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Decades ago, computing was saved by CMOS. Today, no hero is in sight


Reality Check

Developers generally do what they're asked to do.

Given the usual project variables of time, cost, resource and quality, take a guess at what is usually bottom of the average corporate priority list? (Actual priority not stated priority btw)

At the moment, hardware is generally good enough to accommodate mediocre quality software for most applications. If that changes then commercial pressures will shift towards better quality code.

Currently, there's very little recognition or reward for elegant and efficient code in most places.

Also, leave off the software engineers. It's a discipline that's what, fifty years old? It's also in some cases the most complex engineering task there is.

The Vulture 2: What paintjob should we put on our soaraway spaceplane?


As you're in Spain, why not Repsol colours? http://www.totalmotorcycle.com/photos/2005models/2005-Honda-CBR1000RR-Repsol.jpg

They might even fancy sponsoring it :-)

Smartwatch craze is all just ONE OFF THE WRIST



You have to be kidding?

Casio watches - cheap, robust, highly accurate (much more so than my current Omega), the battery lasted for years and a back-light so much better than the crappy non-radioactive luminous paint we are stuck with. What's not to like?

Also good for diving - 200m water resistant is good enough for any recreational diving and the cheapest backup option by far to a second dive computer.

A 7 quid watch might not be high fashion but the fact they're still making them demonstrates their utility.


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