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Jawbone Up4 tapcash wristjob: Get BONKING with the latest sweaty hipster toy


I know I'm not the only sucker who clicked on this article expecting pay by bonk to mean something else.

Uber hits PANIC BUTTON after India threatens to BAN dial-a-car firm


Why make a good product when you can pay government to outlaw the competition. It's a system crybaby lazy ass union members and government have used for decades to avoid having to work for more than 10 minutes at a stretch. Simply claim that your proscription is in the interest of children, old people, and the environment. For good measure, say that anyone who disagrees with you is an antisemite. Can't lose.

New iPhones are latte-sipping inner city elitists


Nice anti-American cheapshot complete with September 11th time stamp


The US mess as you call it has 95% LTE coverage. That's more than anywhere else in the world. Despite being the 4th biggest in area on earth, that saturation dwarfs even tiny Nazi-collaborators Sweden & 3rd world ireland, where moving <50 miles outside their capital cities you'll struggle to get old 3G speeds. It's the marketplace beating the central planners yet again. South Korea's telecoms regulator imposed the wrong standard that never caught on anywhere. Australia's colonial masters, the British, whose queen is Australians', Kiwis' & Canadians' head of state, despite Commonwealth subjects' laughable ignorance of their true non-citizen status, has headlines touting 5 UK cities getting LTE in 2013. London itself has only tiny pockets of LTE, set up in an emergency so the bbc could say that the uk had initiated its LTE rollout. In contrast, a small 2000-person town in rural America will have >12mbps. Australia's telecoms regulator fetters industry with 3G, hspa-wannabe+ obsolescence & somehow America, the inventor of the hi-tech that Asia & Europe copy, is at fault. Check your misuse of "mess". Hilarious that living in nowheresville Oceania gives you the temerity to take cheapshots at the country without whom you'd be Japanese or Chinese subjects instead of British ones. Now go beg your British colonial master governor-general to approve your laws while your leftist politicians continue running your great land into the ground with subsidies for "asylum" seeking boat people.


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