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There's an epidemic of idiots who can't find power switches


Re: On the plus side...

"Yes there is. There is the user who thinks her husband is IT savvy."

With the exception of my wife - you are spot on!

Apple denied 'App Store' trademark by Australian court



I thought it was short for Application store?

US MARTIAN FLYING SAUCER tests above Hawaii: postponed


Re: Could be worse

"large blimpy object going on the run "

Kim Dotcom?

600 school sysadmins sacked in New South Wales


Why would they pay someone to work when apparently they have people who will take it in turns to do it for free?

'I was trained as a spy' says Snowden


Re: Simply amazing !

He's NOT the Messiah.

Just a very naughty boy!


Re: I think what Edward Snowden did is wonderful and necessary...

More Julian Clary I think

That Snowden chap was SPOT ON says China


Why is there still this outrage over the revelation that Spys spy?

The clues in the name people.

Now an international scandel that childcare workers are gathering this kind of data - THAT my friends would be NEWS!

Urinating teen polluted 57 Olympic-sized swimming pools - cops


Re: Urine is sterile

A tap in Pekham (Mandela House if I remember correctly)

Cloud computing is FAIL and here’s why


Re: Twaddle

Of course you need to also realise that the purpose of the article was not for you to be "With" Alistair.

(Apologies if the articles intention was in fact to create some form of bond through the ether)


Re: Twaddle

"Me, I live in a [relatively prosperous] suburb of Manchester [UK] "

No you dont - there is no propserous area of Manchester (Unless the relativley means you are comparing it to the rest of Manchester?)

NBN Co puts October date on first FTTB connections


Re: Wasteful duplication

How dare you bring logic, common sense and financial viability into the NBN discussion?

None of those qualities have any place here

Teen jailed for ARMED ROBBERY says he and pals had been inspired by Grand Theft Auto



"He stabbed her and he is the reason she is dead."


did you read the same story as me?

Did Google order staff to 'steal' web ad cash from publishers? THE TRUTH



Why would Google ban the accounts of those bringing them in advertisising revenue?

It would be great for the first period - they could keep the money.

But once they have banned the account - they then recieve none of the revenue from the advertiser, as no-one is seeing the ads on the account any more

Voters pick luminous tech spacesuit as NASA's off-world fashion statement


Re: A fully clear helmet???

THANK GOD you posted this.

I hope NASA read it, otherwise lives could be lost.

Apple patent LOCKS drivers out of their OWN PHONES


"What about on my Harley? Joking.....I don't do text."

Pussy (For not texting, not because you ride a Harley)

(Actually now I come to think of it......)


Slip your finger in this ring and unlock your backdoor, phone, etc


Re: But it's still pointless.

"Didn't have a scanner on me to check out who he was."

There's an app for that

Boss of Russia's Facebook says Putin cronies have taken over his company



So he resigns and when the response is not to let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, he tries to take it back?

Seriously, you need to grow up mate.

They called your bluff and you’re gone.

Stop whining, buy an island somewhere and drink mojitos.

Too late, Blighty! Samsung boffins claim breakthrough graphene manufacturing success


Re: This will not be good

"And what if you got one in your eye?"

Then the fun and games will have to stop.

Tesla firms hot bottoms: TITANIUM armor now bolted to Model S e-cars


Re: Historical

Get a room you two

Oxfam, you're full of FAIL. Leave economics to sensible bods


Re: Erm... really?

"............. never really helps. Nor does shipping bags of rice to hungry people."

I think you'll find that the hungry people in question would disagree

UK's CASH POINTS to MISS Windows XP withdrawal date


Re: Maybe it's the wannbe lawer in me but....


Bletchley Park board member quits amid TNMOC split-off spat


"It has often occurred to me that maybe it would have helped to have more women involved at a high level,"

Well done for quiting in protest

"Boo Hiss" for thinking arrogance and stupidity is related to gender.

Actually I have found it quite common for SOME women to think that if a man wont come round to their way of thinking then it is because they are a woman rather than because they are wrong

Hey, Apple. THIS is how you flog iPhones in new markets


Re: Mashing Margins in Mobile Markets


iTunes radio tunes in to Australia for first launch beyond USA


Re: I buy those old-fangled CD things.

" living in our retirement village "

To be fair Tim - Tom Jones IS probably on your playlist.

(Sadly *SIGH*....mine too)

FBI offers $10,000 bounty for arrest of laser-wielding idiots


Han Shot First.

...Just saying.....

Elderly Bletchley Park volunteer sacked for showing Colossus exhibit to visitors


Re: They could learn some lessons....

How 'bout jump it on a motorbike Steve McQueen style?

Do you wear specs? Google Glass offers YOU amazing live HD video



Can I zoom in likeSteve Austin?

If I can then I'm in

Feminist Software Foundation gets grumpy with GitHub … or does it?


"I'll wait to see how they do HEX..."

I think they'll use a cauldren.

Crooks target Target: 40 MILLION bank cards imperiled in cyber-heist



"Guests" (Customers)


How about diverting your attention away from bullshit policies of what to call people and upgrade your security?

Makes me laugh that some people wont shop on the internet because they are worried about security – been saying for years you're more at risk in over the counter transactions

Turnbull's NBN is startup-land's litmus test


Re: Australian 'startups' - true world leaders...

" (where google is seen as a toy)."

Well there goes your credibility bud.

Google can be described in many ways, but love it or hate it, it has infected the world.

Anyone who would describe it as a “Toy” would also have trouble differentiating their arse from their elbow

If you want an IT job you'll need more than a degree, say top techies


IT Graduates!

I had a new IT Graduate once.

As I walked past her PC I noticed a blue cast over her screen, so helpfully I pointed out that her monitor cable was loose.

She peered at down back of her PC for a few minutes before asking “Which ones the monitor cable?”


Online shopping tax slug not worth the effort: National Australia Bank


"This is simplistic. Reducing or eliminating the tax threshold would shift a lot of purchases to local stores"


as an aside - on more than one occaision shops have told me that they dont have my item in stock and get it for me in a few days.

Why should I pay them to buy something of ebay or overseas which they will just pass on to me and 5 times the price?

Microsoft bans XXXXBOX gamers for CURSING in online combat



Just WTF is a Panty Waist?

Sony's new PlayStation 4: Early faults ENRAGE some buyers


Re: Where

So where can I put my new fridge before turning it on?

Makerbot vows to plonk a 3D printer in every one of Uncle Sam's schools


Re: "Instead of waiting for someone to create a product for you, you can create your own"

Back when I was a caveman we made things out of stone.

I still have a wheel I invented - I knew when those crazy kids started using "Metal" it would be the end

Billionaire dumps Apple stock because Steve Jobs was 'really awful' guy


He's not (Wasn't) the Messiah

Just a VERY naughty boy

Sweet murmuring Siri opens stalker vulnerability hole in iOS 7


This was identified 2 years ago when the 4s / siri was launched


Nice to see they did f'all about it other than the expand the crack