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Yahoo! website! ads! spaff! CryptoWall! ransomware! AGAIN!


"If there was a simple answer, whoever had it would be very rich."

Simple. Ban all ads.

The global govt's use the web to spy and track us so they can pay the site owners and service providers to keep people online. adverts are unnecessary.

Who do I see about my pay?

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


Do Not Want!

Not impressed. its too mono, not enough to break up the overbearing whitespace. it looks like its leaning towards microsoft's "square, pastel and designed by 3yr old's" look. It didn't work for them, it likely wont for you.

Facebook reveals plan to WIRE THE PLANET


Re: Best way to use bandwidth more efficiently?

Ban ads and stop data slurping for useless marketing profiling. I'm sure that would improve bandwidth at least 40% on existing lines.