are now a commodity item.

One thing that specifically changed to make large dual-controller SAN's less interesting is that random IOPS are now essentially a commodity item. In the Pre-SSD era, the only way to provide thousands of random IOPS to a host was to lash hundreds of spinning disks together. This was a) expensive and b) hard to do - requiring dedicated hardware and software. A modern Intel DC class SSD (e.g S3700) can provide up to 70K random read IOPS. You would need around 350 SAS drives (assuming 200 IOPS per drive) to generate the same IOP capacity.

As a result we no longer need specialized hardware to drive high IOP rates.

Full Disclosure: I work for Nutanix, previously at NetApp.

End of an era: NetApp chair Dan Warmenhoven has left the building


Are you sure Amazon's cloud is provisioning from NetApp storage? That would surprise me greatly. I worked for NetApp up until last year, and I never heard that Amazon was provisioning NetApp out to it's cloud customers. For internal IT, maybe.

Computer Chess: Geek, gaming and retro-tech movie of the year


Don't bother watching this sober. If I'd have randomly caught this on late night TV after a particularly heavy session in the pub, I would likely have thought it to be the-best-movie-evaaar. But stone cold sober on a Saturday afternoon. Notsomuch.


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