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US accident investigators want alcohol breathalyzers in all new vehicles



Have the car issue a citation and suggest a manufacturer owned rehab facility.

A refined Apple desktop debuts ahead of Wednesday’s big iThing launch



Those were the days. I remember thinking a GUI was for people to stupid to learn commands. I also thought no one would ever need more than 64k of RAM. While this needs more than 64k, it is still in ballpark. One member of our astronomy club told me I would find use for a Terabyte if it were available in 1983. I laughed at the absurdity. That said, I will have to dust off my IIc and try to get the program loaded. Wish me luck...

The trade ban that wasn't: US allows 94% of restricted tech exports to China anyway


Re: El Reg PLEASE don't use that cogs stock photo any more

Shhh! That was supposed to be a secret. Now the sensors might pick up on it.

UK hospitals lose millions after AI startup valuation collapses


Wouldn't it be easier to...

just keep the patient data in a poorly or unsecured server? Just asking.

NASA wants a hundredfold upgrade for space computers


Did someone..

say Skynet?

This tiny Intel Xeon-toting PC board can take your Raspberry Pi any day


If only my work bench..

needed heating this summer, but if it did, I could just burn money. It would be cheaper.

Google's bug bounty boss: Finding and patching vulns? 'Totally useless'


We don't care about

injuries, we care about infections. Better to wait for infection and treat it than to treat the injuries in the first place. Shamble on.

Education officials urged to curb student snoopware


You are no longer a student...

You are a worker drone from the start of Kindergarten! Get with the program you slackers and nogoodniks. Your parents used to walk to school in the snow. You have it easy now that it is warm. Time you learned your place and contribute to your more than fair corporate benefactors.

If you earn enough in adulthood, after learning our lessons, you can become a student in your retirement. Consider that more than fair compensation you ingrate.

Why the end of Optane is bad news for all IT


"a hill I am happy to die on", in anonymity

My Big Coin founder is – you guessed it – a $6m crypto-fraudster


I'll sell you a box of matches for $1000

Then you could torch your remaining money. It would be quicker and easier, although not much, to dispose of it that way.

Huawei under investigation for having tech installed near US missile silos


Re: The US still trying to justify its anti-Huawei stance

If China weren't spying, they wouldn't be doing their job. Just because the US does it, doesn't mean it is in their best interest to allow others to do it to them. For the rest of the world, pick your poison.

British boffins make touchless computing tech on the cheap


Where's the God in this?

Only through Cloud can one achieve digital salvation!

First-ever James Webb Space Telescope image revealed


Gravitational Lensing

on view and beautiful in its demonstration of the curved space light travels through. A pint for all involved and hopes that movie productions catch up with these discoveries soon.

API rate limits at the core of Elon Musk’s decision to ditch Twitter

Big Brother

Couldn't he...

use that money to get to Mars and populate it with clones of himself? The planet would advance so fast it would leave solar orbit, for the benefit of several universes.

People who regularly talk to AI chatbots often start to believe they're sentient, says CEO


Re: 'Some' out of millions?

I have yet to determine if I am sentient, though I am often treated as such. Perhaps AI is my chance to find out.

Metaverse progress update: Some VR headset prototypes nowhere near shipping


Of course they are shipping...

only Virtually. Use older headsets to try them on.

Sony responds to inflation with $3,700 gold-plated 'Walkman'


I wish

I had a vacuum chamber and no conscience. I could anodize all kinds of cheap crap and make collectible reboots of old products. Might start by gold plating RPI-400s as Atari 2600s. They could also double as Apple I computers etc.

IBM's self-sailing Mayflower suffers another fault in Atlantic crossing bid


Re: Electrical problems

But technology isn't real unless IBM invents it. Kind of like science does't count until the US replicates the discovery when it comes to American policy.

Zero-day vuln in Microsoft Office: 'Follina' will work even when macros are disabled


Clay Tablets

seldom have this issue. I'm headed back to my yurt now.

Declassified and released: More secret files on US govt's emergency doomsday powers


Re: The Americans talk such crap about their constitution

Of course they are. You get an official apology 60 years later.

IBM's autonomous Mayflower ship breaks down in second transatlantic attempt


Ocean going ships are a relatively new invention, so give them a break.

TurboTax to pay $141m to settle claims it scammed millions of people


Like that free lunch...

from a timeshare company. If you only have a W-2 form from work, then this will work for free, as long as you click past multiple warnings that you might not be getting the best refund. If you have a slightly more complex return, such as a scholarship or a penny of dividend income fork over some real cash. Even then they try to up-sell you to a more expensive version.

Blood pressure monitor won't arrive for Apple Watch before 2024 – report


I don't care if it's reliable,

just give me a number. And while you are at it, let me know if it is raining outside.

PC sales start to ebb as pandemic buying spree ends: IDC


If Only...

I had more eyes and hands, I'd be interested in getting yet another computer. Oh wait, I could get something to run Windows 11 so the MS Empire won't crumble and deprive us of one of dozens of options.

Microsoft dogs Strontium domains to stop attacks on Ukraine


Re: Cool, but why are Microsoft doing this?

You might well in the end.


Re: Cool, but why are Microsoft doing this?

I think if they allow their insecure products to be freely exploited they would look even worse.

Raspberry Pi OS update beefs up security


No joke alert? Well I guess not.

Tomorrow Water thinks we should colocate datacenters and sewage plants


Heat exchanger?

I can understand using the spare heat, but do you want treated waste running through your data center? It seems a heat exchanger might be called for to keep things clean online.

SPAC sponsors could soon be held liable for over-hyping to investors


Re: It's about time

Read it as SPACE, never any hype there either.

Detailed: Critical hijacking bugs that took months to patch in Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT


The Key is...

under the doormat, on the door sill, in the postbox, and under the cute snail in the planter by the front door. In other words, all is secure as long as you don't count the missing back door.

Nvidia outlines subscription-fueled journey to $1tr revenue


Defective Autopilot

I want that!

And I expect to pay thousands each year for updates to make it less defective. Lawyers will eat this stuff up as the body count of pedestrians rises. Next they will want automatic self-tinting glass which will stay too dark to drive unless you re-up your subscription.

Help, my IT team has no admin access to their own systems


Re: Passwords

Offline NT was a tool in my tool box. Teachers and admin were always forgetting their passwords

Ford to sell unfinished Explorers as chip shortage bites


$50 Credit

Wow! Almost 10 gallons of gas. That will help so much you won't notice the extra fuel used or you could spend toward getting the A/C filter changed.

Microsoft claims breakthrough in quantum computer system


Should I invest?

I was wrong about Bitcoin so there is a nonzero chance it will work, unless of course you are investing in it.

We have redundancy, we have batteries, what could possibly go wrong?


Re: Black start

On Oahu in Hawaii in the eighties we had an island wide outage which resulted when the backup lines for the largest power plant were down for maintenance and a sugarcane fire caused the mains to arc shutting down the highest capacity power lines. The resulting loss of power caused a cascade of smaller power plant failures as they were not able to isolate themselves from the load and shut down shortly after. It took over a day to get the power up and Hawaiian Electric refused a navy offer to kick start the grid with power from a nuclear submarine. A similar cascading outage happened a couple of years later when a rat chewed up cables under a street in downtown Honolulu.

Ragnar ransomware gang hit 52 critical US orgs, says FBI


Just do as a coworker

and keep all your files in the handy recycle bin. Never would have thought that was a secure place before.

NASA awaits approval of $24bn 2022 budget


That's probably enough

to point some sensors at Earth. It's good that the current administration recognizes that this planet is worth studying as well.

DeepMind AI tool helps historians restore ancient texts


I could use this

I can read about 25% of my wife's handwriting, with her help I can read about 80%.

Microsoft releases first preview of .NET 7


Re: "I fear what "modernization" they are referring to THIS time..."

That would be an improvement!

Emergency updates: Adobe, Chrome patch security bugs under active attack


What does code have to do

to get the full Gold Medal winning 10.0 rather than a measly 9.8?

FBI seizes $3.6bn in Bitcoin after New York 'tech couple' arrested over Bitfinex robbery


Which part of

"Take the Bitcoin and Run!" were they not bright enough to figure out?

Probably only get a slap on the wrist as they broke the $250M mark by more than an order of magnitude. Might even be Knighted.

Experiments and hidden features: Microsoft plans Windows Insiders shakeup


Three Chambered Heart

Like the amphibians they are.

Microsoft brings Jenny, Aria, and more interface tweaks to new Windows 11 Insider build



My dog eats cat turds out of the litter box while they are still shiny. No relation to using Windows, just a random thought.

January edition of Azure Sphere OS cancelled after Microsoft actually listens to customer's complaint


Re: Yes, it appears Microsoft does have quality standards

Of course they have a standard; "If it's Shiny it Ships!" Someone just took the gloss off, that's all.

Instant Ump: HP Inc's subscription ink services hiking prices from next month



15 pages per minute free for life sounds quite generous.

Toaster-friendly alternative web protocol Gemini attracts criticism for becoming exclusive clique


Re: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Next you'll be suggesting we make our own tea rather than sit our cars at the drive through choking on exhaust fumes waiting for pumpkin spiced 900 calorie drinks. Its just too simple.

Throw away your Ethernet cables* because MediaTek says Wi-Fi 7 will replace them


The answer is more power

and then we will all learn to enjoy a high noise floor on every frequency just to allow a few of to work. Was hoping for some infrared or light based wireless using reflectors on the ceiling.

IBM finally finds a private equiteer willing to purchase Watson Health



“Anything that can help reduce labor count or the need for labor is obviously a plus at this particular time,” said Steve Chmura

Thank God for prison labor with child labor coming in a poor second.

NASA's Curiosity finds signs of ancient life on Mars. Or maybe not. More data needed


Re: Nothing there...

He lives under a bridge. What else does he have to do all day?

Buy 'em by the punnet: Raspberry Pi offers RP2040 chips in bulk


Re: Brilliant little devices.

LEM (Light Emitting Rom). I did that once in my younger days. It's been a good story ever since for later generations.



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