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When a deleted primary device file only takes 20 mins out of your maintenance window, but a whole year off your lifespan

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Re: Speaking about the f*ing manual...

I've had the same thing happen with a '66 chevy staton wagon, when it was around 4 years old (giving away my age) as a teenager.

Got half a mile in the wrong car, noticed some things weren't quite right, came back to the grocery store to see the other fellow trying to start my (dad's) car and failing....

At least back in the day in pastoral USA, it was only an occasion for some laughter.

Nowadays, it'd be charged as auto theft or something.

Fans of Deviant Olam (he uses that name on youtube and conferences) know that virtually all Ford crown victoria police cars, and hence taxis, are keyed the same....and you can buy that key on ebay.

Linux kernel coders propose inclusive terminology coding guidelines, note: 'Arguments about why people should not be offended do not scale'

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Re: Loaded words replaced by euphemisms

When I architect and then code a "master-slave" protocol, my use of those words makes mere human slavery look like weak tea indeed.

My master might also be a the creator, controlling the very existence of the slave, and the universe in which it exists. More like a god than a mere owner.

The slave has an utterly abject existance. Unlke in human slavery, I don't have to feed it, I pay no penalty, even economic, for killing it. (oh, there's another word).

And I'm going to execute that master code, which will in turn cause the slave code to be executed. I might burn it into a memory device first.

Perhaps, as CS Lewis mentioned in his space trilogy, the problem is that some things are just too definite for words? It's the human use of master and slave that is crap, not the software one.

But I guess like the transformation of the meaning of "hacker" from someone who was good at creating or finding unexpected uses for things into "cracker" - essentially a trespasser - we'll have to suck it up, and oops, there's another phrase of questionable derivation.

It's only a flesh wound (M Python) and we can't win. Just being right isn't enough around the snowflakes, and appeasing them will work for us about as well as it did for Chamberlain

Those who destroy history just make it easier to repeat. IF you're too easily offended to even learn it, well, here we go again.

The Moon certainly ain't made of cheese but it may be made of more metal than previously thought, sensor shows

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Water has a really high dielectric constant too. Hmmm. "assumptions"

Linux Mint 20 isn't exactly bursting with freshness but, hey, there's kernel 5.4 and it's a long-term support release

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Re: Colour inheritance?

And huskies. But I can't see....

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Re: Form or function?

"It just works" was the killer app for quite awhile for some fruity firm.

Now the rest of us can have it without the idiot tax.

I like Mint/Mate for that, and stability is tops.

Like a vehicle I own - reliably boring. Kind of a nice feature for a tool.

Doesn't make for exciting click-bait for reviewers, and as soon as they say it, someone will carp about incompatibility that occurred before most college students were born and deny it.

But for people who just need something that works so they can get on with productivity...it's kind of nice.

Adobe about to pull the plug on Creative Cloud freebie 'at-home' access for students

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Sound like you're just too lazy to learn any alternatives . No one who had learned a few would make such blanket statements.

You overstepped and infringed British sovereignty, Court of Appeal tells US in software companies' copyright battle

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Re: Before all the American bashing....

This american cheered when the judge in the DVD Jon case said "wait, DMCA isn't a law in Norway" - to the astonishment of our legal system....

Microsoft claims AWS has used new JEDI mind trick with secret contract objection filing

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Could this be a demonstration that now the Military Industrial complex has more power then the military itself?

The military can't seem to write their own code and manage their own IT. That's sad enough, and it should be a priority to gain that competence, frankly.

I don't think our security interests are best served by various vendor shenanigans that both MS and AWS are known for.

Yes, I know that "national security" is often used on contexts that have nothing to do with the average citizen's security, and often means the job security of some bureaucrat or contractor - or a way to classify wrongdoing so no one pays consequences. I'm using the naive understanding that they actually care about us.

And now we see that they can't even contract the job out to he desired supplier, and this isn't the first time for that - IIRC there was a contract for Air Force tankers that got reversed awhile back, as the company that thought they were entitled to the work but didn't have the best bid, fought in court till they got the contract anyway - over the arguably better original selection. Citation here (without the gory details that perhaps show the corruption better): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KC-X

'A' is for ad money oddly gone missing: Probe finds middlemen siphon off half of online advertising spend

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Re: Well this is a step forward

Reminds me of an ex I'll call Zeno.

Half of what's yours is mine.

Half of what's left is mine.


Senior MP tells UK Defence Committee on 5G security: Russia could become China's cyber-attack dog

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Re: Finally gone for broke

I'm reminded of this quote, the truth of which doesn't seem to be affected by who is in power, or the country - it's nearly the same everywhere and everywhen.

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

― H.L. Mencken, In Defense Of Women

It seems the MIC worldwide, that great self-licking ice cream cone, that almost always gets its way, is just doing the old money seeking behavior so prevalent these days, and not unique to them.

Baby Diesel? Little d'Artagnan? There is another child of Musk in the world

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Joule or Max(well) seem appropriate.

Dell to unleash hybrid server/storage boxen that can run virtual machines

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Re: The power of marketing..

It's been funny watching the wheel turn, again and again.

Mainframe with thin clients...

PCs on premises

Cloud (mainframe with thin clients)

Is one of the rotating wheels - all you need is marketing to rebrand things and call them "new".

This is just another instance of a local server that has enough storage to, um, serve something.

Seems all too large a fraction of one's expertise has to be "read through the marketing BS".

I'll get my coat...

Microsoft decrees that all high-school IT teachers were wrong: Double spaces now flagged as typos in Word

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Re: It may be a US "standard", but...

Yep, software is MY servant, not the other way around, and this is trivial to handle in software any way you'd like.

I don't need a nanny - in my workflow, or from my government. Just don't.

We're in a timeline where Dettol maker has to beg folks not to inject cleaning fluid into their veins. Thanks, Trump

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Re: Suggestion

So, we're afraid to blame the educational system for failing to educate people enough to make things like this not a problem?

Oh, that would require effort to fix, and it's easier to blame some current clown than to apply accountability to ... huge numbers of indoctrination system promoters from several generations past.

After all, we all know they were perfect. The history they (re)wrote about themselves, which was pushed into you at public school instead of useful knowledge, says so.

When will this become the fault of an educational system that graduates people who can't balance a checkbook, don't know enough to know how to start a business, and increasingly can't do simple reasoning, simply don't know diddly about how things work, and are completely dependent on someone else, in this case a politician, to know what to do?

I think partisans are looking in the wrong place if they actually want to solve the problems here.

If people were taught critical thinking - vastly useful in all domains other than being simple to con followers of dishonest leaders (but I repeat myself) - perhaps they'd just laugh at the idiots (and better ones would be available to elect) and move on.

Till then, we'll have to depend on Darwin to reduce the stupidity I suppose.

Seems brutal but it does work.

Spyware maker NSO can't claim immunity, Facebook lawyers insist – it's time to face the music

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Indeed. One is reminded of Gilbert and Sullivan's line; "I've got a little list, of those who won't be missed".

I wish it was a shorter list.

Signal sends smoke, er, signal: If Congress cripples anonymous speech with EARN IT Act, we'll shut US ops

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Re: I think it would be rather splendid

However, this government is known IT-utterly-incompetent, and the military is just now outsourcing all its IT and even secure stuff to ...Microsoft (or Amazon, depending on whose lawyers win).

The crypto is the easy part anyway - See Bruce Schneier and friends. It's avoiding all sorts of pitfalls and side channel attacks that is hard. Ask Intel about that one.

One wonders, however. Since it's well known that the agencies can pretty much compromise any device - and therefore get plaintext before (or after) either "end" of end to end encryption...and even though they complain, it seems the FBI can buy exploits to get into those "locked phones" and does so just before they lose in court (more than once!) - maybe this is all just a smokescreen to make people THINK they don't already have the goods - they just want the messaging platforms to do all the work of screening, and take the blame in the event of failure.

Official: Office 365 Personal, Home axed next month... and replaced by Microsoft 365 cloud subscriptions

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Re: "deepen your connection to the people in your life"

Until something like "the job's not done until non subscription software won't run" comes along.

Broadcom sues Netflix for its success: You’re stopping us making a fortune from set-top boxes, moans chip designer

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Re: I hope the judge gets pissed at Broadcom...

Think how much that'd be worth on pay per view!

Google reveals the wheels almost literally fell off one of its cloudy server racks

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Re: I must say I'm surprised....

Something along the lines of "the more complex you make things, the easier it is to stuff up the plumbing"?

I've run into that one a few times. Either false positive or false negative can really mess up your day.

Grab a towel and pour yourself a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster because The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is 42

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A code

One of the many benefits of THHGTTG is that once you know it - and some friends do as well - you have a code, moderately secret, with which to communicate.

We see it here on the Reg all the time - a fraction of a line from the series will bring a relevant response from all those clued in.

Few works have had this wide power to transmit context with few bits. While there are some tag lines from popular movies that do the same - none have more than a couple of them that are useful - Hitchhiker's stands out as the most prolific by far (in my opinion).

Friends and I (at least those who are hoopy froods) use this, Firesign Theatre, and some lines from popular movies in our banter to great amusement, and of course humorous confusion of those present but not in on it all.

Thanks, Mr Adams!

'Unfixable' boot ROM security flaw in millions of Intel chips could spell 'utter chaos' for DRM, file encryption, etc

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Projection is all over government and politics. You always accuse the other guys of doing what you damn well know you're guilty of yourself. Rampant in the US just now, but it's not exclusive and not new.

Brexit Britain changes its mind, says non, nein, no to Europe's unified patent court – potentially sealing its fate

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Re: The lawyers will be fine.

Pointing out what's legal in theory is fine.

Now, in practice, the bigger money wins all too often. That should be clear by now.

Sure if it's ridiculously obvious, the "right thing" will be done.

On the other hand, a good patent lawyer can often blur things enough to easily thwart the spirit of the law.

One could argue that the reality of two classifications - spirit and letter - are what feed lots of legal beagles.

To paraphrase a well known politician when put on the spot - it depends on what the definition of design is.

Death and taxis: Windows has had enough of clinging to a cab rooftop in the London rain

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Re: The real big joke

Rats, I only get one upvote. ;~}

Hooray for ublock and similar. And for lazy sites that can't figure out how to host their own, making rejection by source address easy.

Third time's a charm, maybe: Bankers suing Oracle over claims of exaggerated cloud sales have another go at convincing skeptical judge

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While it's perhaps nice to have standing to attempt to punish Oracle in court, it's also amazingly stupid.

Invest in a baby-seal-clubbing operation? Have you no morals at all? It's not like their behavior is unknown, even to finance types (in the big outfits, they are stuck with the junk).

And then to sue an outfit also famously litigious as well as famously dishonest, but with a record of winning in the courts?

Who did due diligence here? On anything at all?

Yeah, I know, pension funds (or mutual funds) have no morals either, but if Oracle is the only way to make money, I'd look for a better job.

I'm sure there are other ways to keep grandma and pa on better than cat-food.

Assange lawyer: Trump offered WikiLeaker a pardon in exchange for denying Russia hacked Democrats' email

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Julian didn't kill himself?

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Re: His name is Seth Rich

Here they are so sure of what they want to believe, they jump on anything that works their confirmation bias.

As it turns out, JA's lawyer flip-flopped on this, and the WH denial was not a lie. But almost no one here will go with the truth,as demonstrated with downvotes on every comment that tells it - no matter how easily verifiable. I read:

"Update: The story appears to have changed dramatically. According to Assange's lawyer, Rohrabacher, it was him that informed Gen. Kelly that "Assange would provide information about the purloined DNC emails in exchange for a pardon," but never heard back from the White House.

So, unlike Sky News entirely wrong fake news headline..."

See World News for this update.

Uncle Sam: Secretly spying on networks around the world without telling anyone, Huawei? But that's OUR job

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Re: The harder the US pushes on this


It seems the government can no long rely on _all_ of us being uninformed or unable to detect hypocrisy.

Maybe this internet thing did do some good?

NBD: A popular HTTP-fetching npm code library used by 48,000 other modules retires, no more updates coming

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Waiting for the woodpecker

"The JavaScript ecosystem is simply too large, and the dependency graphs too interdependent, for anyone to get an accurate picture of how much of the remaining dependence on request anyone should actually be concerned about."

This brought to mind the old saying - "if architects built buildings the way programmers build code, the first woodpecker to come along would destroy society" - or something like that.

While I could rag on Javascript specifically, there's no need as it's far from unique in this regard. We're cruising for a fall...

Startup Mycroft AI declares it will fight 'patent troll' tooth and nail after its Linux voice-assistant attracts lawsuit

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Just checked it out, as it would be cool for my LAN of things on my homestead.

But it's a huge nope - it can't be used standalone on your LAN, it needs to talk to the mothership over the inet to do anything.

So, just like all the other IoT scams - you wind up utterly dependent on someone else - who might go out of business, decide to charge you rent to use your own stuff, have various security issues that you can't trivially block by just not giving the thing outside access....and so on.

Open source doesn't have a ton of meaning in this case - it's not open in any meaningful sense though you could read the code - if you have years.

"C'mon kid, the first one's free"

Android owners – you'll want to get these latest security patches, especially for this nasty Bluetooth hijack flaw

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Re: you'll want to get these latest security patches

Or my nexus 10...it does what I want, and was much too expensive to just toss out simply due to lack of upgrades.

Lesson learned. No more such devices get my bucks.

He’s a pain in the ASCII to everybody. Now please acquit my sysadmin client over these CIA Vault 7 leaking charges

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And while we use the fake kiddie porn to keep him out of circulation, we can gin up all the necessary fake logs needed to convict him of the espionage crimes. It wouldn't do to have him on the loose, interfering with that.

Things like this create something like Maxwell Smart saying "ah yes 99, the old kiddie porn trick".

Sure, it's believable that some wackos are into that - but the percentage of people who have offended

the government that also have kiddie porn seems like it's way, way too high to reflect reality.

I rather doubt that near 100% of criminals are into kiddie porn - that seems to be the specialty of

politician-criminals and enablers who didn't kill themselves.

Wake me up before you go Go: Devs say they'll learn Google-backed lang next. Plus: Perl pays best, Java still in demand

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No, but I do write GUIs in perl, they're quick even on raspberry pies. They use system calls (to things written in C) like pretty much all other GUI things do. GTK3 and its support libraries in my case.

I use C when speed and control are the prime requirements - sometimes standalone, sometimes inline in perl (there's a module for that...).

I think cause and effect are switched in the article. Because perl was hated, no one learned it - the hate was based on hearsay - crowd effect*, but real enough.

Therefore, there aren't many people who really get perl, and it's the old supply and demand thing.

*From Men in Black -

People are smart. They can handle it.

Kay : A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.


Iowa has already won the worst IT rollout award of 2020: Rap for crap caucus app chaps in vote zap flap

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Re: Pissup. Brewery.

Gee, do we need to invent a new "ism" to describe vainly smug dwellers in high density areas who think everyone else is a deplorable hayseed?

Yeah, we who produce the food, host the electricity generation, take your trash, pay taxes, and do most of the manufacturing are just uncultured hayseeds who host the city dwelling parasites. I get it - and you do know, we vote, and being looked down upon by those whose lives we make possible means we're not going to vote as you'd probably wish.

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Re: This reminds me...

Paper here in southwest Virginia as well.

I probably didn't have any real effect, but I seriously ragged on election officials for the couple of years they used "Win vote".

Ever wondered what Microsoft really thought about the iPad? Ex-Windows boss spills beans

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Re: Let me fix it for you

Yep, the smart move is to make money off MS mistakes. Hard to imagine you'll be out of a job anytime soon!

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Re: Microsoft Foundation Classes

Hello, fellow weirdo! Personally, after a somewhat stiff learning curve, including developing a bit of philosophy, myself and a couple guys I worked with in my consultancy made enough money using DevStudio6 and MFC to retire quite young, and quite long ago. I'm just now reaching normal retirement age after well over a decade of not needing a job. Thanks for all the bugs, Bill! If you'd made good product, easy to work with, and reliable, I wouldn't have had so much success fixing your junk.

We bailed at .NET, which clearly wasn't for us or what we did - we sold performance, and wrote drivers and applications for a manufacturer of telecom and paging gear.

As to philosophy - clearly MS hadn't any good clue about things like OLE...1, 2, ? ActiveX, COM (omg, DCOM) - and the security issues obvious to us even back then. And how again do you print that sound file you embedded in the word document? There's a long list of hilarious errors around that stuff, including even accidental early release of corporate quarterly reports vie obviously named embedded data in available boilerplate source.

Further, it was simple to make a rule - if MS isn't using it in their own major products, don't use it yourself, thus avoiding most of the consequences of that behavior now exemplified by Google -

"oops, let's drop or make that thing incompatible".

Glad I completely switched all my stuff to Linux, even back then when it was more painful - RH 8. That's paid off too. Sometimes early adoption is a good thing.

Remember the Clipper chip? NSA's botched backdoor-for-Feds from 1993 still influences today's encryption debates

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I think it's well established that they are not able or honest enough to be the ones who decide what workable is. As has been shown many times, "Industry experts" can easily be chosen to promote whatever view you want promoted.

And once money is allocated, the fact that something, however flawed, will be adopted is right around 100%.

Well, well, well. Internet-of-Things speaker biz Sonos to continue some software support for legacy kit after all

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Re: Hardware likits

The C compiler for any number of 8 bit micros supports 32 bit and larger variables for those times you need them. Even going back to Z80.

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Re: Drop support, make it open source

Another possible issue with closed source going open.

What are the chances they've been abusing licenses for existing open source, and/or are also using some swiped (from some other outfit) closed source in their product? 100% or thereabouts?

As soon as you admit this big bunch of code has been shipped in a ton of products..you become open to being sued by trolls - or legit originators. Either way, it's a cost and a distraction.

Rockstar dev debate reopens: Hero programmers do exist, do all the work, do chat a lot – and do need love and attention from project leaders

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Eternal verity

" But it's important to distinguish between equality as a civil right – everyone deserves equal treatment under the law – and equality as an assertion that everyone is the same."

Been called all sorts of bad things for saying this truth for decades. Glad not to be alone. Why do most insist on lying to themselves in denial of this? And

why do those commonly self-described as "woke" deny this the most?

FWIW, as one who toured and worked with actual rock stars - the most talented are the most humble, at least in day to day life. As a software guy and

later the owner of e consultancy, we used this terminology anyway - even though we were inwardly laughing.

You never get anywhere if you think you've already arrived.

Amazing peer-reviewed AI bots that predict premature births were too good to be true: Flawed testing bumped accuracy from 50% to 90%+

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Re: 50% success rate?

Bayes, people. 50% is much better than a coin flip if the priors aren't ...

In the red corner, Big Red, and in the blue corner... the rest of the tech industry

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Re: This was an eye-opener for me

Think of the rest of the world - this is a USA issue.

If Oracle wins, then no one but the USA and a couple treaty partners will be affected.

The rest of the world will benefit from the flood of incoming talent and business to keep doing things the good old way...

If the supremes see this - and I'm sure at least one amicus brief lays it out - then they just need to find a way to make it look like they based their decision on law. There's no way they beggar the US even if it IS the right interpretation - which I firmly believe it isn't, but then ...

Was the individual mandate fine in the unconsitutional ACA a "tax"? The do get pretty far from actual legal matters and into politics - and money talks.

Who honestly has a crown prince in their threat model? UN report officially fingers Saudi royal as Bezos hacker

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People who are known to target their perceived opponents fighting?

Wow, no one to root for, then.

Fly me to the M(O2)n: Euro scientists extract oxygen from 'lunar dust' by cooking it with molten salt electrolysis

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Re: Energy

Depends on your value of "better".

Full sun on the moon is around twice the watts/sq area as full sun anywhere on earth.

There never any clouds on the moon.

Peak and average are perfectly predictable, and the long day means things that take time to

get going have that time. Being in vacuum makes insulation easier too.

So, at least in the lunar day, it's perhaps 4 times as good as the best earthly location for solar power.

I've lived on an off-grid solar power homestead since around 1980 and have been upgrading the entire time. It causes you to pay serious attention to such things. And it works even in Virginia, where we don't have 2 week days, but do have plenty of clouds, and are of course, beneath the entire Earth's atmosphere which eats around 50% of the solar flux even when it's clear.

i can even run computers so as to annoy other commentards on the Reg in January...

Updated your WordPress plugins lately? Here are 320,000 auth-bypassing reasons why you should

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Re: Are WordPress plugin developers the worst, or ...

Wrong comparison. It's like using all fill-in defaults - that only speak to default questions, vs learning to structure and write English paragraphs correctly - or how to tell a story, or how to communicate a concept, not compared to writing your own set of ignorant defaults.

AppSheet. Gesundheit! Oh, we see – it's Google pulling no-code development into a cloudy embrace

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Re: "The idea of no-code and low-code [..] is that business users can . ."

"Sure, it'll be fun" (Black Widow)

When you make it so monkeys can "code" - you end up with monkey code.

I'm reminded of that video of handing a monkey a loaded AK 47 and the resulting scramble.

It's amusing as a video - from well out of range.

Latest patent brouhaha: Sonos wheels out Doomsday device in bid to block Google Home sales.... The Register

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Maybe what I call "the lottery mentality" - "win once and I'm set up for life" - is the problem.

Oooh, we innovated once, and now deserve to be profitable forever (life can be long if you're a corp).

Maybe if you make money from innovating, you have to keep doing it, just a thought. The rest of us don't get paid for life because we showed up for work once.

Sole ownership of some idea that's now old-hat just makes things more expensive for all the customers.

Perhaps patents need to expire a bit quicker in a world where things move considerably quicker than they did when those laws were written?

Facebook to ban deepfake videos in posts and ads, sort of: Vids must be believable, made by AI, and not be parody

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Re: it if it’s being run as an ad.

They let CNN and a couple other dubious outlets on there - real people can push inaccurate news too, or just make it up. If you can call most news anchors "real people" that is.

GSMA report: Sorry, handset makers, 5G is not going to save the smartphone market

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Re: "It just so happens that there's something better."

Yes, I said large minority.

I don't believe in or desire a tyranny by a majority myself (it hasn't worked well in history), and happen to think my life is as valuable, as someone leaving needles on the street along with human waste, in between commingling crimes, but hey, that's just me.

It's quite possible for the majority to be in the wrong. I remember a time when the majority thought digital watches were a pretty neat idea!



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