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BT engineers - missed appointments


Been in new build since april 2013. Initially ordered phone and broadband with SKY. Between april and July 2013 had engineer no shows and nobody contacting us. Was advise there were faults on the line, no line laid by BT openreach ect, each time was told something different. With no active phone line we moved to try with BT in July 2013. As of today (16th sep 2013) we have had two failed engineer appointments, 3 cancelled orders for broadband and phone line and today BT cannot tell us when this will be done. They now say the engineer checked the phone line and there wasnt one laid to the poperty. Cannot speak to BT openreach. Been advised to check back in october. Nobody willing to take a complaint at BT and 6 months on , no phone line or internet!! I feel like screaming and crying!!!!


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