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EMC lobs sueball at Pure, tells court: Look what they told EL REG

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Re: My first downding here

LOL.. Yup about a year or so..When the heck did EMC realize the effiency of virtualizing the Control plane?

maybe longer than a year. Their Software took forever to evolve from the old views of LUNs as objects over the entire enterprise. They were the #1 mfg. of SAN boxes for years..But got fat and lazy and have been playing catch up for a while. Reminds me of the 80's when Big Blue thought the future of all Enterprise datacenters would always be IBM mainframes and the cash would always roll in. They played catch up also for quite a while. ( I guess they never saw coming the server-client solution for a fraction of the cost and power usage. ) Also the Shark SAN product line took time to mature. I know years ago we used to take sharks in as a trade-in. I think Sun SAN division got screwed when they got bought by Oracle. Sure Oracle..Bundle hardware and Oracle together and see how that works out for you. It works well for Microsoft and Intel chips.

Ramp that 1200.00 investment into a corporate multi-million dollar investment and..Well you can see where that is going now..Does Sun even have a SAN division any longer? I know I haven't seen one in about 3 or 4 years. HP makes a solid solution with above average software, Micro code and quality parts.

Of course HP doesn't mfg. their own SAN boxes but the requirements are top notch at a good price point for Enterprise. HDS solutions can be a bit pricey but very high quality and support from CS&S engineers. You get what you pay for i suppose and if you are a big boy in the corporate world you want the best because it is the lifeblood of data in that world.

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My first downding here

I don't mind getting dinged about my comments about EMC. Perhaps a bit harsh but I know EMC with 15 yrs of expiernce working in the SAN field. I await the glowing reports to defend your judgement.. I got stories..

Hell..Remember when HP left EMC like a cat on fire? To save me the court time so don't sue me. But . I hear it was because EMC stole their fucking customer list and was working behind their backs to steal leads..HP was so effning pissed off..I'm sure the two haven't spoken since except with lawyers.. Remember that?

I'm not here to trash talk anybody but man I couldn't resist that one..

( oh and EMC..I wouldn't worry about your documents..You are about a year behind the curve..Nobody needs your secrets )

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This is so rich

I had to laugh about EMC going to court...For years EMC had the ethics of a soul-less company and never minded playing dirty ball in the Market place. Let's not forget all the stories from those that left the company for years now. Doesn't surprise me 44 high level people left EMC since 2011 to Pure. They bleed people all the time..EMC= Evil Machine Company

Seagate to storage bods: You CAN touch this (at last). Stop, HAMR time

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Re: Super-fast hard drive? Now that's an oxymoron!

Well..Not exactly..The SSD drives have entered the enterprise like a storm in the last few years..All the Big boys are using them and have fast SANS..HDS, EMC, HP, IBM etc..

you must consider the mix and use in SANS and HighCap systems of different disks. Many boxes still have lots of drives that are going to last for years to come..Backups and archived data from Oracle ERPs or SQL tables. You off load it to 10k lost cost drives.. You use for 15k drives for network shares and Databases.

Many are finding hypred drives offer low cost with a large high speed cache to move dynamic data almost close to a SSD with a fine tuned cache and effective load balancing.

There is a flaw with nand drives..In large Corps that are making millions of read and writes a sec. There is degragation with the memory. A normal user won't see it probably over years.. But these chips are just being slammed 24/7 with data and they wear out and make errors. There is a lot of work going on in that field.

Now..A few years ago when we started SSD in our products the contract changed to designate SSD's are a commodity part unlike when we sold professional high speed SCSI drive for service and repair/replace

in a few hours worldwide. A customer will pay a premium price for that stability and availability.

If the SSD starts wearing down and make erors..as much as those dang things cost.. All you can do is pitch them in the trash. a comodity...

WD unveils new MyBook line: External drives now bigger... and CHEAP

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Re: Recipe For Disaster!

LOL That's true..But nobody stands up external drives with-out the cool little stand.. That's just a PR Pic.

Besides..Nobody better knock any of my stuff over in my war room or spills a beer..

Why even a lipstick case next to the keyboard...Ok..Maybe not that..

Oracle ships Java 8 Developer Preview for testing, 18 months late

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Re: ARM Support means decent JDK for the Raspberry Pi?

You don't bang on Java 8. It bangs on you.. Listen

I've supported Oracle for years now ( 10% of my job )and I think their use of Java and Java its self has so many flaws..So much frustration through the years. Now that Java 7 platform is just getting stable, Even now, I still will get a call from somebody every week or so. Oracle gets so screwed up with versioning issues. ' Hey! Oracle today says I have the wrong version ' I'm over it..Sure move to Java 8. Can't wait to see the new errors and log files next year..I don't care I've been beaten down by Oracle for 15 years. LOL

What the hell is the matter with Java? Why hasn't it matured more? Backwards compatability is lacking. So if your App needs v 1.7 and somehow mysteriously the user got v1.4 what happens next is anyones guess.. The App may just blow up or throw an error then completely screw up the upgrade or ask the user to upgrade before opening.. Thanks guys for getting a user of mine in an install mode..Effen..They probably don't even know what Java is!!

Perhaps the log files indication a socket connetion problem and one runs down the Rabbit hole of TNSNames issues or network connectivity issues.... whatever..I've learned the first thing to do with Oracle issues..It's the fucking Java... I miss the old days when Oracle and many of the Mods ran on a fat client at the Workstation. R12 I bow to you. show mercy oh god on my soul.

I smile inside everytime I read the effects of the cloud on ERP's..Those cash cows Oracle used play in and frolic naked with all those yearly multimillion dollar contracts are vaporizing right before their shocked eyes..They are scrambling for new revenue streams and opportunities.. Will the mighty be laid low?

Intel reveals 14nm PC, declares Moore's Law 'alive and well'

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Re: What's the point of all this?

Hi Mr. Coward.. I hear ya on many topics..We go back in tech time..

I've gone from a Sinclair, Wang Word processor since 1981 to the corporate world. Working within an Enterprise environment, I think gives us an above the cloud view of modern technology. Technology is more than faster chipsets and more memory..(although we who thought overclocking was a religion lusted over speed ) Now..Not so much..We hacked luggables with 20MB HDD running DOS and was in heaven.

That's what this whole lusting over iPhone and Droids makes me laugh ( inside of course )

I've backed off of phones a bit..If it can call do email and a couple of other nifty things..( Like security cameras at the house ) Then that is much as I need the damn thing..

I like real power..Running WAN's, installing Hypervisors and VM's, creating virtual networks, Creating Cisco switch/router instances and Clouds..practicing SDN. We are an Oracle house so ERP instances interest me. I like to understand the underpinnings of active directory and Linux servers..Those that started out in the early days understand the vast universe before us..It's just as exciting today as when I got my first DOS prompt.

I guess I go against the grain because I think my phone is good to find the closest Chinese take-out or talking to friends..Other than that..Meh...But check out my war room..My Systems Freaking Rock!

Hi Reg Readers! My first post...