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Should Computer Misuse Act offences committed in UK be prosecuted in UK?


Re: A historian writes...

Just excellent. Have an upvote.


Re: How?

Have an upvote, Dr. Mouse. To slightly mangle Robert A Heinlein..."Sovreignty....is just a word between 'Sober' and 'Sozzled' in the dictionary".

Big Brother

Tam Dalyell

A complete and utter hero in my not so humble opinion. Yer man exposed hypocrysy, double-dealing and downight lying on many subjects. I disagreed with him strongly on several things but you could never doubt his integrity. His likes are sorely missed these days, along with the likes of Norman St.John Stevas, Tony Benn and Enoch Powell. I hated them all, but boy, were they prepared to ask the difficult questions, unlike today's lot. Jesus, Trump may become POTUS.

UK copyright troll weeps, starts 20-week stretch in the cooler for beating up Uber driver


Re: Song title

Splendid reference. One of my favourite songs from the 80s. +1.

Watch SpaceX's rocket dramatically detonate, destroying a $200m Facebook satellite


The Technical Failure, I can forgive....

But not the s'tray apos'trophe in the video. It's a continual s'ource of irritation that people dont' know how to us'e an apos'trophe. But then Im jus't an idiot....

Did Donald Trump really just ask Russia to hack the US govt? Yes, he did


Re: It's really quite impressive.

What's truly scary is that one day, this man could be POTUS. I only hope that the smart citizens of the USA see beyond the bluster and rhetoric. I do, however, worry that they won't. As for the accusation of Treason, I'd say it was close, but no cigar....yet.

Giant pop can FOUND ON MOON


Re: 'Pocari Sweat' - whaa?

One of the first things I saw when arriving at Tokyo airport to visit friends was a vending machine selling Pocari Sweat. I had to buy a bottle just from pure curiosity. Sadly, it tasted quite good. I can't remember the flavour precisely (it was a long time ago and it's not the sort of thing I file away in memory) but I remember being disappointed it wasn't foul.

Innovation creates instability, you say? BLASPHEMY, you SCUM


IAS, as a near-Weegie myself living in the Sarf of Ingerlund, that's bloody hilarious. I've spent many a moment in deep accent misunderstanding, wondering why the hell the people around me seemed to be speaking fluent Swahili while I was addressing them in Farsi. Seems we were both speaking English, but not as she is spoke by Mrs Queen Woman. After over 30 years in the Sarf I still can't speak the language proper and regularly confuse my colleagues.

'Hello, is that the space station? NASA here. Can you put us through to Moscow?'


Re: As long as it doesn't matter to YOU...

Um. Maybe 1950 is calling, but lessons need to be learned from history. We let bad people do bad things, and bad things happen. I'm damned if I can remember the poem, but it goes something like "When they came for the Jews, I said nothing, and they took away the Jews" etc. Eventually, they come for you. So maybe this doesn't look important to the UK now, but let this fester and grow, and boy, will it matter to us when we have to deploy troops to stem a Russian advance.

I'm no warmonger, but the thought of the annexing of land without protest scares the living daylights out of me. The Sudetenland was a start, then Austria. I'll give you Crimea, then where?

One year to go: Can Scotland really declare gov IT independence?


Re: Tick, v good

Gawd. The "rest of the UK should get a vote" argument. Nope. So wrong it's a wrong place on the wrong side of wrongsville.

I'm Scottish by birth, but I love the country so much I live in England. The only people who should have a say in what happens in Scotland are the people who live there. White, black, brown, yellow, green, blue or fucking purple, it's those who live there who should determine their own fate. So I don't get a vote in the Scottish Referendum, and that's quite right.

What do you know about Scotland barring haggis, tartan, whisky and oil? Thought so. Fuck all, really.

Peak Apple: Has ANYONE at all ordered a new iPhone 5c?


Re: choose that over a HTC One?

Strange. My HTC One isn't junk. It makes calls well, does all the other garbage and keeps me happy. And it's not a bloody Apple. Funny how one man's meat is another man's poison.

The more things change, the more they stay the same....


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