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Mine's 0.2 inches bigger than yours (says future fanboi of his iWatch)

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"Apple appears to have something of a size obsession of late"

The only obsession is with the press picking up on unsubstantiated rumors whilst Apple say nothing at all.

Urinating teen polluted 57 Olympic-sized swimming pools - cops

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Re: Urine is sterile

"And the bottled water came from WHERE originally...?"

The cold tap inside the coke bottling plant if the papers are to be believed.

Android engineer: We didn't copy Apple or follow Samsung's orders

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"Look at this and tell me that Samsung don't copy Apple..."

I thought that the corners of the Apple store tables weren't rounded like the Samsung ones in that pic.

Audio fans, prepare yourself for the Second Coming ... of Blu-ray

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60% of the population have access to a Blu-Ray player, great

So what percentage of that 60% have hooked up anything other than the standard TV speakers?

Roll up, roll up for the Reg Readers' Ball

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"Roll up, roll up for the Commentards' Ball"

What are you talking about? Commentards don't HAVE balls.

Reg HPC man relives 0-day rootkit GROUNDHOG DAY

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Re: Your own ethics?

The only WTF is WTF are you on about?

He subscribed to a service that promised to fix his machine, the service did NOT fix his machine so he got a refund as they did not deliver on their promise. End of story.

Virgin Media sales flat: Firm bags fewer winter sign-ups than last year

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Re: Virgin Media watched subscriptions to its broadband service plummet?

"folk on ADSL broadband can get cheaper services, uncapped."

Virgin offer me (and I actually get) a 60Mb connection for less than any uncapped ADSL provider can offer their 20Mb service (where I actually only get around 6Mb/sec). There are no caps. The only thing they do is throttle you.

So if I download more than 3.6GB over an hour I get reduced to a snail like 54Mb/sec, and if I hit 4.5Gb over a 2hr period they reduce it EVEN FURTHER to 50.4Mb/sec. Still more than 8 times faster than any ADSL provider can give me and fast enough that it's almost impossible to tell that you have been affected at all...Upload is reduced by a higher amount but never to below 1Mb/sec.

The Superhub is still total shit though.

Random car shutdowns force Toyota to recall Prius hybrids - AGAIN

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"Toyota to recall Prius hybrids - AGAIN"

At least Toyota have the balls to issue a recall like this. Most manufacturers would keep their mouths shut and just deal with the handful of people that notice. This issue wouldn't bother most of the drivers, 11 out of 300,000 is a tiny tiny proportion of cars and Toyota have done the right thing again by fixing the issue rather than ignoring it like BMW do with the problems with their cars.

Woz he talking about? Apple co-founder wants iPhones to run Android

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Re: Ha!

"They'd lock out all the great options you get in a heartbeat."

What great options? Once you have played with a phone for 30mins after getting it out the box you only end up using the base OS for navigating to the apps that you actually want to run (and texting and phoning of course) So once you have got over yourself and stopped showing your mates the new shiney it really is just about the apps that are available. Both platforms have tons of apps...the iPhone ones tend to look nicer in general though, where as the Android ones tend to be cheaper.

Facebook turns 10: Big Brother isn't Mark Zuckerberg. It's YOU

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Re: Stop it, Now!

"Fakebook is designed for the fad worthy, and the scummy pikey chavvy iphone toting clampets on the estate."

Yea, cause the Ivy League US Colleges (the initial subset of the population that were invited to join) are really just pikey chavs and not the top percentile of the US educational system.

Turkish president mulls $4.5bn Apple fondleslab school deal

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Re: If you must...

"..then please buy them each an Android tablet. They'll learn just as much (and probably more, as the more open device provides more opportunities for exploration and understanding) and you'll still have a couple of billion dollars to improve the rest of the education system."

They are looking for an educational tool, not something new to learn about. How would having an open device improve its ability to help little Jefi during his home economics class? or English class? or anything other than "Android Tablet Usage Class". If a tablet is used in schools it should be the most locked down, simple to use OS possible, that way there is a small chance of actually getting some work done, rather than having to fix the problems caused by the little shits tinkering with everything they can find.

Personally I preferred the pad I had in school, I think it was made by Pukka, it came without the required stylus (they always get you on the extras...the bastards), but Woolworths had a box of 10 for a couple of quid made by a company called Bic I think.

Ker-ching...Er, ZZZWIP: Square-alike mobile swipe type scores $96m

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Re: Oh yes?

For the rest of use not bulk purchasing pregnancy tests, we can use the service to look at TVs online, then if we want to see that tv "in the flesh" (you can never really tell what it looks like from a picture on the interwebs) we can add it to basket wander down to a store and see what it's like, before simply clicking buy or buying there, it saves having to search aisles and aisles of similar looking TVs before you find near enough the model you thought you were looking for. It would make life a little bit easier and the store may end up with a sale rather than the online business if their prices aren't that far off.

I can see it being a good way of getting people back into stores, it would also cater to those people who need an item there and then, rather than waiting for Citylink to claim to have attempted delivery with the "you used city link you fool, now go to the depot and wait for your football" card. I would quite like to be able to research my new car online, walk into the dealer and him have the exact spec I have chosen ready to order and just needing my signature and debit card. I can think of many situations where this would be a useful service....whether it is £100mil useful is a question for the investors.

This THREESOME is a HANDFUL: It’s the Asus Transformer Book Trio

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It's a really nice idea, but poorly executed.

Whenever a company like Asus comes up with an idea like this it always seems like they are just bolting two things together, rather than properly integrating them. I like what they've done with the sharing of the power, but it could have had the ability to share the hardware better, e.g. using the RAM of the tablet on the desktop. They could even use the tablet to farm off operations on the main computer to free up resources, providing the hardware is compatible, which would be a job for the design team to get right.

Of course that would probably increase the cost of a device that not many people will want to buy, but if it was integrated seamlessly then more people would be interested in buying it. I would be willing to pay £1200 rather than £900 for a device of similar spec, provided it worked perfectly and did everything I expected it to, which at the moment it doesn't, but it is so close that I hope they sell enough to warrant a MK2 version, which, if they continue to work on the integration rather than adding new features, would probably be a fantastic machine.

Google Glassholes, GET OFF our ROADS, thunder lawmakers in seven US states

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"Or - making something which is of seriously questionable safety illigal until such a time as it's proven to be safe.

I'd rather that approach than yours."

That's a total assumption based on no facts what so ever. Have you ever worn a pair of Google Glasses? do you know how well you can see through the information? If people followed your lead we would all be sat in our caves freezing and starving to death cause no one had yet proven that lighting a fire was safe.

"ou mean the cars which were required to have a red flag carried in front of them for some time, before they were shown to be safe?

Yep, I would have approved of them, once they had been shown to be safe."

So you think that all cars built after 1896 are safe? Christ, I think I need to start buying shares in Virgin Galatic to get away from nutters like you. Happy to believe what ever the government tells them is the truth without even looking into the facts.

Cars with an ICE came to England in 1896, the same year the Locomotive Acts was changed. The Red Flag rule was used for the steam cars, which were basically small trains on the road, and have about as much in common with cars as we know them as the orient express.

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"Too often the law is years behind technology and we have to catch up"

What? By banning it without even so much as a sniff of an investigation into whether it affects driver safety? That doesn't sound like catching up with technology to me, more like running away from it as fast as you can.

Blocking BitTorrent search sites 'ineffective': Pirate Bay ban lifted for Dutch ISPs

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Re: blocking works

"The only thing that had a small impact on me was the closure of isoHunt"

Closure of isoHunt? Ahh the COMtent on that was blocked, there are others as you mentioned, but some people have said that they prefer to go TO that site only though... ;)

Do you wear specs? Google Glass offers YOU amazing live HD video

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Re: Followed through to the end

"Sorry sir/madam, you can't wear those while driving. "

But you can. You can have cameras all around your car filming everything you go past perfectly legally. I've had that confirmed to me by an officer from Dorset Police when I questioned them about how legal it was to have cameras fitted permanently to my (occasionally used on a race track, hence the need to ask the question) car.

As long as the glasses don't restrict your view then they are perfectly legal to use.

Google patents ROBO-TAXIS to ferry punters into advertiser's shops, restaurants, etc for free

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I really don't see how they could have been awarded this patent. It's such an obvious idea that there's been prior art all over the interwebs and movies for years. But then again I wouldn't know for sure, I've never even BEEN to mars.

Plusnet is working on a network-level filter to block pirate sites

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The only thing the filters have stopped is being able to find the torrents directly from Google on page 1 of the results....the other night I had to go all the way to page 2 of the results to get my torrents from the 60 or so mirror sites each big torrent site has ...I was so tired from the extra effort that I almost gave up and declared the terrorists and peados the winners.

Apple fanbois make it 'official', hook up with Internet of Fridges Things

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I take it you get up and walk across the lounge to change the channel on your TV then?

Indecent proposal: Hedge fund makes 'unsolicited' bid for Riverbed

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Re: $3M profit values the Company at $3.1B WTF

"Methinks that someone is going to get their fingers burned rather badly here."

They are in the business of investing, so they will assess their investments based on a lot more criteria than a single years profit.

You are forgetting the rest of the company assets, buildings, hardware, and general infrastructure, long running contracts guaranteeing future business and that's before you step foot into the patent room which could be worth billions on their own.

Planning to rob a Windows ATM? Ditch the sledgehammer and bring a USB STICK

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I thought the days where this was possible were long gone

"Easy Money"

John Conner 1991

When the lights went out: My 'leccy-induced, bog floor crawling HORROR

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Paris Hilton

Re: Always carry a torch

"Such devices are also useful for drawing attention when walking down unlit roads by night."


Kiss goodbye to quiet skies: Now FCC ready to OK in-flight cellphone use

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And you really think that the roaming fees wont be horrendously high anyway?

In fact the roaming fees will be equal the same cost as using the phone in the back of the seat that's been there for years. So I can't really see there being much of a difference to how things are now.

Ken and Rita on their way to their £500 All Inclusive Marbella hotel for a week are not going to be willing to pay £2.50 a minute and probably wont want to pay £1 per text either, and at £9 per meg of data you wont even get many people using facebook. (Prices taken from Virgin mobiles rates on Virgin flights, other carriers are available)

We go joyriding in the Google Maps-killer's ROBO-CAR

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Most of the traffic data comes from a publicly available feed from traffic master.

UK.gov BANS iPads from Cabinet over foreign eavesdropper fears

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Ban all electronic devices from top level meetings. Spend millions a year vetting potential staff, put physical security in place on the tops of buildings and spend more millions securing the room against people using any sort of bugging device, that'll make it super secure...right up until the point one of the idiots we voted into office leaves the minutes of the meeting on a train or in a taxi.

App Store ratings mess: What do we like? Sigh, we dunno – fanbois

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Re: Temporary Trolling Service

My mistake, I made the assumption this was an issue for apple users, so commented too soon when I found it working in the only place any Apple user will search for apps.

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Re: Temporary Trolling Service

Considering I'm sat here looking at the uk charts on my iPhone with ios7 and have not had this issue since the upgrade and am in the UK i'd say that:

"Currently, the charts on Apple's iTunes Store are broken in Britain, the US, Japan and much of Europe. Instead of the usual list of apps, a message is shown which says: "An error occurred while processing this directive.""

Is a load of BS.


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