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Woz says 'Jobs started Apple for money' – then says it must pay 50% tax like he does


Re: I think Woz should speak for himself..

Agree with your sentiment but Trumpo is part of the elite few who are the problem, he is not the solution and he's playing his followers by saying whatever they want to hear to get elected. NOT COOL (or helpful).


Re: 'Jobs started Apple for money'

An Woz hasn't worked a day off the back of it. Just sayin.



So you know that corporations pay the tax that they are required to, everywhere, right? Almost every country has enacted one tax law or another which is supposed to "entice" business to setup within their jurisdictions. Abiding by those laws does not make the companies law breakers or "bad guys", it makes them law abiding companies. If you (or the population) don't like the fact that they pay less tax as a result then you need to take that up with the governments concerned, not the companies who are paying the tax bills they are given.


Oh shut up already

For a guy who's made so much off this company for having contributed what is now such a small part of their history, he really needs to get on his Segway and count the cash.

Snide hashtags, F1 cars, death by PowerPoint: I'm sick of EMC hypegasms


Those of us who take Formula 1 seriously and have a deep love for the sport and have for many years let our customers do all the talking for us. No high fives needed...