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Microsoft re-assures partners on Vista compatibility

Charles King-Holford

re 'my lab uses vista more'

If the chap here who works for an MS lab is indicative of the average Microserf, then we should be worried. This guy (I'm presuming) can't string a sentence together and I struggle to see how writing code is any easier. Let's face it, we learn to write from four or five and I don't think dyslexia is much of an excuse. Or perhaps it's dispraxia that brings so much joy to MS developers' lives?

Charles King-Holford

MS vs Mac

It's early days, I know, but perhaps the battle has been long joined, if only in the preparation. I cannot see how a company like Microsoft, so big and inflexible, can survive the Vist-aster. PC development is at such a level these days that truly clever businessmen accept that there's not a great deal more to be achieved in this field than make what works now, work better.

I think that's Job's outlook and OS X Leopard would seem to bear that out. At least I hope so, because there's never been a better time in the last twenty years for Apple to really make a difference in the PC market. Because don't forget, I turn on my (admittedly lower-end) MacBook and, hey presto, ten seconds later I'm ready to start work. Ten seconds: amazing.

Thank you, Intel...