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UK punters love Nokia, hate McDonalds

Matthew Lloyd

My two penneth worth...

And if people don't like it ... sod 'em.

1. McDonalds arn't so bad when you've only got a 30 min lunch and have been held up by some lowlife 'friend' that you can't shake off blabbing about crap you couldn't care less about. Plus, their McFlurries are always nice on a hot day. The only problem is we don't get enough hot days...

2. I've been using Nokia Phones for ages and have never had a problem with them. Yes they have their problems, but who doesn't? Nothing's perfect in this world, look at M$. And I don't think the N95 is ugly. Although the 8GB one looks worse...

3. I'm with Andrew Kirkpatrick. Never had a problem with O2. Orange on the other hand are as bad as 3...

4. People still buy The Sun? *sigh*

Vendor touts notebook as desktop server replacement

Matthew Lloyd


They are quoting the standard Laptop battery (Lithium Ion I assume) as a UPS, yet I've seen that with most batteries of this kind that continuous charging actually slowly breaks the battery causing it to store a lower charge, therefore not lasting anything as long as it's supposed to. So after a few months of use the UPS becomes pretty useless...

Or is that only on the really crappy & cheap Dell ones?

eBay chokes on iPhones

Matthew Lloyd

Point and laugh

"I laugh at the fools who camped out to buy the iPhone and the idiots who spent hundreds of dollars to be first in line to discover they can only buy ONE phone at a time."

For your viewing pleasure: