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A third of online shops undermine consumer rights

Cyber Omega


Scan.co.uk are without a doubt the worst online company I have EVER shopped with, stay away from them at all costs.

Made me pay for shipping suspected faulty parts back to them for analysis by their technicians, as they wouldn't take my word for which component was faulty. NOt only that but they mis-diagnosed the actualy faulty part which I sent back, saying it was ok and only catching on the second time I sent it back.

It took several dozen emails back and forth and having the goods shipped back and forth before they admitted a component was faulty and instead of giving me an option of a replacement or refund, they only gave me the replacement option.

For your own good people, stay clear of them. We all have enough troubles.

MySpace succumbs to The Buttock

Cyber Omega

I didn't know the French...

had comedians or even knew what comedy was. Well you live and learn dontcha? :D


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