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Why Microsoft absolutely DOESN'T need its own Steve Jobs


I have the same notion. MS must steer clear of the 'Jobs' be all end all identity.

There are a load of smart heads in each department and I believe it is up to the new CEO to purely oversee and ensure each of these departments are stepping in sync with each other and communicating between divisions. MS is huge and there are many divisions.

Done correctly there is a huge future in Microsoft and it definitely isn't dead in the water just because there's a form factor change. I say GO FOR IT Microsoft! Show the naysayers what you can pull together as far as a mature ecosystem that thrives. The seeds are in place, just pick up the pace a little more.

WHY didn't Microsoft buy RIM? Us business blokes would have queued for THAT phone


Windows Phone - it's great really!

All the tasks listed by the author can easily be done using Windows Phone. Why is there so much hate out there for this OS? I'm certain that a great portion of it is purely based on hearsay and not finding out or using the OS personally. Not just a flick and a poke in the shop but a serious trial of the OS.

When I first heard of Windows bringing out a new OS I was sceptical, heard all these bad reports but as I'm not happy taking just anyone's word for things I thought I'd buy a handset, and yes it was new OS back then but now it is becoming quite the shining gem.

Get a little app called "Group Tiles" and you can segment 'work' and 'play' tiles, have many email accounts and have your personal email accounts linked together or keep them apart from work Exchange accounts very easily. Office and Skydrive combined do very nicely.

Give it a serious go before poo pooing it.