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No Notch niche: Minecraft man in rift with Oculus after Facebook gobble


Those consoles just dont have the

GPU capabilities to produce a fluid VR environment. If its on anything it'll be the PC with high end specs. Anyway FB can go fook themselves Zuckerburg is a stuck up brat

This changes everything: Microsoft slips WinXP holdouts $100 to buy new Windows 8 PCs



Wine converts the API's to use GNU API's at the base level eliminating overheads

Microsoft charges the FBI $50 for a copy of your private data, claim 'Redmond hackers'


The sad thing is..

even if this is a bogus story you could be forgiven for thinking that Microsoft would do this. I heard a story that their new wireless mouse comes with a subscription. Now the story was utter crap but you could see them doing this they are that desperate to break away into new areas instead of relying on their cash cows (Server/Office)

Microsoft alters Hotmail policy amid blogger inbox probe outcry


At Microsoft we value..

our privacy

Whitehall and Microsoft thrashing out 1-year NHS WinXP lifeline


FOr Gawds sake UK

Spend that 200 million on getting rid of Windows once and for ALL, LOOK FORWARD!

Xenon: Bitmap Brothers' (mega)blast from the past


Tracker music/ sprite graphics man...

these young uns today are missing a treat!


Booted up Xenon 2 and

was literally blown away by the music. I used to leave it running for hours just to listen to it too!

I wish we could see how computing would be without the evil Microsoft killing everybody/innovation off for the sake of their bottom line.

Computers used to be fun until Microsoft stagnated tech

Straight to 8: London's Met Police hatches Win XP escape plan


What a complete and utter

waste of my taxes. 1 million PC's crippled because someone thinks paying for windows is a great option? I'm appalled, will have to start a petition about why the government continue to waste taxpayers money whilst cutting everything else!

Mozilla takes Windows 8-friendly Firefox out back ... two shots heard


Re: A good decision

That would make the best comedic show of the year, a must watch


100 users!!

I have to call BS on that Mr Register unless there's some underhanded browser usage at Redmond behind the bosses backs.

Good on Mozilla anyway why back a dead horse even Microsoft are turning their backs on

I noticed a comment about IE above me here, people still use that willingly? Wow thats so 1999

Windows hits the skids, Mac OS X on the rise


Re: In Other News, Linux Is Still A Nonentity...

I know it's just a shame Redmond is sat on a 90% dinosaur that cant innovate like the 1.76% of Linux does


Desktop share is trending

down for sure but Windows as regards TOTAL OS share is running 25% and thats being kind. Redmond your dictatorial ways are long over, thankfully for us little guys and dolls

Shift up, Ballmer: Microsoft expands board, makes room for activist investor


Let the..

Battle of the board members commence!! Talk about a company fighting itself

US judge Koh won't ban old Samsung gear, tells Apple: Your patents aren't that amazing


But, but...

Apple must be apoplectic by now trying to pass off their copying tag to other companies and failing. Apple, like Microsoft, have invented shit guys get used to it. They have both copied more than Samsung over the years

Ballmer: 'Microsoft would have a stronger position if I could redo the last TEN YEARS'


But, but...

I would have won the lottery too you daft plank

Hey doc, what's the PC's prognosis? A. Long-term growth below zero


I use my PC for...

Playing old games on emulators and no touch screen can replace that control mechanism and no tablet/phone can replace a big screen feel and playing a modified Cannon Fodder on the Amiga with all the names changed to Microsoft/Apple/Google employees! Priceless fun...endless replayability!

Stuck in a walled garden you would lose the chance to customize like this...I love Linux!

Microsoft to get in XP users' faces with one last warning



FUUUUD!!!! We all love FUD at Microsoft it helps us, it binds our world together, it keeps the shareholders happy at the expense of our users, ooooh FUD, FUD, FUUUUUD!!!

Linux-friendly Munich: Ja, we'll take open source collab cloud


So forward looking in Munich

...I may go over there to live whilst we still have open borders

Ford to dump Microsoft's 'aggravating' in-car tech for ... BlackBerry?


Nothing new really...


Explains it well as the automotive industry starts dumping Microsoft

Nokia to Devs: PLEASE DON'T make Nokiadroid apps look like WinPho

This post has been deleted by a moderator

This post has been deleted by a moderator

China's web giants unite to defuse Windows XP bombshell


Oh what a twisted web Microsoft weave

UK citizens to Microsoft: Oi. We WANT ODF as our doc standard


Re: Who cares?

I am so glad more people have a backbone on this planet

Nokia launches Android range: X marks the growing low-cost spot


But, but..

It's butt ugly, dire and Nokia is becoming obsessed with Microsofts model of bringing devices to the market that have no clue what market they should be in...Xbone, win phones, windows 8.

Xbone..is it a games machine or an entertainment device because it does neither well

Win Phones..are they actually a competitor or do Microsoft really think that butt ugly UI is going to gain traction combined with the Windows on the tin thing=FAIL

Windows 8...need i say more?

Message to Nokia shareholders, YOU FAILED WITH THE MICROSOFT IDEA

Just get a cheap android and put a free metrocrapUI app on it if you are that desperate to look an utter plank

Microsoft may slash price of Windows 8.1 on cheap 'slabs


When are they going to get it in their thick skulls...

We don't want Windows on a tablet or phone!

Magnets to stick stuff to tablets: Yup, there's an Apple patent application for that


But, but.....I invented...

the magnet, now come on Apple be a good little doggy and pay up you pathetic patent trolling scumbag. I was going to leave you be but as you troll every day i will call an eye for an eye in your case

Muslim clerics issue fatwa banning the devout from Mars One 'suicide' mission


I squinted at that wall of text and yes, YES! I can see pink floyds the wall album cover


But, but..

It's safer on Mars than it is in most muslim countries

Microsoft asks pals to help KILL UK gov's Open Document Format dream


The de-facto standard he should be...

ODF not some proprietary crap Microsoft swill to fill their coffers!

Bring on ODF in the UK and watch Office, sorry Microsofts bottom line, deflate rather quickly. ABOUT TIME TOO!

Facebook gobbles WhatsApp for SIXTEEN BILLION DOLLARS


Oh well

whatsapp has just been added to my list of companies/products never to use again along with faceslap

Appeals court decides Dotcom warrant was legal after all



There's nothing worth pirating anymore

Google's paid link settlement plan will lead to fresh wave of abuses, claims Euro rival


Foundem = Funded by Microsoft


Any surprise here that Microsoft are using a proxy?

Come on people rid ourselves of the Microsoft evil

Wii got it WRONG: How do you solve a problem like Nintendo?


Soo funny but

When we all have photorealistic graphics that you cant argue about what will be the part that differentiates a quality game? Gameplay! Nintendo has shit loads of gameplay while the eye candy geeks cream off their HD visuals with little replayability

Microsoft may pick iPad for first release of Fondleslab Office™


Way too many people

Overstate BloatOrifice its just not a system seller

PSST! New PCs with Windows 7 preinstalled are out there – and will be into 2015, at least


Windows users get

royally screwed in the rectum

Sony's PlayStation 4 pwns Xbox in the United States


I woke and read Microsoft blubbering again.

then i went back to sleep

'No representation without taxation!' urges venerable tech VC


Well lets face it

Thatcher ripped Britain in two and America is already doing it's fair share in that regard

EC officials voice doubts about Almunia's planned Google settlement deal


Microsoft disagree??

Leave it be then it must be good! After all they should be dragged in front if the courts for their 90% desktop share

Rotten to the core: Apple’s 10 greatest FAILS


Actually theres a few on that list that were quite good

but theres plenty that arent on that list that should be!

Friends don't do tech support for friends running Windows XP


Why oh why do Windows apologists...

Spend hours on here saying Office is much better than LibreOffice because LibreOffice doesnt import things quite right?

Tell you what upgrade your systems to Linux then spend the money you saved on converting your documents to LibreOffice so Bloat Office doesnt import them well and you will end up much freer and you will have CONTROL of your IT infrastructure instead of whining every few years because you got your sorry arses stuck in a Microsoft hell hole!

IBM job cuts: Big Blue starts 'slaughter' of Indian and European workforce


Yet the pitiful...

global economy loved by the Yanks continues to rear its ugly face

Whitehall and Microsoft negotiate NHS Windows XP hacker survival plan


Such a shame we dont have

the forward thinking of Germany and changed our infrastructure away from Microsoft which would lead to less cuts required. I am beginning to wonder if austerity could just have been sorted by backing away from Microsoft entirely and sorting the UK government without hitting Mr Joe Average at all

Microsoft's new CEO: The technology isn't his problem


Re: Oh it was going so well until....

Calm down! Calm down! you cant even spell my nickname correctly you are so wound up and full of Steve Ballmers finger

Apple's iTunes 'n' App Store rakes in half the mazuma of Google's ENTIRE core business


Dont make me laugh

Android is harder to develop for!! Since when? If anything iOS AND Android are easy to develop for as they both use VERY similar hardware, the one that just plain stinks is Windows phone


Great joke post..

thanks for that. The PC has a Microsoft tax on it so the next time you marvel at Microsofts profits remember you have been royally screwed again. Lets face it Googles stealth tax is worth paying for anyway as the ads are tailored for you and we dont have to worry about getting porn ads because we searched for chicken breasts at Tesco!

No i am glad the bad old days of stagnating the internet under Microsoft are long gone and we can enjoy a much more streamlined internet and even a smoother one if you have the sense and ditch internet exploder already

Rampaging Google now second most valuable company ON EARTH


Re: Beware of what you wish for...

When your head is about to explode because of endless botched updates and constant price hikes combined with unnecessary FUD and extortion and even after all this your system still has viruses and is a zombie for crooks around the world crying into your pillow because you pay for this privilage hasn't helped for the last 15 years and won't help you for the next 15 years either until you grow a pair and break free from the chains you are claiming the poster to be tied to. You already are!


Very happy with this...

At least Google still give us a choice and don't go out of their way to kill competitors through underhanded tactics....hellooo Microsoft!! The bad old days were like this..Microsoft saw a competitor spread the FUD, bought and extinguished a competitor..pure evil. Google just put their software out there and let it do the talking. If you don't like it then don't use it. Google for all their problems with tax at least compete

Woz he talking about? Apple co-founder wants iPhones to run Android



Apple's Android phones would be abysmal. They'd lock out all the great options you get in a heartbeat. Can't stand Apples walled garden. ITunes is pure bloat and follows Apples tradition if crappy programming. QuickTime anyone?

'I plead guilty to DDoS conspiracy and these GCHQ b*stards were doing the SAME thing?'



Cops fight guns with guns why can't gchq fight ddos with ddos? An eye for an eye always has been always will be

Satya Nadella is 'a sheep, a follower' says ex-Microsoft exec


So really what has happened here is....

Ballmer is still running the show by telling the new yes man as CEO what to do. The cliff gets closer everyday for the Redmond juggernaut



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