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Micron-Intel 3D XPoint split: It's not you, it's m... nah, it is totally you

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Re: 3D Xpoint as 'DRAM' & cache for NVME

"So the only use case for Xpoint I can see is when your main storage tier is NAND, and NAND is not fast enough, *and* your dataset has so much hot data that it would be uneconomical to put enough RAM in cache it effectively."

There are plenty of large capacity disk-based servers which could benefit from a single Optane card caching in front of the spinning monsters - it's just Intel is ultra-greedy, as always, pricing it as high as a real NVMe with higher capacity, the very thing they are trying to replace with Optane, not to mention making the caching function restricted to their latest chipset (so it won't work on your couple years old server or workstation, nothing AMD etc.)

It's idiotic, classic stupid arrogance from Intel; they really deserve to be caught burning few billions on this blunder. Hopefully the people decided the positioning of this product line get all fired.

HTC U12+: You said we should wait and review the retail product. Hate to break it to you, but...

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How come none of you, scriblers, are able to find the "adjust" menu for sequeeze or tap...?

Seriously: EVERY reviewer misses it and keeps whining about it.

Since you are as old as me (or even older) "AO", here are some visual cues:




FYI I'm using my blue U12+ for 2-3 weeks now and I'm still enjoying every moment with it - it's easily the best phone for 2018, especially if you like to listen to music or use your camera on-the-fly. Also, battery life is phenomenal for me, even survived a day and a night without charging and made it to the office next day (almost until noon.)

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Re: Nice

He's a grumpy old f@rt (j/k!) and obviously didn't find the calibration menu point, much like every other reviewer couldn't locate it. ;) :P

I have this phone for couple weeks now, it's great, *especially* for a camera phone - get it if you can.

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Re: PSB?

"She's made you some kind of laughing stock

Because you dance to disco, and you don't like rock

She'd make fun of you, and even in bed

Said she was gonna go and get herself a real man instead

So ask yourself now: Can you forgive her

If she begs you to?

Ask yourself: Can you even deliver

What she demands of you?

Or do you want revenge?

But that's childish, so childish!"

Ex-Netflix veep allegedly banked payola for tech deals with web TV giant

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Compared to good neighborhoods in American cities w/ high living standards - eg NYC, San Fran - that's not expensive at all.

Dell goes on Epyc server journey with AMD

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If you really want to try you can use Highpoint's new SSD7120 NVMe RAID HBA which also gives you (4) full 4x U.2 connectors on a single x16 card: http://www.highpoint-tech.com/USA_new/series-ssd7120-overview.htm

Where it has some merit is not the top seq read, as others pointed there sw will beat it, but I can imagine it might beats sw approach when it comes to random writes across (4) NVMe drives...

...that being said my main interest in this ~$3xx HBA is the ability to add U.2 drives (which come much larger sizes than M.2 sticks) to pretty much any host. :)

Up the stack with you: Microsoft's Denali project flashes skinny SSD controllers

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Huh? Via UEFI.

Total WIPOut: IT chief finds his own job advertised

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WIPO is one of the most corrupt UN bodies...

...which is not a small feat.

Also: maybe it's just me but I found it strange that somehow WIPO is mostly staffed from Asia, the developed world's *least* respectful part of copyrights and patents, coincidentally being the most corrupt parts as well?

El Reg deep dive: Everything you need to know about UK.gov's pr0n block

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...just WTF is wrong with the UK? I would expect this kind of bigoted-idiotic response somewhere here (US), not in Europe... did some weirdo puritans took over the government?

Windows 10 to force you to use Edge, even if it isn't default browser

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Windows Mail users are welcoming...

...all 15 of them.

Mum? Dad? Can I have a 3D XPoint disk for my birthday?

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Slower than consumer U.2 or PCIe Optane 900P

It's interesting, the PCIe or U.2 Optane 900P drives (280GB/480GB for $345/$540) are a *lot* faster: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=intel-optane-900p&num=3

Dell EMC canning XtremIO file services project

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cleaning up portfolio

You wrote:

"Last month the company stopped work on its DSSD array."

Different story. DSSD was very expensive and rather esoteric: multimillion-range IOPS in a small box is not a mass market requirement hence it's shuttering as a standalone product, I think.

"File services will be strengthened on Unity, Isilon, the SC series and VMax but XtremIO will stand outside this file-serving quartet as a best-of-breed block access array."

It sounds like a smart decision to focus on upcoming new generations of existing file product lines eg NVMe-based Isilon Nitro etc, with much-much larger existing markets and keep XtremeIO focused on its core block features... wonder what's coming to EQL?

PS: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/12/12/emc_sees_nvme_adoption_taking_off_next_year/ - you should ask this guy again now...

Samsung's million-IOPS, 6.4TB, 51Gb/s SSD is ... well, quite something

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That's nonsense, Trevor...

Seriously, if you don't ask the price you are not a serious client, you are just a niche boutique firm, planning to buy a few of these and build some skunk array in your server room.

As nerdy and cool that might be it is certainly not the market Samsung is banking on with a development like this (think of recouping all R&D then actually making millions in profit.) To make money you need volume and when you want to sell en masse the right pricing (among other things) can make or brake a product.

London cops cuff 20-year-old man for unblocking blocked websites

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Re: even if he did...


Common law is an absolute disgrace, a sub-Saharan-level "legal system", stuck somewhere the rest of Europe was around the 17-18th century... a really dangerous, crude, primitive joke compared to proper statutory civil law systems (and I live in the US so I know what I'm talking about.) Anyone has a shred of doubt (=people does not know the topic or live in civil law countries) just watch The Night Of on HBO and you will get the idea (and that's criminal law which actually sports statues - family law almost completely arbitrary, laws are essentially nonexistent, at least here in the US.)

Windows 10 Mobile races to summer with useful facelift

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Business users...?

"For business users, W10M introduces support for USB Ethernet adapters for Continuum.

"Not all adapters are supported yet – more will be added in a future update," Microsoft explains."

I highly doubt any business user would rely on that (sans emergency) - if you want a really versatile yet highly mobile business tool from MS my Surface Book is *the* one to get, I think (provided you can get over the shocking price tag.) I heard good things about Surface 4 as well so that might be an option.

Win10 phone, with eth? No, thanks. :)

Five things that doomed the big and brilliant BlackBerry 10

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QNX is pretty much runs every major car brand, just look it up. For some reason BB tends to not brag about it but it's still true...

How to waste two years and lose $415m: Cisco's now-dead Whiptail deal

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So it's a tale of just another incompetent corporate greedy clown...

...aka Paul Perez who literally single-handedly ran Cisco's biggest storage operation into the gr4ound because he was only concerned about his own stupid fame.

Bravo, another utterly idiotic effort at Cisco, once again showing that the utter lack of top management will always attract Perez-like brinkmanship, posing like an 'aggressive manager' for the clueless top brass...

Levente Szileszky

Re: The pressure from Perez "was quite enormous"

Yes, one can only hope Dell's more attentive top mgmt will cut him off before he can inflict any similar damage...

Microsoft's magic hurts: Nadella signals 'tough choices' on the way

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Finally the end is nigh for VP Belfiore...?

Good ol' Joe, he managed to kill a LOT of perfectly valid products/projects (IE4! Zune! WMC! Windows Phone!) but somehow the big fat bald angry beancounter just kept promoting him...

...now he's gone maybe, just maybe, a tougher Nadella will end this mysterious can-do-no-wrong career...?

Downing Street secretly deletes emails to avoid exposure to FOIeurs

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Wait, you don't have a preservation act to go in-hand with FOI...?


Disk is dead, screeches Violin – and here's how it might happen

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I'm impressed that Violin is still around...

...after seeing their uber-pricey yet underwhelming demo 2 years ago then enjoying the reality show-like past couple of years their mgmt produced... how are their revenue streams doing nowadays? :)

So what would the economic effect of leaving the EU be?

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Re: If you build a better mousetrap...................

"The Federal state of Europe run by Germany who we theoretically beat in not one but two world wars is not a place I want to live."

Oh, c'mon... alone you weren't even able to land in Europe, not to mention you couldn't even pay for your own share of the war, ahem. FYI the German military machine was far superior to almost anyone except the mighty combined Allied forces and even so it took years to wear them down, you must be hallucinating if you think it was some sort of British victory. :)

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Re: Haha: "The effect of actually leaving is nothing." worst@all

Hey, by all means be everyone's favorite idiot and just DO IT.

Yep, I dare you, rather double-dare you: stop "threatening" and just do it. It's going to be an never-ending source of fun as you fools will try to explain why it's all great when your economy, taxes, businesses etc will all start dropping...

...you guys are really out of your mind if you think you are anywhere near to the level of having your own league - no offense but you wouldn't even be able to compete with Germany alone, forget adding anyone else to the mix. Wake up, your economy is already ridiculously London-centered, finance-heavy, what do you think what's going to happen when you lose free access to the EU market and money stops being laundered by crooked banks in the City because they won't be in the EU anymore, hmm...?

Levente Szileszky

Haha: "The effect of actually leaving is nothing." worst@all

"The effect of actually leaving is nothing."

Hah, just keep daydreamin', inbreds. :D FWIW your already utterly London-centric economy would be devastated and no 'good policies' would help with that. You already try to buddy-buddy the Chinese but they are even more unscrupulous hell-bent crooks than you are so good luck if you lock yourself out of the EU... :D

BTW what will happen with your main revenue source, the EU-bound Russian oligarchs, bloody dictators and their ilks, kids and slaves etc...? You know, all the disgusting people you normally welcome with open arms and citizenship, provided they write a fat enough check for a house in the City (ie because they know we would not even let them exit transit if they would try to enter at JFK :P) ...? Because they will stop coming the very second when you are out of the EU, bud - without the EU umbrella you suddenly just become another run-of-the-mill corporate corruption-driven country with a downright awful weather... :P

Seriously, every time when someone argues it'd be negligible I cannot stop smiling just how completely clueless, out-of-touch arrogant these loudmouths have become... :)

Playing by stealth: Twelve gaming headsets to plonk on your noggin

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The unbeatable: PlayStation Gold Wireless - great, universal PS/PC/etc, w/ BT adapter, bag etc

Virtual 7.1 on PS4, built-in mic, Windows PnP (drivers download immediately), lasts hours with one charge but you can also use it while it's charging (everyday microUSB port.)

Again, unbeatable for $99: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/explore/accessories/audio/gold-wireless-stereo-headset/

Bye bye, booth babes. IT security catwalk RSA nixes sexy outfits

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Re: Not worth going then...to an A-Sexual event.

"The I.T. industry is turning cold, bland, and colorless like a convention for insurance agents."

Depends what do you mean by IT industry... everything at SIGGRAPH was very interesting to me (but yes, I also went to the after parties in bars, of course.)

"I'm a straight male, but what I love about South Beach and other areas is that sexuality is so distorted and/or exotic that there is no way you're going to see someone force the tranny's out because it can be construed as disrespectful.


A fucking dress code for a computer convention...pfft. Great, should the employees bring their tailor along?"

Err, hate to break it to you but you are in the wrong profession or at least visiting the wrong events - you sound like a perfect fit to be in the audience of an adult entertainment expo or that annual porn Oscar show in Vegas (not sure what's the name)...

Levente Szileszky

Re: Not worth going then

Huh? English isn't your native language, right?

But neither is mine - yet I know perfectly find that he IS CORRECT when using "things" because he is referring the THINGS SHOWCASED there (vs people etc.) when she says the booth babes are the only reason to visit the show...

...or it is your native and you're just being ignorant/trolling when you try to spin something out of context (and miserably failing)?

Obvious troll is odious.

Have it all: BlackBerry to port crown jewels to iPhone, Android

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Re: Should have made Android handsets in the first place

Thinking Android just another linux the be hardened clearly shows you don't really know the underlying issues... :P

It's not and BB did its homework initially and they probably said it's too costly - that clearly has changed now, that Samsung is willing to pick up some of the tab. It's not a surprise for me as KNOX was a HUGE FLOP for Samsung, no wonder they are abandoning it. They had no clue abotu the subject, they just went into it with the usual arrogantly clueless approach ("we can do everything too")...

As far as I can tell it turned out to be a costly adventure for Samsung, with no clue beyond trying to imitate some of BB's security portfolio, launching it without doing the appropriate research FIRST - for starter, they have no control over Android, whenever Google farts and the wind changes they have to rewrite a lot of stuff, they have no secure network with PoPs globally etc etc.

Levente Szileszky

Re: Should have made Android handsets in the first place

Clearly you have no idea about either of them, forget development basics...

Levente Szileszky

The Hub on Android, Hallelujah!

Seriously, there's NOTHING comparable on Android when it comes to having a central, unified communication hub (and iOS is downright ridiculous, simply horribly useless.)

BlackBerry gets flirty with QWERTY IP, launches $275 Leap

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Dual Curve seems like a match made in heaven...

...for keyboard lovers who want more than Passport-sized screens - but what's up with the resolution? Passport is 1440x1440, 4x times more pixels than Q10's 720x720, the Z30 is 1280x720 so this Dual Cruve supposed to be 2560x1440, right... RIGHT? :)

Actually it would make sense, to debut a new slider with top-of-the-line screen, for all the fanbase + press coverage - but it won't be a medium-priced unit, for sure.

Brits need chutzpah to copy Israeli cyberspies' tech creche – ex-spooks

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Sounds like the scariest example of...

...Eisenhower's feared rise of an omnipresent, overarching military-industrial complex.

Free Windows 10 could mean the END for Microsoft and the PC biz

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Errr, you probably never worked in IT...

...or you would know that desktops barely get OS upgrades - and even if they get a new OS it never happens like this:

"Yet most IT upgrade cycles take about three years, and most have just about completed a round of upgrades to take on Windows 7 and move off of Windows XP."

Err, no, wrong on all account. First, nobody upgrades OS on 3-4 years old machines, they simply get new machines when cycle is up, with new OS. Second there are some exceptions, like IT's or R&D's workstations but those are always far more up-to-date hardware. Third Windows 7 was released almost 5 (FIVE!) years ago, even if they bought a machine right back then, just missing the new OS, it would run Windows 7 rather inefficiently unless you throw in a decent RAM upgrade - and, fourth, just why on Earth would they bother upgrading 5-6 years old machines, spending a truckload of time making sure they get proper drivers, created installers, imaging, etc etc...?

It makes zero sense, at the low-end office desktop market segment it would cost more per machine than simply buying a new one with Windows 7.

Nimble gives Mann severe kicking while he's down

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Re: Apology and Clarification

Yeah, this is rather salting the wound - just come out and say "an error at PR after writing that piece which was never seen and approved by the mgmt" (wink, wink) and then we will pretend it never happened...

...but this way you are just saying "oh but he's great otherwise, really, he just didn't work for *US* that hard" because you are not saying a word about that awful press release, y'know.

BlackBerry Enterprise chief: Yes, we did leave users behind

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Re: Not Out of Business Yet?

Says someone who couldn't even grasp the basic story in the article. Talk about being a clearly stupid yet loudmouthed clown - ouch.

Levente Szileszky

Worldwide PoPs relaying on its own secure global network...

...should be the backbone of BB's new, highly secure networking services and products (including hosted/cloud-based as well as hybrid and strictly on-premise), I said this YEARS AGO, when they were still tinkering with BB10/Z10 after launch. It was obvious from the beginning and the arrival of the post-Snowden era made it ridiculously easy to sell, I cannot imagine what is taking this long to roll out new services...

4K off, Google Fiber: Comcast, Broadcom tout 2Gbps cable

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Sounds like merger-oiling BS talk...

...because there is no way on Earth they would buy enough backhaul capacity to support NYC-sized gigabit upgrades at current prices - because while financially easily doable that would seriously lower their average 1000-1500% (!!!) markup on every delivered bytes cable companies enjoy for years now, thanks to their sheer abuse of market, based on simple monopolies (essentially cartel behavior: for example in NYC they literally won't go into each other's streets.)

About 4King time: Panasonic finally reveals voice-control Firefox OS TVs

Levente Szileszky

Well done, Pana...

...and it all sounds great, indeed, but if I will have to buy a TV anytime soon (hope not) I will go with WebOS 2.0 & LG, until your Mozilla-based system is proven, sorry.

Drive-making kingpin WD gobbles Skyera... to give to HGST

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So finally SkyEagle has a chance to land...?

I mean the PR-blitz Skyera was able to generate back when it took off was mostly based on SkyEagle's much-touted, (at the time) sanity-challenging 20GB/s throughput per box, at ~$2/GB price, with 200-300TB capacity...? It was ~2 years ago - what happened to that?

Australia to social media: self-censor or face AU$17,000 FINES

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Re: This is not entirely correct:

Yes, it always shocks me just what kind of PoS scumbags can get regularly elected in Australia. I cannot believe how utterly subservient they are as soon as they receive a request from a foreign (!) power, how quickly they willing to simply go against their own countries' interests, even to the point when they completely abandon their own citizens (!) abroad... it's really shocking to me how cynical, disgusting and totally spineless subsequent Australian governments turned out to be - and I just don't understand why people keep voting for them...


Levente Szileszky

"ex-Cupertino bod Michael Mace..."

Yeah, another self-appointed charlatan, always trying to spin everything such a way that it shows: Apple's world domination is imminent... it's a big business, to lick Apple's corporate @ss, remember. :)

It'll all end in tiers: HP tosses small biz another 3PAR-flavored bone

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Re: So The Small 3PAR Is Further Delayed?

Err, no, storage arrays are typically NOT running linux, they are typically built on some flavor of BSD, usually OpenBSD.

Microsoft's Azure goes TITSUP PLANET-WIDE AGAIN in cloud FAIL

Levente Szileszky

I'm saying this for years...

...that anyone is willing to put his critical services on MS-run cloud services must be an adrenaline-junkie.

I think there's something fundamentally wrong in MS' system design that they keep suffering from 'PLANET-WIDE' outages, year in, year out, for years now. Doesn't matter what is the bug, how it cascades into any bigger clusterfuck, it should NEVER be able to bring their whole cloud to its knees. I've never seen anything like that happening to our Google- or Rackspace-based services (and as far as I recall AWS also never had anything beyond region-level disruption.).

The last PC replacement cycle is about to start turning

Levente Szileszky

Wow, it must be the most clueless article this year...

...with gems like these:

"When even senior sysadmins work on an iPhone connected to an Apple TV"

(Priceless. Senior... what? :D)

"Something has happened, right under our noses, so close we still can’t quite see it. It’s only when we get to the long shot, like my friend in New York, that the arrow of time reveals itself, arcing in a path from 10 kilo boat anchor to 129 gram super-thin super-smartphone."

(Right, because they serve the same purpose, right? I mean in your world only, of course. :D)

"“When I’m in the office I’ll AirPlay it over to an Apple TV connected to a monitor. What’s the difference between that and a desktop?”

My friend has worked in IT for a quarter of a century, and likes all the new toys, but when it comes to work, he’s incredibly conservative in his choices - that’s why he gets hired to keep infrastructure ticking over."

(Ahahahaha, this is soooo great it is self-explanatory. Sometimes I wonder if clowns like him ever read their stuff before they hit the publish button or they do but they just simply lost their ability to recognize the sheer nonsense in their own little precious pieces...?:D )

"Laptops keep getting smaller and more powerful, but we’ve now reached a moment when they’re less useful than our smartphones."

(Suuure. Like your - probably imaginery - friend who runs some giant retail sales network architecture but also gets involved on daily server administration yet he is much more productive on a low-res 6" smartphone that only runs its own, non-x86 apps, with very limited CPU and memory etc than a laptop with, say, 13"-15" QHD or UHD resolution, full-fledged remote desktop, unlimited multitasking, can make calls while doing something else etcetc...? :D)

"powerful devices that can cast to any nearby screen (Chromecast & AirPlay), browse any website, and run all the important apps."

(Except any website that requires Flash, SIlverlight or any commonly used plugin and has no fully-equivalent mobile version eg a giant retailer's sales intranet comes into mind... all important apps? You mean all that *exist* except the inifinite number of x86 ones that won't run? :D)

"Plus ça change."

(Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses, as my latin teacher used to say decades ago when someone gave some detailed, lengthy but completely wrong explanation to a question... please, do yourself a favor and drop the "futurist" attempts and go back reading Gibson and keep teaching - students certainly need input and ideas. Even if it's completely wrong like this. :D)

SkyHawk array swoops down, 136TB claws extended

Levente Szileszky

So what's up with skyEagle?

It was supposed to arrive just around now, with its insane 300TB (or was it 500?), 20GB/s performace, at ~$2/GB...?

Hungary's internet tax cannot be allowed to set a precedent, says EC

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Re: Great idea

"4. Low friction: as it collected by a middle man voters will not notice it much."

You really miss the point here, pal, hah! :D

If anything this actually just pissed off EVERYBODY, even their own voters, even the numb grandmas and grandpas because they like and listen to their grandkids more than to Orban's kleptocratic regime.

10k-20k crowd marched two days ago, didn't change Orban's mind.

100k+ crowd marched last night, essentially blocking some main arteries in the city, apparently sill wasn't enough to force Orban to back down.

This is mid-week - what's next...?

Orban is standing still yet the party elite took notice: the Hungarian press is full of anonymous party crooks voicing their fear that this very typical stubborn stance from Orban just triggered a huge backlash - and people were already cliching their fists, full of seething hatred, after years and years of watching this uber-arrogant, loudmouthed, kleptocracy running amok, dealing with a systemic corruption that's now unmatched anywhere in Europe, now also openly operating as a government-run loyalty scheme, as untouchable cronies and oligarchs took over the entire economy, blackmailing or forcing out or destroying anyone who wasn't willing to give up his hard-built business, cracking down on every civil organization that is not dependent from the government, perverting the entire justice system as well as using prosecutory powers as political and economical terror tools etc etc.

People are at a boiling point and at the same time the stodgy Ramses from Felcsut (the small backwater place Orban hails from; the village where he just - seriously!!! - HAD BUILT A SOCCER STADIUM BEHIND HIS WEEKEND HOUSE!), well he apparently became so disconnected he really don't see the coming hard turn and he's unwilling to brake...

...and all this was supposed to be a simple diversion from the super-embarrassing, very serious diplomatic mess of the recent travel ban the US just put in effect for state-run corruption, banning such gov' officials as the president of National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary, her VP of Taxation, and numerous, highest-placed other right-hands and chief oligarchs of Orban*, pretty much putting him on equal footing with Putin.

(* these are guys like the one called A. Habony, a short, practicing martial arts fellow, who famously sued every single news outlet for writing about his criminal sentencing when he, after almost running over them at a crossing, jumped out of his SUV and beat up a retired couple on the street, at broad daylight; classic low-brow mobster-style. Except one thing, of course: these guys lack any balls. They are just cheap cowards and greedy, tacky-folksy Central-European copycats of any 'decent' mafia - they don't have the balls you see from Eastern European mobsters or ex-military from the Balkan, they are only loud and aggressive because they took over the government and perverted even the laws to provide them cover, which they grossly misunderstood as being invincible - they are not, their days are numbered.)

I'll cap internet tax, says Hungarian PM as mob attacks his party HQ

Levente Szileszky

It's a diversion, nothing else, from the shocking outright US travel ban of gov cronies

It's a classic diversion tactics - after a long series of very serious diplomatic signs and messages about state-run corruption schemes in Hungary were not only ignored but also mocked, the US took the extraordinary steps and invoking executive order #7750 about corruption (signed by GWB) they outright banned a handful of gov officials and cronies from entering the US.

The list of banned people are not public but they were told if they are affected and some of it was leaked already: few of the PM's (Orban) right-hands, one of the them (guy name A. Habony) is among the 4-5 top oligarchs, he's the kind of guy - listen to this! - who famously sued every single news outlet for writing about his ordeal when he (practicing martial arts guy) after almost hitting them at a crossing, jumped out of his SUV and beat up a retired couple on the street... my favorite part of the list is the president of National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary as well as her VP of Taxation - this is CLASSIC banana republic stuff, right in the middle of Europe.

OTOH it speaks volumes that the European Union is just WATCHING all this taking place in the middle of the EU, unwilling to do anything while the US, long being a bystander, finally got pissed and immediately started swinging the hammer... good ol' US, they know how to deal with these stodgy, small-town Ramseses like Orban and his ilks. :) Funny things is that the US DID NOT publicize the story, they tried to deal with it silently, only letting the banned know - so what these idiot cronies do? They concocted a false story about AMericans taking revenge for tax investigations into American companies (Actually it's more of a brazen lie as the original corruption issue is exactly the opposite, that the US companies complained that the entire Hungarian market is distorted by outright tax cheaters, they are simply unable to compete when properly paying taxes with competitors who sell products well under its manufacturing price.) More about the story can be read everywhere but this is a better summary in English: https://hungarianspectrum.wordpress.com/tag/proclamation-7750/


Levente Szileszky

Re: No Range safety boats?

Around here (US Northeast) it is the same, you should listen to VHF ch 16 (aka hail and distress) - but this is not mandatory unless you are a commercial vessel and once they have GMDSS installed they don't have to watch VHF16 anymore.