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Compsci grads get the fattest pay cheques six months after uni – report


I left uni in 1999 and still don't earn that headline figure (though I do work in network support).

However I'm happy with my salary and my employer and work more of a 40 hour week than a 60\70 hour one.

Some things are more important than a big salary (for me anyway).

Also taught for two years at an FE college. Left before I had a stress-related illness.

Is that a Veeam in HPE's eye? IT giant may gobble backup biz


For the love of jeebus please don't let this happen

I've used VEEAM for years, since Symantec utterly munged Backup Exec.

It will be a terribly sad day if HP acquire it as, inevitably, they will ruin all that is good about it.

It's 4K-ing big right now, but it's NOT going to save TV


I have a hankering for a flatscreen as our current 27" Panasonic CRT is about 11 years old now. It hasn't been replaced as my wife is of the opinion that there is no point changing it if it isn't broken (tsssch, women).

However, I wasn't aware flatscreens degraded so quickly. The volume and image quality on our CRT is still superb 11 years on.

Perhaps I will keep it for the moment. The fact it weighs about as much as Saturn and will require two grown men to shift it is also a contributing factor.

Google Maps adds all UK public transport timetables


Re: Pointless

"don't go where most of the people live"

That may be 'partly' true for the Hillsborough and Meadowhell routes but it's certainly not correct for the Halfway route which is very heavily used by those on the South side of the city.

Also, if you think the bus services in Sheffield are bad try living in South Devon which has similar problems but costs a helluva lot more to go anywhere.

GULP. Veeam adds thousands of accounts. It must be eating SOMEONE'S lunch


Big thumbs up for VEEAM from me. Happy Backup Exec customer for years until Symantec massively dropped the ball.

The best thing I can say about VEEAM is it just works. Excellent forums and support when you raise a case too.

Not a shill, just a happy customer!

Analogue radio will CONTINUE in Blighty as Minister of Fun dodges D-Day death sentence


Re: 97% of the population

Arf, arf. Guffaw, guffaw. *wipes eyes*. Brilliant, just brilliant.


Bletchley rebooted: The crypto factory time remembered


Went there for the first time this summer.

Fantastic day out (and is a 'proper' day out). We were there for almost 6 hours.

What particularly stood out for me is how appallingly Turing was treated after the war (thankfully there is a letter of apology from Gordon Brown).

It'a also worth noting you have to pay extra to see Colossus and go into the TMNOC but it's worth it. Great to see the old mainframes.


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