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City of Munich throws Ubuntu lifeline to Windows XP holdouts


Good on them

I say lets hope more cities follow the trend and ditch a closed system like Windows. I did the same over 10 years ago and never looked back. In fact I laugh quite a bit at how similar the problems with Windows are today as they were in the year 1998. It's quite pathetic really that people/companies can be bought out by pure FUD

Microsoft reissues September patches after user complaints


I switched my computer on and it booted straight to my KDE desktop and everything was fine AS USUAL

Torvalds suggests poison and sabotage for ARM SoC designers


Top man, more of him I say less of the politically correct liberalism that is killing our society

Torvalds shoots down call to yank 'backdoored' Intel RdRand in Linux crypto


OK by me!

Top guy! I'd have a pint with this guy in the local pub anyday. Can you imagine having a pint with Ballmer? You'd end up glassing yourself through boredom and as for Bill Gates...can they guy even take a pint of beer without passing out?

Torvalds is the man and the world revolves (and many companies too) around this mans talent

Microsoft's Nokia plan: WHACK APPLE AND GOOGLE


Its sad to see Microsoft in this state, they will be fighting the smartphone market for share even when Apple and Google/Samsung/Sony will be fighting other markets like tech wearables (smartwatch etc) They are so late to every party they just need to die



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