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New iGasm: Apple to unveil not one but TWO iPhone 6 models on 9 Sept

Liam Westley

Or, we'll be spell checking our poll questions?

Maybe it's that pesky Android keyboard ...

Recommendations for private cloud software...

Liam Westley


*DISCLAIMER* I work for Huddle

Huddle are purpose built to do secure sharing of documents with audit trails, and we have local government in both UK and US using us for that very reason.

We don't automatically remove files, but you can remove access to keep it as an archive if you require.

It's certainly worth a look, http://www.huddle.com, and we keep files in the EU which may matter to some of your clients.

Modular smartphones floated by Dutch designer chap

Liam Westley

It's been done, and it didn't take off

An Israeli company, Modu, created a modular phone system, with the goal of swapping the heart of the phone between different bodies for different uses, but in the end it didn't work.



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