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Google Cloud cancels planned Chinese venture

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Sorry I can't be with you,

I have to rearrange my sock drawer. It's not that other thing honey, for sure.

Captain, the computer has identified 250 alien stars that infiltrated our galaxy – actual science, not science-fiction

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Build that Force Field!

Who's gonna pay for it? .... Nyx's gonna pay for it!

Who's gonna pay for it? ... Nyx's gonna pay for it, whether they know it or not!

Trump's bright idea of kicking out foreign students unless unis resume in-person classes stuns tech, science world

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University of Hawaii

New rules sent to the professors today state that if classes which begin in person but convert to online due to an outbreak, can result in the deportation of foreign students.

Mind the airgap: Why nothing focuses the mind like a bit of tech antiquing

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Probably not as a 90 degree bend in written lines is not considered good form. I frequently use a 1928 Remington portable 2 typewriter with the colour mountain ash scarlet for letters or postcards. The scanner seems to understand it even, and Libre Office can fix the spelling.

Hold off that rush into the July 4 weekend – you may need this: Microsoft patches pwn-by-picture pitfalls in Win 10

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delivered a killer blow to real-world threat actors

Is that why my neighbor kid up and died?

Don't beat yourself up for overeating in lockdown. This black hole scoffs equivalent of our Sun every day

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Digging won't help

Try using a larger near-infrared telescope array instead. But if you insist on digging, construct a neutrino detector in that not quite black hole you're making.

Remember that black hole just 1,000 light years from Earth? Scientists queue up to say it may not exist after all

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Re: Who is stealing the stars?

"To Be or not to Be, that is the question:"

Two out of three parachutes... is just as planned for Boeing's Starliner this time around

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Most all tests are successful

if you collect data. The question is if the test subject is successful.

Here's a headline we never thought we'd write 20 years ago: Microsoft readies antivirus for Linux, Android

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Too Bad that

Linux doesn't come with any security built in. I'm waiting with bait like breath for the opportunity to try such well regarded software on this Manjaro box.

No longer a planet and left out in the cold, Pluto, it turns out, may have had hot beginnings

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Re: Not a planet?

Dues not paid, so no planetary status for you, even if we have to change the rules repeatedly to exclude you. Just because you are round, have a moon, are geologically active, orbit the sun instead of a star you have no claim. You are an ex-planet just like the exoplanets. Rules are rules.

Faxing hell: The cops say they would very much like us to stop calling them all the time

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Re: 555

When in the Peace Corps I had the opportunity to be stuck in Naru over night in 1995. Most of their phone numbers start 555-XXXX, the others were 666-XXXX.

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Re: "Now is the time to confess all with an email to Who, Me"

Mine is out of magenta ink, so it won't send.

Belief in 5G conspiracy theories goes hand-in-hand with small explosions of rage, paranoia and violence, researchers claim

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explosions of rage, paranoia and violence

I'm prone to all of those things and yet I don't believe in the 5G conspiracy. There must be another level of stupidity at work here.

VMware and Office for Mac need patching, Microsoft can scan your firmware, and Anonymous takes credit for Atlanta police hacks

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Re: Microsoft adds another attack vector to Windows

Probably true, but rootkit technology already exists. On the other hand this could provide a better (more evil) road map for their coding.

The incumbent President of the United States of America ran now-banned Facebook ads loaded with Nazi references

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Lying Sack of Trump

Time to resign.

Yahoo! owes! us! one! billion! dollars! in! back! taxes! say! US! govt! beancounters!

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Not real money

if it is too much to count. The thousand you owe on the other hand will incur penalties if you delay payment and jail on further delay.

The girl with the dragnet tattoo: How a TV news clip, Insta snaps, a glimpse of a tat and a T-shirt sold on Etsy led FBI to alleged cop car arsonist

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Police cars rest easier

Good to know the lengths the police will go to to protect the endangered police car. Wouldn't want to waste those resources on scammers or corporate criminals.

Windows 10 once more in print condition: Microsoft applies out-of-band fix to Patch Tuesday cock-up

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Corrupt data is still data

and deserves to be saved. Corruption as a service is becoming more popular under the current administration and Micros~t is just getting with the times.

Microsoft disbands three-ring Windows Insider circus and replaces it with 'channels'

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Chaos in Middle Earth

What will happen to the Ring Wraiths?

If you're despairing at staff sharing admin passwords, look on the bright side. That's CIA-grade security

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Congress did so reasonably

HA, HA, HA. If an organization is large enough and not monitored, rules will be broken, but how they ended up using my password is beyond me as I was told it was safe to use.

Bigger than big: Linux kernel colonel Torvalds claims 5.8 is 'one of our biggest releases of all time'

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Taking as long as possible to avoid the number 10

Wailing Wednesday follows Patch Tuesday as versions of Windows 10 stop playing nicely with plugged-in printers

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A Letter to Yourself

Send yourself a Love PDF letter and print it with your favorite non Micros~t distro.

EU aviation wonks give all-electric training aeroplane the green light – but noob pilots only have 50 mins before they have to land it

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Re: Can't Wait

Perfect location for land straight ahead on takeoff engine failure.

Rackspace changes name to – drum-roll please – ‘Rackspace Technology’

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Makes it sound like

a mattress company I've seen that wants to be sophisticated, having springs that push back with exactly the force applied to them and all.

June's Patch Tuesday reveals 23 ways to remotely pwn Windows – and over 100 more bugs that could ruin your day

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Just the normal heartbeat

This is how you know the code isn't dead yet, just on life support and pumping tech support through the system with your help.

Yeah, great start after sacking human hacks: Microsoft's AI-powered news portal mixes up photos of women-of-color in article about racism

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Being human,

they ran their code on the wrong computer. They still can't tell them apart, although they claim they can.

US Air Force wants to pit AI-powered drone against its dogfighting hotshots in battle of the skies next year

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How about a cargo plane

with a laser canon. Yes not much of a dog fight, but...

Japan to test self-destructing satellite to shrink space junk with string and an inanimate carbon blob

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Re: Nice idea, hope it works.

They are learning to program and it slows them down a bit, just enough to...

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What is the chance

one of these sperm cells will fertilize the Earth?

Ooo, a mystery bit of script! Seems legit. Let's see what happens when we run it

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Last time my car stalled...

in the rain next to an abandoned mansion. We decided to go in to spend the night. Later that night my partner found a secret passage leading underground, while an electrical storm raged outside. Naturally we went down. There we found a coffin. After a short discussion we decided to open it. Contained within was a vampire and a thumb drive. The vampire and my partner both perished.

Should I plug the drive into my personal computer or a company server?

Don't panic: An asteroid larger than the Empire State Building is flying past Earth this weekend but we're just fine

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Re: Ignore clickbait?

Already had four at 9%. Not getting any better I fear.

redpawn Silver badge

Ignore clickbait?

Are you mad? Are you even El Reg?

We are not fine even if it will miss us. We will be lucky to survive until it hits us next time.

It could be 'five to ten years' before the world finally drags itself away from IPv4

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Oh my God

Is there an IPv6? I'm still using IPv3 and am willing to pay not to make any changes.

Moore's Law is deader than corduroy bell bottoms. But with a bit of smart coding it's not the end of the road

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Re: Quantum

Fusion powered Quantum processors cooled with black hole technology allow quantum computing obey Moors Law for the foreseeable future. Smart coding can wait.

OK Windows 10, we get it: You really do not want us to install this unsigned application. But 7 steps borders on ridiculous

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Quite clearly it would be 16, that's what the "x" indicates.

Not just its VCS console that's MIA, Atari is a no-show in court, too: Reborn biz ignores hardware architect's lawsuit over unpaid wages

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What, rocks in the head? You can easily get one off ebay for far less ($80 with a stack of games) and it will be way more retro.

Lenovo certifies all desktop and mobile workstations for Linux – and will even upstream driver updates

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So will they ever?

provide bios updates for their low end equipment without requiring an install of Micros~1? The ideapads are not half bad basic machines when loaded with a light weight distro but crumble under the weight of 10 and become useless. Other bios update methods are available for the higher end machines but not for the ones that need it most.

Surprise! That £339 world's first 'anti-5G' protection device is just a £5 USB drive with a nice sticker on it

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I'm no fool

It is not a USB stick, it is a new form of hologram, similar to the ones on the Holodeck. It only takes the form of a USB stick with a unique sticker for the convenience of shipping and storing its manual. Its quantum nature allows it to be touched, manipulated and to imitate even the function of a very small capacity USB stick. Having investigated this, I'm ordering ten in order to protect my entire hosing project.

China to test digital version of its currency at 2022 Winter Olympics

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No Yuan untracked

A dream come true. Not even a credit card company or other intermediary between the government and the transaction. It's like the conspiracy theory that all US money is tracked via the security thread in each bill larger than a one, but absolutely real and practical. Now someone will tell us that satellites send radio waves which resonate with off the security threads....

US cable subscribers are still being 'ripped off' by creeping price increases – and this lot has had enough

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Sign up for your $1.32 payout

in five years. Good to see the free market in action. As equal participants in the contract, consumers will get a fair shake and stronger regulation would only inhibit innovation in billing.

eBay users spot the online auction house port-scanning their PCs. Um... is that OK?

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TRUST is a two way street

I don't run Windows except when a special application is needed for both TRUST and speed issues. uBlock Origin on Linux makes me feel a bit better. However, lack of transparency does not lend me to volunteer any info to eBay. I would ditch eBay but parts can be hard to come by through other channels without paying too much for both shipping and the part here in Hawaii. Keeping old kit running keeps me a customer unfortunately.

Linus Torvalds drops Intel and adopts 32-core AMD Ryzen Threadripper on personal PC

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Re: Quite an upgrade...

With that upgrade, I could even run Windows 10!

Record-breaking Aussie boffins send 44.2 terabits a second screaming down 75km of fiber from single chip

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It's the coin

Inspired by the article I epoxied a coin to my cable modem and my throughput went up by more than an order of magnitude. Another doubling came from wrapping the cable line around a magnet.

Well, that's something boffins haven't seen before: A strange alien streaks around Jupiter

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Looks like a job for...

The United States Space Force, who's mission is exploring strange new worlds and protecting us from danger. Or perhaps we just give them money for the hell of it.

Swedish data centre offers rack-scale dielectric immersion cooling

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With 500MW

worth of servers, build a power plant next door to take advantage of the extra heat and generate electricity. Yes, yes, entropy and all, but that can be legislated against.

There's a new comet in town and you don't need a fancy multi-million-dollar telescope to see it. Just regular eyeballs

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Re: This is not visible

Low on the horizon for 20N at 5am on the 15th heading through Triangulum on its way to Perseus, so you are in the Wrong Southern Hemisphere. Try the other Southern Hemisphere next time.

One malicious MMS is all it takes to pwn a Samsung smartphone: Bug squashed amid Android patch batch

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What are the chances

this will happen to you by accident? No one is so mean spirited as to take advantage of this on purpose so don't worry.

We dunno what's more wild: This vid of Japan's probe bouncing off an asteroid to collect a sample – or that the rock was sun-burnt

redpawn Silver badge

Did I hear a bling sound?

Did it get a power up from this landing, or does it still need to touch another asteroid first?

What do you call megabucks Microsoft? No really, it's not a joke. El Reg needs you

redpawn Silver badge

Hide and $eek

Mine $weeper

Calvin Ball

Ten O' Clunk

FYI: Your browser can pick up ultrasonic signals you can't hear, and that sounds like a privacy nightmare to some

redpawn Silver badge

Re: It's the microphone, not the browser

The microphone in the picture is pointed at the windscreen. Has a tunnelling version of ultrasound been invented by evil advertisers.



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