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BOOM! Stephen Elop shuffled out of Microsoft door


Re: "However this strategy has completely failed

"its" not it's"

Judge says some top Dell shareholders are plum out of luck in share buyout beef


1. Having a custodian hold shares is generally speaking a good thing. UK unit trusts (leftponders: what you call mutual funds, not, as Spock said, unit trusts as you know them) and various other institutional investors are not allowed to hold securities directly; custodian banks hold them on their behalf.

2. There are reasons why an at first sight surprising proportion of large US companies are incorporated in Delaware. These include the state being the US's onshore tax haven and the state's corporate law being exceptionally favourable to company managements rather than their owners (aka shareholders).

WHAT ARE the 'WEIRD' SPOTS seen on far-flung PLUTO?


Re: Need another mission...

"its" not "it's"

Uber to drivers: You make a ton of dosh for us – but that doesn't make you employees


Re: @Big Ed - Call me a converted Fanboi

"It's" means "it is"; you meant "its"

What do you MEAN, 'Click on the thing which looks like a Mondrian?'


Re: Why do you keep using the phrase "training course"?

It's called a railway station.

Microsoft U-turns on 'free' Windows 10 upgrade promise for ALL previewers


"it's" means "it is" not "its"

Buy with your head, drive with your heart: Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe


Not many of us can indulge in the cars you've been entertainingly reviewing for us lately. But a lot of our budgets would stretch to a good motorcycle. Could El Reg get a Vulture fetchingly dressed in blaçk leather to show us a few options?

WikiLeaks slips out YET MORE Sony SECRETS


Re: Still blaming the Norks?

Please learn the difference between "it's" and "its"

Climate change alarmism is a religious belief – it's official


Re: If we want less hot air in the world...

Not "it's" but "its".

ALIBABA Vs AMAZON: Let the Global Tat Bazaar war begin


Re: re. 1688.com

Tetley Tea Folk on behalf of their Indian owners.

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Tortilla de patatas


Yesterday I was served tortlla sliced in half and put back together with slices of ham and cheese in the middle. Delicious.

Sliced not diced.

Writing from Asturias, northern Spain

Hello? Police? Yes, I'm a car and my idiot driver's crashed me


Please, Vimes, that should be "its" not "it's".

Cubans 'get' 'free community' 'Wi-Fi'


Re: Fair Play to Them

You're a sucker for their propaganda.

Knowledge of health and hygiene issues is impressive: during my four years in Cuba several times I was in a vliĺage with mud roads and no electricity where water was dragged back from the river to houses by an ox - and then run through a filtration system using ever smaller gravel and sand to produce safe drinking water. But the health service is shit.

Hospitals, apart from those for foreigners and the elite, are dirty and uncaring about patients' wellbeing. Doctors can prescribe drugs but Cubans can't get them; even if they've got hard currency they're not allowed into the foreign currency pharmacies. And the drugs that the useful idiots of Cuban Solidarity collect go to the hotels for sale to tourist patients.

Two vignettes:

My diabetic wife was charged $400 for a night in a clinic for foreigners, where her own glucometer was used to measure her blood sugar and she was offered sweetened juice and a sticky bun for breakfast. A Cuban friend worked in another dollar-earning clinic; for lunch she was often given what the Cubans call "chicken soup", which is actually warm water with sugar dissolved in it.

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Smažený sýr


Re: Try the russian version

Not quite: try "little cheesy thing" or "cheesy thingy". The -ik" bit of the eord is as much about affection as size - consider "doggie".

Russian revolution: YotaPhone 2 double-screen JANUS MOBE


Re: Wht's the point really ?

"its" not "it's"

Satya Nadella, Year One: Has Microsoft's new CEO cut the mustard?


Re: Fucking stupid ads

I've had just the same thing in Firefox so it's not an IE problem. Please though, Reg, get it fixed.

Buses? PAH. Begone with your filthy peasant-wagons


Re: The best urban transport

A parasol keeps the sun off. It's a paraguas that protects you from rain.

Why didn't this comment appear under @Charles 9 where it belongs?

London teen pleads guilty to Spamhaus DDoS


Re: Cannot name for legal reasons?

JOE Biden. FTFY.

Deprivation Britain: 1930s all over again? Codswallop!


Re: 1930s

Something wrong here. We're told she was born in the 1930s and when young had a transistor radio. But the first British transistor radio was produced in 1956.

Consumers agree to give up first-born child for free Wi-Fi – survey


Re: Crap Ts & Cs

Can you explain, please, what's wrong with section 52? The language isn't elegant but it's clear enough.

BitTorrent not to blame for movie revenues, says economist


Re: Add the 3d farce

In Poland, at least, they're routinely subtitled. Films for children are dubbed. Television usually has the original audio turned down and a single Polish-speaker reading the script.

Our Reg reader 'mutt's nuts' dictionary is le chien's biens


Polish - "dog's bollocks" = "psia jaja", literally "dog eggs"; like the Thais Poles term "gonads" "eggs", so "hung like a stallion"'s equivalent is a reference to "eggs like balloons". The meaning of "dog's bollocks" is conveyed by "zajebisty" = "exceedingly good", a word, like "f'ing good" incorporating a popular expression for sexual congress.

You can drink to your new knowledge of Polish in a charming bar in the fine city of Bielsko-Biała that calls itself The Dog's Bollocks.

Report: Climate change has already hit USA - and time is RUNNING OUT


Re: "Truthy" math

A little knowledge of basic statistics would help you. May I recommend that you read the Wikipedia articles "Confidence interval" and "68–95–99.7 rule"? And then consider again whether the 95 percent number is arbitrary?


Stagnation? The highest temperature record for the 1980s is lower than the lowest recorded for the 2000s.

ROBO-SNOWDEN: Iraq, the internet – two places the US govt invaded that weren't a threat


Re: Crimea river Snoden

Tank boy --

1. Where's your evidence that Snowden has sold anything?

2. Before you use difficult words like "gulag" you shoould check what they mean. Or did you really intend to suggest that Snowden's lined up for a grand tour of a Siberian state administration of camps?

Apple stores? Samsung says two can play at that game


Already in Poland

There at least two Samsung Stores in Poland. The first opened not far from where I live in Warsaw in April lasting year. Its staff are well-trained and it has a service department. On my last visit they sorted out on the spot and without charge a software hiccough on my Note II that I'd been unable to fix with any tool or download available on Sammy's site.

Amazon mints a BILLION BUCKS from its cannibal cloud


Re: You misspelled "BEELION"

Thank you for telling us.

Intel ditches McAfee brand: 'THANK GOD' shouts McAfee the man



Can we have a comment, please, on SpyHunter. It keeps telling me that it's found malware and letting me kill it but is it doing anything useful?

MANUAL STIMULATION: Whack me with some proper documentation


Re: Spot on.

... and try doing it for a card that's registered outside the country of issue. Every time failing memory requires me to set a new password on my UK-issued HSBC Visa card my Polish postcode - which is shown on my account statements - is rejected and I have to endure all the pleasures of the voicemail system and ask some callcentre slave for help.

FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS: Microsoft faces prising XP from Big Biz


A user's view

I'm a user, not in IT. I regularly use five different layouts - US English, UK English, Polish, French and Spanish - often using several while working on a single document. I also use some financial and translation software that's written only, or updated first, for Windows Effect = I'm locked to Microsoft. For the record I'm running Win7 on three machines, including an Atom netbook and an i5 desktop, and I've no intention of moving to Win8.

Apple ships new iPods in 'SPAAAAACE ... Gray'


The top of the range Sony is good but the Cowon Z2 is better. Not as pretty but with superb sound, tactile skip/back/pause controls and expandable to 96GB, possibly to 160GB, while the Sony's stuck with 32GB.


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