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TalkTalk offers customer £30.20 'final settlement' after crims nick £3,500


Re: Tokenised?

I think they mean, that saying your data is safe is nothing more than a token gesture !!, We've seen them struggle with explanations before, you know, like that sequential attack !!

Oh dear, Microsoft: UK.gov signs deal with LibreOffice


Integration ... etc

Hi All

I've been reading through this with interest, I work in a heavily invested Microsoft Office, although, we do have Linux & Apple desktops slowly increasing in use.

Over the years, we have or still use, Alfresco, Drupal and Sharepoint. Libreoffice, now for quite some time works well with all, via cmis integration, mapped drives or direct editing.

LibreOffice base, once over that initial, oh it's different than MS Access, is really quite straight forward to use, with a plethora of backends, including MS Access, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL etc.

Compatibility, has rarely been an issue with Writer/Word Calc/Excel since LibreOffice 4, yes, there is more work on compatibility with Powerpoint, but to be honest, if death by powerpoint could be reduced, I'm all for it !! :-)

IMHO, the quicker we can move to open source / open standards the better, and if there is one thing IT related the government, can do, is to mandate that to all publicly funded organisations, rather than 'nudge' recommend etc.. then i'd be all for it.

Trousers down for six of the best affordable Androids


How about the Doogee DG310, yes only 3G, but have been using one, after I fell into the canal with my Note, and killed that, and have to say, it's not a bad phone at all. And available, nice and cheap on ebay.

Ellison ditches own cloud keynote for billionaires' America's Cup boat race


See, who says an organisation's customer service and support departments don't take their lead from the top !! At least O'Bleary had the deceny Ryanair's s**t customer service stems from his very own attitude !!