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America's top maker of cop body cameras says facial-recog AI isn't safe

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Cressida Dick?

The one who murdered a Brazilian electrician and got promoted to head of the Met for a job well done? That Cressida Dick? Maybe best not to trust her judgement when it comes to facial recognition.

Meet the open sorcerers who have vowed to make Facebook history

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Yolk? Seriously? I'm oeuffended!

"Checking in on how IMAP could help folk throw off Zuck's yolk"

Submarine builder admits dismembering journalist's body

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Remind me not to hire you as a disposal expert.

"Had he gone just 5 miles offshore and dumped the weighted body during an outgoing tide"

Good luck finding an "outgoing" tide in Öresund. Tidal movement in that area and in the Baltic area is negligible.

Universal Service Oh... forget the Obligation. BT offers to stump up £600m for 10Mbps

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Re: Why does it have to be BT?

20km from the nearest real urban centre out in the woods in Sweden with and 1GB FTTP. Suck it up, 3rd-worlder ;-)

The much-touted "Somalia" business-model is notoriously bad for critical infrastructure.

The 'DUP' joins El Reg’s illustrious online standards converter

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Re: Dane Geld

"the two parties that least believe in peace, tolerance, honesty, integrity and democracy."

The history of the British state in Ireland is so fucking shameful, that I'm amazed the words " peace, tolerance, honesty, integrity and democracy" didn't stick in your craw. The murdering bastards of the Crown brought anything but those.

Drugs, vodka, Volvo: The Scandinavian answer to Britain's future new border

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Re: Narkotikahunden

Propellermutterputsdukshandlaren :)

Last year's ICO fines would be 79 times higher under GDPR

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Judas Priest FTFY

"there will be significant commercial impacts for organisations that fall foul of the regulations."

.. That break the law.

Swedish prosecutor finally treks to London to question Julian Assange

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Re: "I don't know what the standard term for rape in sweden is "

"Sweden would not ship him to USA."

Why ever not? They ship people to Egypt to be tortured.

UK's mass-surveillance draft law grants spies incredible powers for no real reason – review

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Re: Business as usual

"Eh? Who killed Fusilier Lee Rigby? Who blew up three underground trains and a bus?"

People well-known to - and in the sphere of influence of - MI5. Make of that what you will.

Privacy warriors drag GCHQ into Euro human rights court over blanket spying, hacking

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Has no-one told you the ECHR isn't the EU?

Oops: Bounty-hunter found Vine's source code in plain sight

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Wait a minute.

People who have "API-keys and secrets" in their code?

Note to self: Really sorry to have missed out on that investment.

I don't like Mondays, Pokemon, Twitter or Facebook – Sir Bob Geldof

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Geldof the stopped clock?

Hard to say anything good about him in general , but can't fault the rant about FB, Twitter and that "Jamacian proctologist" game being useless shit.

Scots denied Saltire emoji

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Re: 2 x Twats!

"The day after the referendum Alex Salmond said that the "No" voters were tricked. That's like calling them stupid."

A fair proportion might well be on the spectrum of gormless morons with an inexplicable hard-on for the British establishment - but no, what Salmond said is not like calling them stupid at all.

Another few years of being "governed" by these cunting inbreeds might yet determine the veracity of what he actually said, though.

Ireland's tax arrangements are as clear as a pint of Guinness

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Re: Just get rid of corporation tax

"so just tax people properly."

If corporations want to be legal persons, they can fucking pay tax like a person.

The Lonely Pirate MEP's Holocaust copyright stunt backfires

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"Er, no: RTFA. Authoritarian regimes don't like the individual asserting their rights."

Er No. You read your own article! Which "individual", pray tell, is in possession of the copyright to Anne Frank's diary?

Authoritarian regimes have no problem with corporations asserting their rights, being as they are a de facto arm of the state under those conditions.

Raging against copyright in perpetuity isn't irrational. conversely, gifting products that under infinite copyright, essentially have infinite value is as bloody irrational as it gets.

Daft draft anti-car-hack law could put innocent drivers away for life

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Re: "heh suppose my raising my 2010 marquis limiter from 110mph to 155mph"

"You do realise that 120kph is just above what is legal on any British dual carriageway?"

You do realise the Alvis Scorpion is a fucking tank?

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Re: Car lobby?

"This controls how things work, and it does stop retrofit of certain parts. So I can buy the car new with LED lights as an expensive option, or Xenon headlights, but if I retrofit the parts (junkyard or brand new from the dealer) the system will as a minimum persistently nag me that I have a failed bulb, or simply refuse to operate the "unknown" piece of kit."

That's what "recoding" software is for *ahem* "allegedly".

Also, VW/Audi for example use QNX RTOS Getting into the guts of that is a piece of piss with a disk image, VirtualBox and a disassembler.

My A4 onboard computer is running quite happily (and faster!) with an IDE->mSata conversion that I can replace for pennies instead of a 2nd mortgage to VAG in the case of failure.

Anonymised search engine page found on 'kid-friendly' search site

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But it IS safe, surely!

It keeps kids safe from vicious assaults on their privacy by governments!

Ello ello ello: Bungling Met cops blew £100m on failing tech wheezes

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Whoda thunk it?

Pigs being a great source of pork?

Get ready to patch Git servers, clients – nasty-looking bugs surface

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European Patent Office heads rapidly toward full meltdown

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Re: Outdated practices?

"On the other hand it leads to the situation where the 58 year old fart in the IT office is so incompetent...."

... according to generation after generation of pimply-faced, over-confident wankers who arrive waving their cocks around, are doomed to fail in exactly the same ways as each previous generation, and simultaneously dismiss the voice of experience as incompetence.

US police contracts and private forum posts dumped online

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Re: Interesting

Protect the privacy of Individuals, certainly. But why should any group - especially one in service of the public - have an automatic "right" to privacy?

Google chap bakes Amiga emulator into Chrome

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"Anyone will appreciate just how far we've come since the days of the Amiga, thanks to the inclusion of the famous "Juggler" app depicted below."

Basically not very far at all, then.

Still simply mangling numbers, just much faster, but simultaneously much less efficiently.

Feds spank naughty Hilton, M.C. Dean in Wi-Fi jamming crackdown

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Re: It depends on who the criminals are

Sanford? Is that you?

Lawyers harrumph at TalkTalk's 'no obligation to encrypt' blurt

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Jesus H Christ. Security is hard, but It's fucking trivial to store data in encrypted format. Hang them.

So just what is the third Great Invention of all time?

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Limited Liability

That it makes "large-scale" economic activity easier in no way detracts from it being an immoral abrogation of risk.

You want the poor to have more money? Well, doh! Splash the cash

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Re: Awil Onmebiketogetbettersocial Life without too much fear....

Dude, one small town in Sweden called Södertälje took in more refugees from your Iraq misadventure then your entire miserable shithole of a country and it's northern neighbour combined.

Your ignorance on the well documented rise of fascism in Europe is par for the course for an ignoramus, I suppose.

Awil Onmearse

Re: Life without too much fear....

I've been here nearly quarter of a century, and I suppose I get the "sinister" angle especially the opaque bureaucracy rendered totally impenetrable by the equally opaque language. But it's most definitely not more "sinister" in hindsight than what we Brits would call "The Establishment" and their perpetual class warfare.

One gets the feeling after a while here that you have stepped into a "Stepford Wives" society, that there must be something fundamentally and insidiously wrong, because it's just too fecking clean and ordered. But it's an illusion - Sweden suffers the same societal problems as anywhere else, just the symptoms manifest themselves differently, or to a lesser extent.

More recently though the free-marketeers have been successfully attacking the working class as illustrated by the rise of fascist politics, like elsewhere in Europe. Using their media mouthpieces to instill immigrant-ageddon fears into the populace that nasty brown people will take away their summer houses and shit in their surströmming. In a country with such a massive immigrant population and a history of populist authoritarianism, this is a very dangerous game indeed

For my part, living somewhere where working-class urban families can own a summer house in the countryside, can have their children looked after while at work without being bankrupted and the unions are together in a social contract with businesses and the government, made leaving Thatcher's desperate wasteland of despair a no-brainer.

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"The existence of the welfare state raises my reservation wage. That obviously raises the amount the company must pay me: two loaves of bread, not just one"

How many loaves of bread is always going to be much more a function of labour demand than the "reservation wage" with an engineered pool of unemployed.

"Sweden is a rather nice place to live. Eye-watering tax levels...."

Hardly. Not living in a Somali-esque dump has actual value too.

Why the 'Dancing Baby' copyright case is just hi-tech victim shaming

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"That way nothing new can ever be created without someone else getting a cut "

Quite. A creative economy based overwhelmingly on rent-seeking. No-one except perverse ideologues think this is actually a good thing.

As we all know, snark always comes before a fall. Mea culpa

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Re: There are no other angles here

"Economics is an attempt to model markets. If the model doesn't fit then it is wrong but that doesn't mean that the market-derived price is wrong."

It's an attempt to model markets until it suddenly isn't. Then it decides it's an attempt to model all human behaviour through the lens of markets, along the way failing elementary "is-ought" tests of the sort that trashed objectivism 300 years before it was even conceived.

One can't prove that a true market-derived price is wrong for obvious reasons. However asserting that any individual market-derived price is correct in the absence of a mathematical proof - or worse that the market-value of something has any relation whatsoever to what actual humans value is what El-Reg would refer to as "trick-cycling"

Awil Onmearse

Re: There are no other angles here

"This is just about cold, hard cash."

Actually, it's not. The mathematical and statistical model is about cold,hard cash which imposes a definition of rationality on behaviours and also an axiomatic definition of value, which in turn will give an "answer" to - for example - "How much would people pay to save a life" - type questions.

If the model indicates that people's valuations do not converge with the model's ascribed "value" in those cases, then per definition it is the model that is bollox.

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"As a subset of that, we can work out the statistical value of a life: look at how people are willing to pay to avoid – or need to be paid to accept – risks to life and limb on a statistical basis."

Huh? That would be dependent almost entirely upon how much the subject values wealth right? Try another angle.

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

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"Enter the Natrix" Image © 2015 Kraitive Commons.

Apple and Google are KILLING KIDS with encryption, whine lawyers

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"Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr; Adrian Leppard, commissioner of the City of London Police; Paris' chief prosecutor François Molins; and Javier Zaragoza, chief prosecutor of the High Court of Spain, said that the current situation is unsupportable and legal changes are needed to keep the public safe."

Go fuck yourselves. We need to keep ourselves safe from *you*.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Torrent-U-Like updates GULP DOWN your precious bandwidth

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Bloatware now part of the OS itself.

"Microsoft claimed “deliver optimisation” wouldn't be able to access your personal files or folders or be able to alter files on your PC."

Oh for fuck's sake.

W3C's failed Do Not Track crusade tumbles to ad-blockers' Vietnam

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Re: Do not eat

"There is no benefit whatsoever to websites to pay attention to it."

Did you read the article? The benefit to advertisers is that users won't disappear behind their own privacy tools.

I'd willingly pay for El Reg, but I usually have an adblocker on for 2 reasons: firstly the people serving the ads and tracking me *aren't* El Reg and could be peadoterrorist Nork spooks - or worse - an actual advertising company for all I know. Secondly, the ads served are invariably total bollocks.

IT in Iran: Servers sold on the grey market, and the rule of FOSS

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Re: *Sigh*...

Sure, wasn't he already in the US, and the State dept refused a visa change that would allow his family to travel?

Dunno where he'd personally be safer from the Mossad murder-squads though, Tehran being a fucking risky place for nuclear scientists and the US being full of Israeli collaborators.

So what the BLINKING BONKERS has gone wrong in the eurozone?

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If you contract your economy by 25%, you lose 25% of your tax receipts, and trying to implement that saving structurally means stripping back the state by 25%. "The state" for these purposes being those dependent on it - the poor, pensioners, the unemployed. Exactly what has been inflicted on Greece 2010-2015 .

It's all very well Germany banging on about austerity as it continues to enjoy and exploit a massively undervalued Euro convenient for it's manufacturing-based economy and so never has to suffer it in any real sense, barring it's self-inflicted reunification costs.

In the UK over the last 5 years, Osborne *has* been spending and borrowing like a fucking madman, and his "austerity" moves are simply class-war spite.

STARS SNUFFED in massive galactic whodunit

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In a vacuum?

"we assume a spherically symmetric distribution of dark matter in the cluster"


Being common is tragic, but the tragedy of the commons is still true

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"Villagers might, to use the example of grazing commons again, note that there's only a certain carrying capacity of said verdant grassy stuff and thus agree among themselves to limit how many animals they'll put on it."

So. Basically a small city-state, then.

Your metadata and the cost of collecting it belong on your phone and internet bill

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Works both ways

Environmental externalities: Dumping toxic waste in river rebate: - $2.55

Microsoft SLASHES 7,800 bods, BURNS $7.6bn off books in Nokia adjustment

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Re: I'm starting to lose track of this

"It isn't a real 'Windows 10', there is no 'desktop', there is no 'launcher'"

Best windows ever, then ;-)

Unions call for strike action over 'unusable' Universal Credit IT

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Re: Unusable IT is grounds for striking?

"Oh wait, I'm not public sector or unionised, so I just have to fix it."

You're evidently not a actual user of your unusable IT, then. Must suck balls working for Accenture - sorry about that.

Got a GUITAR, daddio? Wanna plug it into iOS or Droid? Try the iRig 2

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"valve (toob)" That's "tube", you boob. Or are you a newb?

A sceptic wary of a Septic phonetic? Woosh.

Crowdfunded beg-a-thon to bail out Greece raises 0.003% of target

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Re: Meh

Socialism? I'll have some of whatever you are smoking.

Greece has had an ostensibly socialist government for all of 6 months. So logically, this disaster has happened in it's entirety under an assortment of more-or-less authoritarian right-wing loonies, dictators and asset-stripping free-marketeers.

The risk of default was baked in to the rates of the original loans, right? so tough luck. If you have a problem with the "institutions" providing "socialism" to the reckless creditors by bailing them out and transferring the debt to the European taxpayer, write to your representative instead of spouting bitter shite.

AssangeTM says Sweden squibbed on promised interview

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Re: I still don't get it ... Ahmed Agiza and Muhammad al-Zery

"However, the mistreatment of those two individuals have absolutely nothing to do with Assange's legal situation."

Apart from showing the Swedish government and Säpo have no problem colluding to break their own laws on extradition, I suppose.

"How Assange has been treated is also a clear indication that his rights will not be violated."

You mean the public prosecutor and police colluding by leaking his name immediately to the press from the Police station the complainants were interviewed at - again in contravention of Swedish law?. Right.

Awil Onmearse

Re: I still don't get it

"Whereas Sweden's just one of those free love, unaffiliated socialist states - who could accuse *them* of untoward business?"


Drupal flicks fix to nix OpenID admin account hijack hole

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Re: Drupal is

True, many shops go overboard with contrib and this leads to scalability problems, easily enough mitigated with appropriate use of query, object and page caches to relieve the DB.

Compared to some nameless commercial offerings, with DB schemas over-normalised to within an inch of their miserable lives, core Drupal at least is pretty fleet-of-foot.

'Snowden risked lives' fearfest story prompts sceptical sneers

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Re: Too late was the cry

"The last thing the officer wants is the chance of taking out some poor bystander"

Semantics about choice of ammo is kinda redundant when the victim himself is some poor bystander.