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President Trump broke US Constitution with Twitter bans – judge

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Re: Work/Life Separation

I agree while it doesn't help that Trump does blur the accounts often.

It does open a whole can of worms.

Can any senator or other public figure block someone?

What about stalkers, death threats or other malicious forms of communication?

Among many more below.

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Does this mean...

That twitter is infringing on my freedom of speech because I can only tweet 140 characters at the president at a time?

Microsoft sets end date on Windows 10 support. Hey, wait, WHAT?

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Re: 2025 - year of the Linux

Hasn't every year since about 1980 been the year of linux ?

I'm sure I've seen that posted before.....

More Apple Car mutterings: Cupertino slurps more autobiz brains

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Apple Car (since they abandoned the i)

Apparently you it will offer "cult" mode and it will follow apple regardless of where they go.

F# earns Syme top Royal Academy of Engineering award

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"fun" is such an important factor in F# that its a keyword!

I'm quite happy to be a F#'er!

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Re: Bug free?

The comment is probably around that functional languages favor functional purity and referential transparency, which generally make for bug free code in addition F# provides a number of tools to ensure issues around null are highlighted as well as adding to a discriminated union creates warnings where cases are not covered.

Sure none of this means you will be bug free and anyone can screw up the simplest of things but it does make falling in to the pit of success easier than the jaws of failure.

I agree that F# is still not mainstream yet however its on the rise going from 69th to 12th on Tiobe


Congratulations Don

UH OH: Windows 10 will share your Wi-Fi key with your friends' friends

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Nothing new here

Wifi Sense has been in windows phone since windows 8 and it shares your wifi password with your laptop.

You can share it with your contacts if you want to its not that hard and its quite hard to share it with your local takeaway shop like the article states.

You can't put a price on LOVE, says Apple after court's Samsung payout slash

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Re: We were not mean to just them, we're mean to EVERYONE! Apple are sluts.

Apple (and I'm sure samsung) seem to patent everything.

for example using the right material for the job


Does this mean that they can sue people who wrap their antenna's in plastic rather than metal. Something phones have been doing for 15 years (except the iPhone 4)

South Korea mandates spyware installation on teenagers' smartphones

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One way or another


1. Keep your old phone.

2. Text all your freinds "X has had a pregnancy, suicide from a bully terrorist" repeat till the parents ignore all the alerts and carry on as normal.

Windows XP's market share grows AGAIN!

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Cant Trust em

Any copy of XP out there still using the internet has not been patched for a while now.

IE6 is dead dead dead thanks to Poodle.

I would question any business which relys on getting business from XP users as you cant trust, its more likely Malware browsing your site than the user.

£100 MILLION poured down drain on failed UK.gov IT projects - in just ONE YEAR

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Re: Basically...

While insisting on big design up front. Since they need something to agree too and have a Gantt chart describing when it must be done by or else the world will end.

But its still agile since we get up and talk about it for 5 minutes everyday.

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As a new start up...

Where can I get on projects like this where I get given lots of money and don't have to produce on time or at all ?

Does my company have to have a history of failure or would they take a punt on my little to no experience on government contracts ?

Free WiFi coming to UK trains ... in two years

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Typical London Midland

The trains barely run so of course they wont do wifi.

Microsoft tries to defend Irish servers from US g-men invasion, again

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Re: Well, good luck to Microsoft

I totally agree however in recent history they have just done as they pleased. For example the FBI hacked in to silkroad and claimed they didn't need a warrant since it was on foreign soil.


Granted Silk road are kind of bad guys but the FBI in this instance is just as bad, at least in this case they can't use the "well we all know they are bad people" line.

Post-Microsoft, post-PC programming: The portable REVOLUTION

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What tosh

"Apple laptops had replaced Windows laptops"

Currently about 80% of Platforms are Windows only 10.3 % Mac based on a few os platform stat web sites.

And the follow up that development is going to be on phones and tablet is complete crap for one basic reason, poor keyboard input. Just about every developer uses a keyboard, regardless of their OS.

Also while you can get some applications to build on an adriod phone Apple still requires you to have a Mac in order to build an iPhone App.

Behold the Lumia 535 NOTkia: Microsoft wipes Nokia brand from mobes

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Re: Meh

Depending where you are in the world Windows Phone does up to 30% of the market. Sure its the underdog but as an OS its quite good and the major flaw in the space is the lack of app support but unfortunately that's a Chicken and Egg situation.

UK consumers particularly prone to piss-poor patching

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Re: Stupid patching!

Unfortunatly a number of providers only support old versions of Java for example Xamarin requires a JDK version 6 and promptly breaks if you install any updates after.

SHOW ME THE MONEY! Ballmer on Amazon: 'They're not a real biz, they make NO cash'

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"I'm proud of the fact that I made $250bn under my watch as CEO."

Unfortunately Microsoft probally could have made £500bn if you hadnt have dropped vista and windows 8 on us.

I'm a big fan of MS but seriously dude you were the worst CEO.

Hey, non-US websites – FBI don't have to show you any stinkin' warrant

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Re: A USA Inc marketing ploy?

What makes it more interesting is based on their punt at it the US law is what matters on the iceland servers.

I'm sure China could hack in to most places in the US and find stuff which breaks Chinese laws.

Purely on the anti-time travel law you could hack in to most film studios, book publishers or other forms of entertainment since time travel is a fairly common storyline in books and movies.

Internet Explorer stars in monster October Patch Tuesday

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Apples and Oranges

Thats hardly a fair comparison most windows users are part of the great unwashed masses, who dont know updates exist. Compared to Linux users which generally have to be a bit savvy. Where letting the linux community know about a patch is a call to arms. Conversely letting the windows community know how to exploit an issue is something they can use for years to come.

The main hope for IE users is at least that from IE10 on wards its self updates and can be considered "evergreen"

It's not you, it's Three. Mobe network goes titsup across UK

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Generally Three works great outside of London, I've no idea why but calling and internet on Three in London is very sporadic and low quality when its actually working.

Probably explains the sarcastic comments.

What's in your toolbox? Why the browser wars are so last decade

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Re: IE

Must be hosted here:


Apple Pay is a tidy payday for Apple with 0.15% cut, sources say

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"Apple said it wouldn't access any payment data, so the transaction would take place between a user, bank and retailer."

There are a couple of things going on in there:

1. Apple (lawyers) are setting themselves up so they are nor responsible for any fraud.

2. If its all going on between a bank and its customers then why the 0.15% cut then if apple are nothing to do with it?

Apple 'fesses up: Rejected from the App Store, dev? THIS is why

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100 more flappy birds on the way

While most of the reasons are fair enough, I thought this one was odd at best and discriminatory at worse

"applies to a small niche market, it may not be approved"

So what if I make a "Welsh Moris Dancers" app it gets rejected since its not generic enough. I wouldn't expect it to get anywhere near the top of the app store but rejected on entry is quite bad. Unlike other platforms I have no way to get in my idevice. At least Windows Phone have the developer unlock application and Android has the "Allow untrusted apps" checkbox.

We need less U.S. in our WWW – Euro digital chief Steelie Neelie

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Re: More talk about less talk.

We need to change the importance of .com .org and .net.

We need one that europe can use I propose .exe .vbs and .bat

Amazon Zocalo rocks Box, socks DropBox, clocks Google Docs

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Amazon Cloud Drive

I'm assuming this is more a re-branding exercise more than any new features added ?

Amazon Workspaces: A dish best served later

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Re: How much???

I can forgive some of the issues encountered since its not a trivial thing and since its a new roll out there are bound to be issues.

Having said that most places give you a discount for trialling their new systems Azure for example normally gives you a 50% discount.

50% off would be a reasonable price, unless they start billing by the hour of usage?

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Re: Typical useless Microsoft product

Intresting how its an MS Product when its being peddled by Amazon ?

Bye-Zynga: online games maker laying off 314 staff

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Re: Zynga?

a route king.com seems to be following.

Why 2014 might just be the year of the Google Chromebook

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Re: I have a chromebook

"I dont have to constantly install security fixes, virus updates etc etc" until they get the market share and get targeted.

Much like Apple used to tout that they didn't get viruses, then they became popular enough.

Have PIXmania. In fact, have £59m with it too, Dixons tell German VCs

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Forget returns

I had pix-mania take over 30 days to ship 2 monitors they said were in stock. this is after phoning up and complaining every day for 2 weeks after the initial ship date came and went.

I'm generally not a person who get happiness from companies going under go out of business but I may make an exception.