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Samsung shows off state-of-the-art 40in OLED TV


Re: 200cd/m²

>Thats pretty frigging dim, your average panel has 500, you'd have to watch that in a dark room.

Old CRT TVs are around 100cd/m², LCD's are commonly around 300cd/m², so it's not as bright not unusual for LCD to be 200cd/m², the contrast ratio on OLED is much better, you wouldn't have to watch it in a dark room, I'm not sure where this "average 500cd/m²" comes from, given the typical range is 200cd/m² to 600cd/m² and in most lab tests the manufacturers exagerate anyway (I've never found a screen that meets it's quoted brightness), besides very bright screens can be horrible to use, it depends so much more on distance, viewing angle and contrast, 40" full HD with that contrast ratio is probably lovely.

Reminds me of the classic... "Yea, but these go to 11" bigger numbers don't always mean better.

TSA vows relaxation of carry-on liquid limits


Re: More TSA BS

>These restrictions (like nail clippers, small scissors, pocket knives, nail files) have been BS (aka TSA theatre) from day one and have not made flying safer for one single solitary person.

Why doesn't anyone get it? the rules are stricter than needed so that it takes an extra stretch to get past them, why does ASDA ask for id if you look under 25? it takes the doubt away, no, nail clippers will not kill anyone (unless you're really patient), but draw the line at nail clippers and you can't possibly argue the toss between a 3" nailfile and a 5" nailfile.

I would argue that the AC that wrote this *could* be very, very wrong, pehaps the extreme restrictions has made things safer, as it's so much more likely to get caught with something vaguely dangerous, i.e. very risky to try and get something very dangerous onboard, but of course we'll never know, perhaps if we didn;t have these restrictsions something would have happened, it's like the idiots who sat back after Y2K and said "see, nothing happened, it was all a waste of time and money" completely forgetting about the thousands of people who worked hard to make "nothing happen", fools like the AC above will think they are right because they can't be proved wrong (forgetting that they can't be proved right either).


Re: Re: Will they also be able to identify..

>They badgered me for a 200ml pack of ready-made formula milk

errrr... the rule is 100ml didn't you know?

>sitting on top of a box of plasticine

errrr... plasticine does not look like an explosive on a scanner, try going through with C4

>It is a circus.

and you're the clown

Dawkins' atheist ad campaign hits fundraising target


Re: PS: Have you checked behind the sofa?

Quick check..... eeeeewe..... you won't believe what the flying spaghetti monster is doing to the pink unicorn with his noodley appendage.......



You've said a lot so I'll apologise up front for only answering some soundbites;

You say religon is used to justify bad things "whatever crap is the flavour of the day in order to motivate them to kill people" is honest and a I thank you for that, take religon away and you have less "crap" to motivate killing, i.e. the world would be a better place without religon, yes, something else might fill it's place, but much harder to justify than blind dogma.

Notwithstanding, what about the indirect suffering, Mother Theresa, Condom use, pro choice, preventable cervical cancer - all suffering caused by the church.

Organisations like "christan aid" saves lives, but better non aligned organisations like doctors without borders do it altruisticly with no agenda behind it, giving a child a toy at christmas sounds nice, but find out who funds it, what they expect in return before you think you're doing a good thing, some of these people are like child abusers that have a pocket full of sweets.

Your post seems nice and well meaning, you sound like a nice person, I would suggest, if you want to, read "Letter to a Christian Nation", it's very short but may open your mind to the suffering caused by others less well meaning.

If you feel offended by "THERE'S PROBABLY NO GOD. NOW STOP WORRYING AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE" then I suggest tht your outlook is biased, which you can either reject, accept, or accept and try and do something about it, knowlege will not kill you, only ignorance.


Re: Why not "Hey, theres no Allah or Mohammed" adverts.

Because Mohammed probably existed and Allah is just the Arabic for "God", the adverts don't say any particular god probably doesn't exist, they all probably don't exist; Xenu, Thor, Zeus etc. etc. (don't forget that the Christian, Islamic and Jewish god are one and the same, a kind of cross dogma trinity if you like).

Thumb Up

Quality :-)

A priest sees a young lad with a box of kittens, he says to the boy "aren't they cute" the boy says, yes the're christian kittens", "aw that's lovely" replies the preiest, a week later the priest is walking with a fellow priest and says, come and see this little boy with his box of kittens, the new priest says "they are just adorable", the boy says, "yes they are atheist kittens", slightly taken aback the first priest says "last week you said they were christian kittens", "yes" the boy says, "that was last week, their eyes are open now".

Seriously, if all the effort spent in worshipping a non existant god and filling the coffers of organised religion was spent improving peoples lives, the world would be a better place, religious people are often good people, they are just misguided and need help, I welcome this awareness campagin.

Govt ponders proof-of-ID law for future phone purchases


ID cards again

This is ID cards by the back door, when people who look under 25 have to have ID to buy alchohol and you need ID to get a SIM, both of which young people will be very interested in, but more importantly young people are less likely to winge about getting an ID card, they will consider it a "rite of passage", and suddenly *most* people will have an ID card and will outnumber those who don't want a national ID card.

Mazda takes RX-8 for a spin on 'hydrogen highway'


Hydrogen is greener, of course?

Ah yes greener of course, that's because it's not made from fossil fuels or by cracking water... oh wait, it is.... maybe it's not green at all, just less dirty when it burns.

Blu-ray Disc a 'bag of hurt', says Jobs



For the same reason that nobody (important) bothers with SACD, CD is 'more than sufficient', nobody (important) can tell the difference between SACD and CD and even if you could it doesn't make bad songs good, VCD was not good enough, DVD is more than good enough, even a good quality 700Mb DivX is fine on my upscaled 37" TV, the point is a rubbish film won't become a good one on BluRay and good film will be enjoyable *even with artifacts*.

It's also not a good general storage medium, with a 1Tb harddrive less than £70, BluRay is just a gimmick.

Sun takes four-socket Victoria Falls Sparc plunge


Oracle licencing

Oracle are always slow on the uptake with their licencing models, they basically want to charge what people will pay, when dual core first came out they didn't change the models and sun was very happy, our E25k looked cheap then they started the 1.4x charging model and it wasn't so cheap, they'll change it again, and again. No doubt M$ will also have a rethink, current charging is per socket, but as more cores appear they'll change it (maybe Windows 7 will have a new and exciting pricing model?)

Verity's further education


Any monkey can get a degree with the OU

It's like doing your driving licence, stump up the cash, do enough modules and eventually you'll get there. I've seen this t of thing before (not OU) when a lecturer did something stupid and tried to pretend it's a "learning tool", made a girl cry, didn't apologise and was subsequntly backed when a complaint was made. This is why degrees from certain universities are more prestigious, and some are 'also rans'.

Vista scrabbles for X Factor


RE: @unbelievers

I completely agree, Vista is fine and very stable, fools who try and run it on underspec'd kit get what they deserve (for being so gulible, think about the gene pool - don't breed), just becuase something goes wrong with your computer don't instantly blame Vista, M$ were let down i the early days by hardware suppliers that didn't create reference drivers to the schedule they said they would, no wornder they didn't work very well until the driver came out.

Just because a machine is newer doesn't make it better, disk/ram speeds and caches still have to be compared, my dual boot XP/Vista machine works equally well in both OS's, games, DVD authoring, video compression, no noticable difference.

Vista does a lot more in the background now (on the assumption you have a powerful machine) if you don't want this stuff, turn it off! please stop complaining about it and do something about it, it's not that hard to switch off sidebar, aero glass and services you don't use, yes it's bloated, so put it on a diet.

So trolls, enjoy your feast.

US teen cuffed for sending nude phone pics



Not really, this is from a country which considers "don't do it" sufficient sex education.

Laugh now, because it's the thin end of the wedge, and it won't be funny when it becomes the norm, no matter how ill-concieved what she did was, that poor girl is a victim of the state, and now she'll suffer for it.

Indian Moon mission is go for 22 October


Re: Barbarous

>pregnant women are allowed to die in front of the hospitals based on their skin colour there is a considerable difference between the USA and India in this case.

No, people die outside USA hospitals based on skin colour, social class and religious belief, sounds like the USAs version of the caste system to me.

>Why should British taxpayers subsidise superfluous Indian space nonsense?

Because they actually get technology and experiments out of it for minimal funding, far cheaper than a soley british space program would be, read the article before you go off on one.

Virgin Galactic to save planet from climate change


Branson gets my vote

Not one company is sucessful without stepping on some toes, exagerating the good things and spining the bad things, Branson is no different, but whether you're cynical about the spin or not, he does do some good and also inspires other people to do good, which is more than you can ask of someone in his position.

So yes, he gets my vote (and yes I have met him, more than once).

Brown promises £250bn bailout will save SMEs


@Solomon Grundy

>Isn't it funny how things change. One the US was part of the British Empire. Then they beat you into submission, gained their independence and the UK is now part of the US Empire.

Nope, the US was never part of the British empire, American independece was declared in 1776 whereas America didn't become the united states until 1865 when the 13th amendedment was ratified, but I wouldn't let it worry you, most americans don't understand history, like how the highest proportion of settlers were actually german, most people that fought on the british side were actually 'american', often changing sides to gain rank or as the fotunes of the battles changed, most british people 'back home' were completely indifferent to the war, even going as far as not recognising victories in battle on regimentary colours etc.

The financial alignment with the US has been valuable in recent years, however, the EU brings stability (i.e. the UK won't go to war with them), and more importantly closer links with the east will bring new allies for a strong financial future, but the US will be scared by the athiest, communists, instead happier living in their 'the world is 6000 years old' bubble, thinking that they are the richest nation just because they have the largest debt, the UK has a future, but the US doesn't.

Mars Lander shows rock who's boss


@Vladimir Plouzhnikov

So spending money now to get soil/ice/CO2 samples, surveys and environmental tests using expendable, hardware is "frustratingly useless"? y'idiot, the US can't even launch the space shuttle without having another one on standby 'just in case', they can't even go back to the moon, do you have any idea of the scale involved sending a person to Mars? Even if it was possible, let alone affordable, anything went wrong, and all your eggs, being in one basket would be a omlettey mush, doing stuff now in space much cheaper, giving results now is far more sensible than some pie (biodome) in the sky (space) idea that wouldn't get of the ground (launch) for decades. Crawl back under your rock and stay there until my robot arm comes and gets you......

Noel Edmonds defies BBC's jackbooted enforcers

IT Angle

Licence Smisence

I have a TV but I refuse to pay for a load of pointless drivel (some of which Noel was involved in), so I only watch DVDs, get the news from the radio and internet, three letters and a visit from a (to be fair nice) bloke and now they will leave me alone for 5 years, sorted, saved loads of cash, time and braincells (I miss discovery 'tho, but there's loads of stuff on the 'net which makes up for that, play is cheap and bargains on eBay means I have more than enough films to watch (the Palin box set is really good, go buy a copy).

Oh and by the way "There is no IT angle to this story. What is it doing here? I am removing The Register from my bookmarks. Please cancel my subscription. I am also dissatisfied with today's weather. Please make the weather the way I like it. Goodbye."

Ten of the Best... iPod rivals


Why bother?

iPod mini with knackered hard drive £10 plus a 32Gb compact flash £35 and for £45 you've got a robust, compact, high capacity MP3 player (install Linux and you can play other formats, ogg etc.), you could even pretend that you prefer the "retro look", but imagine the cheap accessories that having an iPod can bring.

I also use my W810 with an 8Gb card (microsd+converter) which was dirt cheap.

If you want video, the old Creative Zen 30gb is wonderful, and I'm sure that most users would agree that it's better than the same spec iPod (chunkier, harder screen, better battery life, more video codecs)

CookieMonster nabs user creds from secure sites



Do you live near Ipswitch? Personally I can't wait to be immersed in a virtual fantasy world so I never have to leave my house either, the real world is so distatesful.

I was at a cash machine the other day, it had a little sticker which said "who's looking over your shoulder?" so I had a look.... oooh it's me....

Brit trio convicted for liquid bomb terror plot



You are a Troll because of the coblers that you have spouted some of which you admit was "flame bait" and when you said "from the beginning my argument has always been about what I believe is a disproportionate response that has done little more than feed our fears." it must have been in your head alone, because you certainly didn't even hint as this until your trolling "flame bait" was responded to, the most telling post is when you refer to people as "Credulous Twits" (hmm.. they were right, you were wrong, ahem), unless you were still "half-cut" at 10:57 in the morning you're not allowed to use the "ill-advised" excuse (besides who ill advised you? do you have voices in your head?).

At the end of the day, your initial posts were just plain wrong, rather than admit it you'll pretend that you were trying to make a point about personal liberty, I personally believe that argument is weak (you have offered no better solutions, even when specifically asked), there may be a point to make but you have spewed so much chaff with the wheat nobody is listening, you're probably not thick, you just look that way because you're stubborn, oh and apologising for something you wrote in the same paragraph means either you don't mean it or you don't know how to use the delete key.

Am I a Troll for taunting you? maybe, but I did add the disclaimer "Please post again so I can taunt you some more" and you did......

You have two choices;

1. Shush, people will forget about you (I sugest you change your name)

2. Post something else, you'll only make yourself look stupider which will make people smile, go on I dare you to fall into my "taunting you more trap" bwahhahaha!

3. Admit that you were wrong, apologise to the "Credulous Twits" then maybe people will listen to you (but it's probably too late).

I know I said two choices, but I think we both know you won't let it lie (because you're stubborn).



>My tack was never about the explosive, nor have I changed it.

So your first post with "You can't make a Lucozade bomb??" in it wasn't written by you? and the whole post rant entitled "@ Credulous Twits" didn't happen?

nahhhh... you were shown up as the troll you are (perhaps in your eagerness to be the first to post?) and so decided to bang on about personal liberty in a third and whiny post "you missed my point" (which you didn't make), almost finally ending with a note to JonB basically saying "if you understand me you're clever, if you don't you're stupid", do you find this works for you? I bet you're a school teacher.

Please post again so I can taunt you some more, the dirt from your spade is hitting you on the head because the hole you have dug for yourself is so deep.

"Thou art weighed in the balances and art found wanting."



Ahh... so just because you were so amazingly wrong about the ability to use a binary explosive you're changing tack and saying it's all about the principles (and may I also add kinepak and binex to the list of binary explosives - which are comercial, very stable and reliable, your so wrongness).

Proportionate to that risk?

OK, you tell us what is propotionate and reasonable, oh and if it turns out your proposal is a bit slack, you'll have to take the responsibility.

>I know that not being able to take liquids on a plane isn't exactly much of a hardship

Not much of a hardship = reasonable? so maybe a principle of making it so inconvienient (and high risk of getting caught) for a potential bad guy (or gal) that they don't bother.

In summary.... shush

Chubby crims more likely to leave dabs


Re: Fatties eat more salt?

>Some people are genetically fatter than others. Being fat doesn't neccessarily

>mean that they eat more salt.

>Kinda blows yet another 'amazing discovery' out of the water then, don't ye think?

Not really, most fat people are fat because they eat more calories than they burn, very, very, very few have genetic disorders which directly cause weight gain without increased calorie intake (according to the NAO it wouldn't even rate statistical significance, don't confuse this with a genetic disposition to want to eat more).

Why are there more obese these days? maybe they are catching this "genetic" thing..... doh.... couldn't possibly be due to eating too much and a sedentary lifestyle could it?

So, yes it's an 'amazing discovery' which means more bad people will be banged up.

Ice in fuel caused Heathrow 777 crash



There was approximately 10 tonnes of fuel left, definately not fuel starvation, the requirement is to carry a minium of 105% of the required fuel, 10 tonnes sounds a lot, but it's not, in fact it's quite close to the minimum for this aircraft over this distance (a 777 burns 6-8 tonnes an hour), there's a lots of mummurings going on from pilots about being forced to carry the bare minimum fuel (http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/transport/article4641399.ece).

So, if (a big IF) more and more planes are flying with low (but safe) levels of fuel then maybe it's making the more unusual conditions more likely, perhaps a combination of low (but safe) levels of fuel, unusually low temperatures and perhaps other "unusual" factors affecting fuel heaters, water sumps, the pressure change back to 1 atmos (and the ratio of fumes to fuel in the tank), maybe even engine design, perhaps a single engine failure happens more commonly but it's not a problem unless both happen to fail simultaniously and maybe not logged with any similar significance even if it's detected on one engine?

@Tom Welsh

To answer no 3 and 4 "Scrutiny of data from about 141,000 other Boeing 777 flights has thrown up no evidence of similar conditions on previous flights." the conditions were exceptionally unusual (very cold for a very long time).

Branson unveils Virgin Galactic mothership


If Captain Kirk won't go for free then there must be something wrong with it....


Site guesses your sex via age-old web flaw


Well, that explains the weekends

Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 29%

Likelihood of you being MALE is 71%

so 2/7ths of the time I'm female?

Although as I use FF and IE, I checked FF as well (much quicker) and I got 85% MALE, looks like IE makes you effeminate, actually my FF config avoids my work proxy filter, which really means that the sites I'm normally allowed to look at @ work are more girly.... interesting

Dead author's estate snatches child's domain


Not a lot of sympathy from me

I don't know them, I'm sure that if I did I'd be more sympathetic, but they didn't develop the site, they didn't even set up email, let's face it any £5 hosting company can get you up and running within a couple of minutes (and there are hundreds of them), if the kid *really* wanted an email address then why didn't they set it up? if the kid was indifferent then why didn't they just give it over? sounds like a cybersquat to me, so they either let the kid down by not setting up the email, or they are trying to use him for emotional blackmail, either way they've lost the moral highground.

If they thought that they were fighting a highly principled fight against the corporate bullies then either they are naive, stupid or had some bad advice, maybe due a bit more sympathy but not because they were right.

Trousers Brown: Blighty faces 'food security' threat


Stupid, stupid people (and I include myself in this)

3% energy saving is a good thing, not trivial nor to be ignored.

We demand too much food because we consume too much food, we're overweight and have the wrong balance of foods in our diets, cut down on consumption and the problem just vanishes.

Soylent green is not a solution either, do you know how much energy goes in to create the raw product? it's worse than cattle.

Personally (and just to make people irate) I blame the farmers, they want to suck the life out of the ground to make the maximum profit, get huge subsidies (sometimes for non existant land), pump huge quantities of chemicals into the food chain, kill foxes, badgers, rabbits or anything else that might pose a natural risk to their unnatural steriod filled mutant livestock. Oh, and btw, I love some farmers (more than I want to disclose!) organic, high quality in lower quantities for a lower consuming society is the way forward, not high yeild poor quality for the GM unaware overconsumers.

Brown has it half right, throwing away the amount of food we do is wrong, but attempting to consume that much in the first place is the actual problem.

Wife-slaying Linux guru may have 'developmental disability'




Hans Reiser's Honda was found waterlogged with the passenger seat missing and two books about police murder investigations inside. There was also a sleeping bag in the Honda, stained with Nina Reiser's blood.

Someone with aspergers wouldn't be that stupid, motion dismissed, go directly to jail, do not collect $200

Quantum of Solace trailer teases fans


Best bond since Connery?

Nope, Roger Moore was bond, if you read the original books he was a slimy, self important man with a nasty streak and Moore played it best, Connery is just a nicer actor who gave us a sanitised view of bond, more a palitable for the UK (and more importantly) US viewers, who was the best bond? Moore. Who was the most enjoyable bond to watch? you decide, but Craig was closer to the real bond than Connery ever was regardless of his hair colour.

Gates Horns


ooooh Daniel... oooh.

p.s. where/what the fuck is Ireland? do you mean "an island?" give me a clue, is it something to do with potatos? or very short people dressed in green? is that the place where "road mantenance" consists of filling holes with gravel? would it have killed them to put it on the list? depends on their stance on apocrypha I suppose.

Mars suitable for growing asparagus


@Chris C

You're a very odd man who obviously just likes a scrap, or just tries to use flawed science to defy logic (or perhaps more likely flawed logic to defy science).

Q. Can we assume that the laws of physics and chemistry are universal, no matter where you are?

A. Generally yes, there is no reason to believe that chemicals will react differently just because you're on Mars.

Chemistry and physics do work universally, within certain parameters, those parameters (atmosphere, gravity, known chemical compositions) are all known about so unless there's something that we don't know and have been unable to detect (some kind of cloaked wormhole or twist in space-time?) it is a fair assumption.

When Chris says "We are still learning about physics and chemistry here on Earth which constantly changes our understanding (and thus our "laws" of physics and chemistry)." Don't be misled, most of the time we discover *new* things which expand our understanding (carbon nano tubes, using diamond for computer chips, new plastics etc.) rarely (if ever, in modern times) do the "laws" change, I suspect burning hydrogen in the presence of oxygen will never produce chicken gravy.

Chris isn't a complete idiot, It's a valid question to ask, "will this work the same off earth?" but thanks to the thousands of experiments carried out in space and on the moon and on mars, the answer is "can't see any reason why not", so Chris, your question has been answered and "will this work the same off earth?" is now as valid as "will this work the same on Brighton beach or in the corner of my living room?"

I suspect that Chris likes to promote doubt into science, is it a fact to say "if I drop a hammer off a building it will fall to the ground?", the laws of physics say yes, so some would state it's a fact, it will hit the ground, but what Chris is saying is that it's possible that the hammer could just hang there, and no amount of arguing will make him change his mind that it might not hit the ground.

ps. There's no god either.

YouTube rant missus hauled into court



"Is YouTube a legally acceptable place to spout potential libellous abuse at one's spouse?"

Is a video slander or libel? hmmm.... it's verbal like slander but recorded like libel

Regardless, accusations that affect someones reputation or defames character without proof usually can result in financial loss, say bye bye to the £44k also, as Americans are so fond of "unlimited damages" (could this affect his career, social life, sexual function?) possibly everything else could be lost to him and his lawyers too, looks like Central Park may be calling........

God makes you stupid, researchers claim


@Steven Goddard

Stephen, Stephen, Stephen (tut tut, it looks like rain)

Yet again with the misquotes, and for you own interpretation of Einstein (very presumptiuous of you), trying to say, how, after a long lifetime of believing in god, he changes his mind and that somehow diminishes what he had to say?

Einstein clearly said (exact words) "It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it."

To me, it sounds like he was trying to say that he had not believed in a personal god for a long time (one who considers the fates of people), but even if I'm biased and he had come to this conclusion after years of scientific study and introspection (if the "never denied" was a recent thing), surely this conclusion has even more weight?

I suspect that you'll always believe what you want to believe, ignore any facts that don't fit with your beliefs, use interpretations that defy logic, but you're only fooling yourself, stengthing the resolve of the willingly blind and appearing more transparrent with every keystroke, please reply again, leave out some important details, misquote, you're just like the so called christian who quotes leviticus because it says what they want it to say.

By the way, the whole quote is "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." and you do wish to blind us all don't you Stephen.


@Taskis (My last post on this one)

Cool, so I can say whatever I like and you won't disagree?

Why is what Einstein thought so important in ths debate? It's actually really obvious, he is one of the greatest scientists ever, I suspect, ever will be, sure he might pale against the geniuses to come, like Aristotle and Volta have, but he'll be remembered forever, this whole article is about IQ and Theism, he was smart and not a Theist (and the Theists won't accept this).

Is debate pointless? will the ardent (non)believers change their minds? nope, but this is not a private discussion and it will promote other readers to think about things, either deepen their delusions or open their minds.


@Steven Goddard

>You seem to be having difficulty interpreting Einstein's words, yet he is extremely clear. Perhaps some further quotes will help.

Many people have quoted bits of Einstein to their own ends, this made him angry (as you point out), you are continuing this and it insults his memory, he tried to clarify this because, no, a one-liner by itself is not "extremely clear";

These are his words, written in english (24th March 1954):

It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it.

I think either you are ignoring his own words as they don't meet what you want to hear from him (deluding yourself) or you are (as the study finds) incapable of logic, stupid, perhaps.


Re: North Korea must be the most moral country on earth

>genocide of 90 million people by atheists Stalin and Mao, were acts of kindness and intelligence

Nope, but they were clever people who did bad things, more importantly they didn't do it in the name of Atheism, Atheism wasn't a factor i what they did, whereas it's a little bit easier to find people who do bad things in the name of their god (they're just a stones throw away ;-)

p.s. stop trying to imply Einstein was a theist, he was smarter than that.


@Rob Pomeroy (Not enough evidence for god?)

Biblical contradictions:

Start here, it's a long read, but there are lots of contradictions in the damn bible.


"And remind me what Hitler, Stalin and all the other Nietzsche disciples were up to"

How about, Hitler was a christian (it was well documented in Mein Kampf and in many of his speeches) , and even if you want to argue the point and say he was trying to claim to be Aryan and just using the christian faith for his own ends then you must accept that his anti semitic views and worship of god(s) were perhaps a little theistic?

Stalin was almost certainly an Atheist, but was that the reason he did bad things to people? what bad things in this world are done in the name of not beliving in god compared to all the bad things done in this world because of believing in god?

Theism make people do bad things to other people, Atheism doesn't


Calling all Athiests.....

Who of you *knows* god does not exist?

Very few I suspect, that's because in my experience an Atheist is someone who believes that god almost certainly does not exist and isn't prepared to live their life as if there is a god.

Some stupid people (and I use the term deliberately) think that it has to be black, white (or one specific shade of grey), i.e. that there can either be believers, agnostics or disbelievers, this is the old "Atheiests don't exist" argument.

Dawkins described this perfectly using a scale of 1-7, 1 being "knows god exists" and 7 being "knows god does not exist" 4 being exactly agnostic, you're more likely to find 1's out there than 7's because a person of faith needs no proof to "know" whereas even the most ardent of athiests will say "it's very unlikely that god exists" rather than "I know god does not exist", the trouble is many dictionaries are still using a 17th century definition of "Athiest" and it will take a while before the definition catches up with reality, see the next version of the DSM, theism will be in there as a mental disorder (and, no I ain't joking, not only are god believers stupid, but they are clinically insane :-)


Einstein was not a theist

Even if you don't believe in the term Atheist, he didn't believe in god in the traditional* sense, but he did understand it.

He said:

"The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this."

Smart bloke.

*Jewish, Islamic or Christian (Abrahamic, biblical god)


IQ is not Intelugunce [sic]

The IQ "test" is flawed as, if you do two IQ tests (close to each other) you will normally score more on the second one, this is because you learn how to solve the problems, you're not magically smarter.

I had an officially tested IQ of 155 (genius) when I was in my early 20's, it's likely that it's dropped now due to the shift in knowlege, but I also scored as low as 120 about the same time. This measures logic and the ability to solve puzzles based on facts, the existence or otherwise of god can't be based on facts, because facts (truth) deny faith, and god "exists" only because of faith (see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).

Faith does not stand up to logic, and if you define intelligence as logic then yes, people of faith are stupid, but if you define intelligence as the ability to make an argument, breath of knowlege and ability to conjecture, then people of faith are not stupid.

Let's face it, Hitler (a man of faith) was very clever, and George Bush (a man of faith) isn't.

eBay told to stop forcing Aussies to use PayPal


Being stealthed in everywhere

eBay have forced some sellers to only offer PayPal some some items (electrical goods such as PSP's) on the grounds of "fraud", but I can't see how this helps, I suspect there's been more compromised paypal accounts than fraudulent checks (that clear anyway).

If eBay end up wth 30% less business in Aus but make money on every sale and purchase for the remaining 70% I suspect they still will be quids (dollars) in.

US nuke boffins smash petaflop barrier with 'Roadrunner'


@Dr. Mouse

RE: RE: "Does it have a PCI-X slot for a graphics card?"

Some people are soooooooo picky, gramatically and technically it's a fine thing to say as PCI-X is backwardly compatible, I have a PCI graphics card in one of my PCI-X slots on my ESX server (water cooled dual xeon btw), therefore, maybe no mistake made.

The fact that 64bit features of PCI-X didn't really take off explains the common re-usage of the acronym for PCI eXtended, and even manufacturers, retailers etc. use it, given the way that language works (missuse of words being accepted as the norm, therefore become correct), it may be technically incorrect, but it is accepted, (by all but pedants like yourself, I bet you complain about misuse of the word "decimated" as well).


It was a vaguely funny thing to say, and you either missed the fact that it was a joke or thought that your piffling bit of trivia might actually be important to anyone else but you, the fact that it bugs the hell out of you is the only reason I replied, don't reply or I will taunt you some more.


Vista isn't crap but the 'leccy is


@Jonathon Green & Stu Wilson

Actually you're both wrong.

UNIX GUIs are just applications that run on top of UNIX (mostly XWindows based), they are often launched from a shell, either during startup (the init/rc scripts) or interractively from the console, this is similar to launching windows from the DOS prompt. Note, the GUI may not have a display attached initially but it's still a "Graphical User Interface", this GUI may even end up connected to a display on a different machine (desktop UNIX typically have local displays and servers, if they have one at all will typically have remote displays).

The UNIX GUI will (almost) never communicate with the shell it was launched from, instead it will run commands either using threads or new processes, so for all the similarities, UNIX GUIs don't run "on top".

At the end of the day it's semantics, the closeness of the windows GUI to the windows kernel makes it snappy but means that the GUI can suck up the resources, the modular nature of the UNIX GUI make it slower but less likely to stuff the OS.

The question is, is a bad thing? well, what are Microsoft developing now? a GUI-less server with a Vista/2008 core, maybe it's not such a bad idea, maybe separation of OS and GUI is a good thing, anyone who accidentially left a cool 3d screensaver running on their NT server will know what an on overhead GUIs can be.

Build a 14.5 watt data center in a shoebox


WD Mybook

Seán is spot on, I have a WD 1Tb MyBook, new cost me £169, with a simple URL 'hack' you have a nice 1Tb Linux system, not very powerful, but huge disk, passive cooling, gig ethernet, small, runs Samba/SSH/webserver and bittorrent client. (if you don't mind a bit of work), great for a 'micro' server and storage is USB expandable too!


Pete v Robert

I think that Pete's point is that it ain't gonna be doing very much, not really good qualification for a "data centre" data server however is different, data servers don't have to do much.

Both guys have points to make, and both valid but for different reasons.

Pete says "these apples are rubbish" Robert says "no, these oranges are spot on"

Do biofuels cause famine? EU President opens probe



You get me wrong my friend, I love meat, humans are designed to be omnivores, not vegitarians, it's very difficult to get all the vitamins and minerals from a vegan diet, you really have to try.

Intensive farming and feeding high quality feed produces meat with a very high carbon footprint, using grass would be much better for the CO2, but you'd need

more space, which we don't have because of the high demand for meat, if we consumed less (generally) then we could drop back to feeding cows on grass (which they are designed to eat), arguably healthier meat, better for the environment and more grain available for humans.

Good luck with your steak tonight, let hope there's not too many antibotics, hormones, pesticides and heavy metals which made it so big and juicy, I'm having an organic free range chicken, not one of those growth enhanced mutant chicks that can't even walk, it will do the two of us for two days, cost five quid more but think it costs more not to.

Meat should be a healthy addition to a healthy diet not just an excessive amount of cheap unhealthy protein which means that other people go hungry.


The obligatory set-aside rate for the 2008 scheme year has been set at 0%

Which means that no farmer *has* to set aside anything, so they can make extra cash and food if they want, but don't forget that turning all land into crops isn't that good for the environment and wildlife, set aside isn't just "not growing stuff" there's rules about you can and can't do on set aside to protect the natural habitat.

We don't need to make more, we need to consume less.



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