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Microsoft starts to fix Start Menu in new Windows 10 preview


Tiles don't roam

Lets hope they fix this while they are fixing the rest of it https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/3fcd4aa9-fd36-46fb-a265-7be441df11df/bug-when-deleting-roaming-cache-profile?forum=WinPreview2014General

Microsoft replaces Windows 10 patch update, isn't saying why


Re: MSFT's on a roll!

They are on the same box, some poor chap is stuck in a re-install loop!

Microsoft to TAKE OUT THE TRASH in the Windows Store


MSFT created most of the junk

Back in the day, pre-Nadella, MSFT evangelists were measured on the number of Windows Store apps there were for their region, but convincing organisations to produce a Windows Store app alongside iPhone and Android apps proved to be somewhat difficult, hence evangelists with some dev knowledge offered to develop apps; given this was just a numbers game they were always lacking in the functionality/quality dept. Since Ballmer's demise they have stopped playing the numbers game, many evangelists must be breathing a sigh of relief to see those apps being pulled.

Windows 8.1 to freeze out small business apps


Frozen out

MSFT may be trying to freeze out small ISV's, but they will just freeze themselves out as vendors simply produce applications that are consumable via a browser. SaaS solutions aren't being produced on the Azure platform, they are running on AWS or others, so how do MSFT expect to get back into the stack? Given how far behind MSFT are here, they need to be more open and reduce the barrier to adoption, not increase it.


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