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Apple iOS 7 makes some users literally SICK. As in puking, not upset



Take some Dramamine before using your phone. HAHAHA, I can't believe people are THAT sensitive, how do you get through life like this?

WET SPOT found on MARS: NASA rover says 'high percentage'


Just heat it up a bit?

They say you could just scoop up some soil, heat it up a bit and get water. You mean to "835 degrees Celsius"? Not like your average Zippo Lighter can get that hot. I think it's a little more complicated.

You'd have to gather hundreds of yards of soil to get a couple of gallons of water. The soil is only 2% oxygen, that's not a lot. How much fuel would it take to heat that up? Oh and there's no oxygen so how are you going to BURN FUEL? That's right, NUCLEAR REACTION. And you need water to cool your reactors.

It's cheaper and easier to mine for gold on earth than it would be to mine for water on Mars. On Mars, water would be the most valuable substance!

I think they're better off working on melting polar ice.