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Microsoft fears XP could cause Indian BANKOCALYPSE


Re: Barclays

Dont worry Barclays have all that sorted, going to Linux soon



Dont worry India or anyone else

Usual Microsoft FUD. Thats what you get when blackmailed into an OS

New Internet Explorer chief is man behind Windows Phone reboot


Dont let Microsoft dominate it leads to

a stagnated market. Let Microsoft dominate again and tech will stagnate again. It was only because other browsers (thanks to the EU) got their act together and showed what a bug ridden fest IE truly is. Do NOT let Microsoft dominate again it will knock the tech sector back a decade again. There's been more innovation in the last 10 years than the last 25 no thanks to Microsoft (thanks again to the EU)

XBOX One SHOT DEAD by Redmond following delivery blunder



People stuck in a walled proprietary mass of BS!

I guess this system will be completely useless at Microsofts whim. Talk about Lemmings

Yet ANOTHER IE 0-day hole found: Malware-flingers already using it for drive-by badness


Come on man stop being...

so blinded just search windows 7/8 and defrag the two just go hand in hand, NTFS is just plain bloat


Sure about that?

NT based system

Control Panel - Administrative tools - Component Services - Computers - My Computer - DCOM Config

lo and behold auto defrag check set to on as default


Comparison of OS kernels...


Frightening how 90% of desktop computers run a kernel so under secured and completely adrift of great functions.

the supported file system/security is of a particular hilarity


LMFAO since window 95 microsoft has scheduled a defrag of the system as default. Problem is the pathetically bloated os relies on NTFS which as such a neanderthal approach to file access it is criminal!

As long as Microshaft stick with NTFS Windows will always need a defrag whether scheduled or not. Problem is a scheduled defrag bogs down the system every time it is run and hilariously it is recommened not to use the system while it is running. Now Microsoft havent changed the kernel or NTFS in years so quite how you bloat such BS is beyond any sane human being

FAT based file systems save each file directly following each other. So if you later edit / add to this file, the added portion needs to be saved somewhere else. This will create a fragment (or more than one). A new file is saved starting from the 1st blank spot, even if that blank spot is too small to contain the entire file.

NTFS is a bit better in theory, it allows some free space around each file. Then if it notices that the file will become fragmented, it "attempts" to save the entire file in a new location. The caveat to this is "efficiency": if it would not take too much time to save the entire file over again it will be done, otherwise just create a new fragment. Just how it determines "too much time" is up for grabs ... and like most M$ ideas also a secret!

Ext3/4 also generates blank spaces "around" each file. Where it differs significantly from NTFS is that it'll only fragment when it's impossible to keep the file as one single fragment ... that (usually) only happens when the disk becomes too full.

You coward are a complete and utter fool and a lemming to the corporate empire. Most secure browser? Was that a report sponsored by Microsoft pray tell. Get a life and start thinking for yourself Lemming

Please tell why Microsofts kernel is so less secure then linux's kernel even after 20 years of constant patching?

Microsoft windows..2871630 patches ever and still crap


Source forthis complete and utter BS please

Windows has had far fewer vulnerabilities than OS-X or a Linux distribution



browsers people. IE needs to be consigned to bug ridden hell

Internet Explorer 11 for Win7 bods: Soz, no HTML5 fun for you


People are still..

locked into this evil corporation? Wow that is so 1990's

Microsoft advertises Surface, Excel with maths mistake


Re: The gift that keeps on giving

Ah yes the good old Microsoft locked in syndrome kicks in again. If Microsoft didnt use closed standards to begin with we would all be in a better state

Nvidia CEO: Android 'the most disruptive operating system in decades'


We can all agree that

This is great news for us as competition is much better than being held to ransom by a dictatorship like Microsft/Apple. The sooner they are forced into open source the better for us all

Windows, Office zero-day vuln must wait for next Patch Tuesday, says MS


People still use this buggy as hell piece of software? It's no surprise windows is fastly becoming a relic of the bug ridden past

Furious Google techie on NSA snooping: 'F*CK THESE GUYS'


it's a massive deal when google gets hacked by NSA, GCHQ but its common knowledge Windows doesnt even need to get hacked it is that vulnerable, LOL. The NSA must just log on to someones Windows machine and browse to their hearts content thanks to Microsoft's NSA key

Microsoft CEO shortlist claim: It's just Elop, Bates, Mulally, Nadella and...


Doesnt matter who gets it

same old shit same old FUD

Virgin Media suffers growing pains as Cable Cowboy daddy settles in



Microsoft's Windows Azure Plan B: A hard drive, a courier and a data-centre monkey


Wow now thats an open way for microsoft to spy on you. Cant say you didnt get warned!

Laymans speak

Microsoft "We cant keep up with all this data so come let us do the job for you"

Layman, "Wow thats cool, so how do you expect stuff like your xbox network to cope?"

Microsoft, "Err..because it's great! It'll work! It's the best thing since sliced bread! FUD"

IBM menaces Twitter IPO with patent infringement BOMBSHELL


Scary thought but...

We'll end up with just a few companies holding all the patents, then we will be in shit street. The all American global economy will have to start crumbling very soon

Galaxy is CRAMMED with EARTH-LIKE WORLDS – also ALIENS (probably)


Google will get there


Sysadmins! Microsoft now offers $100k for tales of your horrible infections


Define Bug..

Is that a bug that infects the system or is that a bug that Microsoft purposely built into the OS like the NSA key

Another 5 years on Nokia's patent CHAIN GANG for Samsung


LMFAO that last line...

stinks of patent troll!

Steve Wozniak: 'I wish to God that Apple and Google were partners'


Microsoft need

ELIMINATING. A goggle/apple combined force would be great for the tech. ANY force with microsoft in would be detremental to tech growth

Microsoft founder Paul Allen's money man wants Redmond to break up


the guys spot on. Bing, Xbox, RT will all end up in the trash can of tech history soon

IT'S patent WAR: Apple, Microsoft vs Google, Samsung, Huawei


Just the Microsoft/Apple Lackies up to devious/disgusting trolling again. Nothing new, cant innovate, LITIGATE

'It's a joke!' ... Bill Gates slams Mark Zuckerberg's web-for-the-poor dream


Nothing new here, Gates, Zuckerberg, Jobs..all criminals that have screwed every person over for the sake of $$ move along

'Tablet' no longer means 'iPad': Apple share PLUMMETS below 30%


Just got a refund on a surface and bought 8 android tabs for the family at christmas! Bargain! Great little devices and i've had one now for 2 years, lasted much longer than the surface between buying it and the first update! I should have known better than think Microsoft could change...

Nokia emerges smothered in red ink, manages to flog cheapo Windows Phones


Another failed sinking ship

Samsung is officially the WORLD'S BIGGEST smartphone maker


Prefer Samsung over anything Nokia/Microsoft so very happy!

Apple 'happy ending': BULGING iPhone WAD - but can it ever be enough?


Replace Apple with Microsoft...

and your comment still holds true!

Play Elite, Pitfall right now: Web TIME PORTAL opens to vintage games, apps


Todays games companies are very litigious taoday...

simply because they cant match the game play anymore. Today..nice graphics with games that have zero replayability. Yesterdays games...naff graphics (unless you were around at the time to appreciate how advanced they were) but replayability factor 10!

Is it barge? Is it a data center? Mystery FLOATING 'Google thing'


I love Google so unpredictable so monopolistic but yet there's something about them that makes me prefer them over Apple/Microsoft anyday

Samsung's at it AGAIN: SHATTERING profit records, that is


Makes Microsoft look puny in comparison and theres Apple to come. Great products have Samsung and they are everywhere! Not surprising they have a good reputation away from the Microsoft/Apple fanboys

Euro Parliament votes to end data sharing with US – the NSA swiped the bytes anyway



are paranoid about everybody including themsleves

SUPERSIZE ME: Nokia unveils Surface rival and 2 plumped-up phablets


Sometime next year ai predict another massive write off for both Microsoft and Nokia here

Furious French choke on chardonnay over NSA's phone spying in France


Get rid of Windows, phones by Google, Microsoft and Apple and lets go back to open source and two cans between long strings for telephone calls. The rest of functions on todays phones are gimmicks that pander to the lazy anyway

Apple handed Samsung-busting nuke after Steve Jobs patent U-turn


Why is America so corrupt?

Oracle drops shedload of CRITICAL vuln-busting Java patches


Do Oracle and Microsoft share programmers? I often wonder if these two best mates are fighting over wanting the coveted "most security holes award of all time" trophy lmao

Oracle brass past and present tapped for Microsoft CEO - report


Donald Duck would be better. At least he can swim

Scottish gov follows cutting-edge Italian Post Office with Win 8 trial


Scotland will vote for independence next year if it gets it they will sink and microsoft will be replaced if they go for bloatOS over something better and cheaper. If I were Scottish I would be questioning why they are using an over priced POS to be honest

Happy 10th b-day, Patch Tuesday: TWO critical IE 0-day bugs, did you say?


Really how crap is the WIndows OS?

Apple ban win: Now you can't buy Samsung gear no one was buying


America is doing a great job of alienating itself in the world. No loss to the rest of the world as we will see more and more companies move out of the US for greener pastures. the US just plain sucks and greed is unbelievable. Like I said the rest of the world will move ahead and leave the US behind oh and to the US companies dont forget to close the door on the way out the rest of us dont need the stench

Microsoft investors push for Bill Gates defenestration: report


This company is a sinking ship! How many high managers have left in the last few years? 10? 20? Microsoft are clinging onto their subscriptions like a desperate whore looking for money

Hackers just POURING through unpatched Internet Explorer zero-day hole


OMG people wake up and get away from the Microsoft crap! Its been full of security holes, bugs for years now and will be the same until its death and even then its coffin will be full of bugs forever!

US regulators seek public input on plan to investigate patent trolls


Microsoft and Apple are fooked with this!

Bill Gates: Yes, Ctrl-Alt-Del salute was a MISTAKE


Makes me laugh people saying there was always a reset button anyway! Remember the days when pressing reset while windows was running would make you shiver because you just knew your chances of it not booting again jumped 80% lol

Microsoft: Surface a failure? No, it made us STRONGER


Thanks for this story i needed a good laugh :) All Microsoft are good (evil?) at is buying companies that have the patents so they can troll them for years. Innovate? Dont make me laugh they have NEVER innovated

Microsoft explains its new financial reporting structure – sort of


Classic case of a company running scared

Bill Gates again world's richest, tops in US for 20th straight year


Whats wrong with keeping a much smaller fortune and spreading the wealth within your company and its employees? If more companies did this the world would be a much better place and the wealth would be shared equally

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