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Sky Broadband puts the fault into default Wi-Fi security

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Well it does look like I'm in a minority with the shoddy netgear router. The strange thing is I've had two similar netgear routers in the last 3 years and both have ended up in the bin within a week because they would drop connections.

Although having said that, although I may be in a minority when it comes to the contributors to this thread - I definitely share my pain with hundreds of other people who have looked, found, posted, and discussed how to use 3rd party hardware with a Sky broadband account.

Cheers all

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More than security problems

On top of this, the re-badged router/modem which comes with Sky broadband is a hunk of junk and constantly drops connections if you try to use any kind of P2P software (this includes the BBC iPlayer, and even the World of Warcraft update installer).

Although it breaks Sky's Ts&Cs, I'd highly recommend doing a Google hunt to find out how to program a good modem/router to work with your Sky broadband account. There are a few very easy to follow walkthrough's online. I actually found after doing this that my top end download speed also increased when I replaced the shoddy hardware.

Halo 3 UK launch fails to fire

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To be honest - the whole idea of standing outside a shop for hours before a midnight launch seems pretty ridiculous to me.

Take a game like Team Fortress 2 - absolutely fantastic game - available to download and play through Steam even before it has been released officially. I paid $49 for the Orange Box even though the only game I was interested in was Team Fortress 2. And I did it from the comfort of my own home.

Waiting in the wet and the cold is yesterday's news when it comes to proper gamers - those who are clued up wait in front of their monitors looking at their broadband connection download a 5 gig game in 2 hours whilst making themselves some pasta and putting their feet up.


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Carbon emissions - this time it's personal

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You might be right...

but at the same time I think you're not giving enough credit to the snapshot effect of the online calculators.

This snapshot is as capable of causing people to try to reduce their emissions by giving handy tips at the end which people might not have realised would make such a difference such as turning lights off in rooms when they leave them, turning off their PC's at the end of the day at work instead of just leaving them on and walking away.

The gadget mentioned in the article would only ever appeal to technophilic people with a hint of OCD about them who love nothing more than to look at stats all day.

You don't need a hand held device which consumes energy to tell you that you should walk the 1 mile from tube station to your office instead of getting a cab - that's just common sense - and indeed most energy saving methods are common sensical which the 'snapshot' diagnoses that the online calculators are able to nudge along perfectly well.

Think about how change needs to happen - by lots of people rethinking their energy consumptions - not by giving technophiles with money to burn another LCD screen to look at throughout the day telling them how good they are because they took a train instead of driving to work.


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Oxymoronic product

It seems pretty dumb to me to encourage people to get yet another electricity consuming device to tell them how environmentally irresponsible they are.

I wonder if it tells people how much of a Carbon Footprint people are producing by using this mobile carbon footprint calculator.

Instead of this - people should just use the governement's official Carbon Calculator that DEFRA have made at http://actonco2.direct.gov.uk