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Raspberry Pi 3 to sport Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE – first photos emerge

Webster Phreaky

Isn't this defeating the original purpose of the Pi being CHEAP and Stripped Down SIMPLE??? What's next, will it come with a 24" LED LCD Monitor???

iPhone NFC: 'Apple, photos and security ... What could go wrong?'

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To Trust CrApple with any "Security" is like Chamberlin trusting Hitler with Czechoslovakia and Poland staying free of invasion.

No winner in Android v iPhone 2011 marathon

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What CrApple Hack Media B S!

Sorry Register Hacks, but Neilsen Research (a REAL market research company that does REAL "studies" based on FACTS) recently showed a chart based on REAL SALES and Android is Trouncing CrApple iOS in the Smart Phone Market 50% share for Android to CrApple's iOS 24% share for 2011!!

Also on a one brand vs one brand total sales for 2 quarters, Samsung toppled CrApple by a healthy 6% MARGIN in the "Smart Phone" market!!

We all know you bend over and spread for CrApple, the Payola is just too good, huh??

Are Oracle's Exadata racks fluffing Apple's iCloud?

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You really mean, CrApple's iClod?

iClod is nothing more than an iSync .... where's the productivity Apps?? Where's the email apps? Where's the SUBSTANCE??? ALL of these things ARE IN REAL Cloud services like those offered for over a year now by MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, AMAZON!

CrApple = the Great iNOvator. All Spin and no Substance.

SIRI on an British iPhone .... "Huh? Speak Cupertino English"

Apple shovels $400m in stock grants to top execs

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The CrApple 1%'ers ..... get that Fan Boys???

Got the PICTURE YET CrAppleTards?? This filthy GREEDY Company is FIRMLY in the ONE PERCENTERS!! Ought to make you sick, but I find CrApple Fan Boys have neither little sense or community morals. With that big pile of Cash from the yearly Obscene Profits on the backs of the poor underpaid workers of Commie China, most underaged, Greedy CrApple have never paid a single cent of Dividends to their own Stock Holders.

That Face in the 1984 Commerical should have been Steve Jobs, now Tim Cook, instead of illuding to IBM or MSFT!! Now it's confirmed.

CrApple = 1%'ers

Apple said to order 24 million iPhone 4Gs

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Jobs Horns

1/2 will be available in 30 days as REFURBISHED ...

Yeah face it, Apple's "sweatshops" over there in Red China turn out crap and despite the exaggerated claims of perfection, Apple really has a horrible history of unreliability. Had one of those notorious G3/G4 iBooks, PowerBooks with flaked out LCD's, same goes of MacBooks and Pro's? How bout those short life batts in iPuds and iPhones??

MMS (finally) comes to AppleT&T

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Jobs Horns

Apple .... always a reality check,

... and always at the back of the line (that's the reality check).

Apple, The Great iNOvator and thet goes for their partners too (in this case AT&T). But I 'spose that crApple and AT&T will now claim that they pioneered MMS, huh?

When will the Apple Kool Aid Drinkers come out of their fog?

Steve Jobs snubs LSD daddy

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Coke Head, LSD Tripper and Liver Killing Boozer Jobs ....

.... snubs the very guy he owes his young tripping life that fostered Jobsy's bastardly act of also snubbing his own out-of-wedlock flesh and blood daughter.

Why am I not surprised of this Arrogant Bastard who only loves MONEY MONEY MONEY supplied by all you Apple Kool Aid Drinkers???

Tesla recalls Roadsters

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Jobs Horns

Bwah ha ha ha ha ....

Bwah ha ha ha ha .... THIS is Obummer's "future", "lectrics that are worse than the fuel cars.

Apple claims MacBooks are world's greenest laptops

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Jobs Horns

INDEED!! THey are VERY Green .... in Jobs' Wallet.

And THAT is the ONLY place.

For a company that was on Green Peace shit list for the WORST to the environment, ANYTHING Apple claims is good for shit.

News Flash!! iPod Land Fill larger than that of the City of Pittsburg!!

Sorry, negates anything one sticking MacBook claims.

Agassi: free electric car, anyone?

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Dead Vulture

So when was GD Electricity made FREE for 'Lectrrc cars???

I didn't f$#king think so.

And WHERE will this recharge electricity come from?? Out the politicians asses?? For Free??

The Electric Car, the second biggest SCAM since Global Warming.

Heidemarie 'Toolbag' Piper set for second spacewalk

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Dead Vulture

Should have kept Heide with just the Dishes ....

That way the politically correct FEMALE Astronut would have only lost the "good china".

ANOTHER REASON, women DON'T belong in the Military or anything other than house keeping in Space. Someone pass the lady the Sponge Mop.

Chrysler: the future's bright, the future's electric

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Dead Vulture

... the Future NEEDS a BAIL OUT tax payers.

Chrysler is such a crippled auto maker, mostly because of a long history of only making crap and cars only Phallic symbol people would buy, all this pretty picture stuff is nothing more than a PR Blast to get the Big Libs in Congress that love to give away our money, to Bail Out Chrysler.

Besides, the Electric Car is nothing but a bad idea. Where the hell do you think the electricity to recharge is going to come from??? Heaven and free?? Obummer has already said that if "electricity rates have to skyrocket to clean up our environment, then so be it ..." (his reference to NOT USING even Clean Coal energy generation.)

To produce electricity you must POLLUTE, even Nuc pollutes to a degree and where do you you put the spent radioactive end product?? I am not against Nuc, just realistic.

Now the last time I brought this up, the A-Hole Censors at The Reg, censored the truth. Gonna do it again?

Geek Wheels touted as the ultimate tech scooter

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15 minutes of fleeting fame .......

this is just another "whatchamacallit" two wheel balancing ride thing .... see, those things were such a bomb, can't even remember the name of it.

But do recall that Stevie Gods thought that those were the next greatest thing and everyone would have one. Meanwhile, they were banned from sidewalks in most major cities in the US and they aren't street legal either.

Guess they were sorta two wheeled Cubes, iPud Stereos, Apple TV's, Mighty Mouse, ..... oh and the MacBook Air (coming to a dusty shelf near you soon).

Google shares plummet past $300, reach three year low

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Jobs Horns

When it gets down to $25 per share ...

.... it'll be all it's worth.

Me wonders if all the Apple Kool Aid Drinkers are enjoying the AAPL +$100 Downward Slide since it's peak earlier this year!! (That's OFF OVER 100 PERCENT) 8^P He he he he he he he .....

Geez, MS and IBM are only off 45% ......

Wonder which companies valuation was all a bubble??? He he he he he he he .....

AVG slaps Trojan label on core Windows file

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Less Heavy Beer Drinking .. More Paying Attention!

Perhaps the AVG guys are spending too much time with their heads in the dark beer still, instead of in their code. I am getting pretty fed up with the numerous blunders AVG has made over the last year and a half! They increasingly have a decreased level of credibility in the AV program world .... to the point where Norton is looking pretty good again!

iPhone passcode blocks everything - except phone calls

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Jobs Horns

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .... TOO FUNNY Kool Aid Drinkers!!

but the AppleTards are still in denile about all the Apple product follies.

North Korea photoshops stroke from Kim Jong Il

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Dead Vulture

That picture is actually Cade Metz, you can tell ...

.... because the shadow is smaller due to his bony scraggly Frisco Liberal Chicken Legs.

Palin didn't know Africa is a continent, McCain aides say

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Cade (what hell kind of name is that!?), Cheap Shot story writer ..

...certainly no "journalist", doesn't bother noting that all this shit is coming from the lefty fringe of the JOHN MCCAIN election group THAT LOST AN ELECTION TO AN ADMITTED SOCIALIST, admitted Coke and other drug user, who cavorts with American Anarchists, Socialists and Black Racists and with who told all the idiots in America that he WILL raise your taxes!! You have to be F*&king Morons to lose to Obama ... which is what they ARE and are now trying to - 1) find a patsy, 2) keep Palin, a REAL CONSERVATIVE, from becoming the conservative ranks cover girl because SHE IS MORE POPULAR (the huge crowds ARE THE PROOF) than McCanned was!

These center-left leaning "RINO" A-holes that McCanned is a big part of ,are afraid of losing their authority in the Republican Party to someone like Palin .... who is a hell of a lot smarter than Cade and all the other a-holes in the lefty media.

So you going to censor this too, Reg jerks?

Donkeys refuse fodder as US election tension rises

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Dead Vulture

OK Europe, if you think Obama is so great and fair....

.... tell me why this messiah "of racial unity" has BLACK PANTHER thugs with billy-clubs blocking non black voters from Polling Stations in Philadelphia Pennsylvania?? And the Democrat (Socialist) Party blocked the counting of over-seas votes from our Military Personal!!

Obama in a speech said he wants "a civilian militia as powerful, well equipped and well trained as the military" ..... do YOU REMEMBER Germany's 1930's BROWN SHIRTS??

Go ahead your liberal bastards, censor this posting too!

Users pour forth MacBook trackpad woes

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Jobs Horns

Who the hell is surprised at this???

Hesus Christ!, as they say don't in 'ol Mexico! This is NOTHING NEW with Mac portable GARBAGE!!

I have a last of the G4 1.2g 12" iBooks, and guess what ...... it (and all of them made) CAME WITH ANOTHER Trackpad FLAW! You can not set the cursor speed above half or it goes bezzerk! Oh, and the Firewire Port decided to CROAK for no fu@king reason 2 months after Apple doesn'tCARE expired.

Then there's my $2700 G4 PowerBook that became a DOOR STOP at age 28 months with the now FAMED LCD cable flaw ($900 to fix and no garrantees it wouldn't happen again). Meanwhile, my year 2000 manufactured HP OmniBook PIII 1.2g still runs like new. I will never buy anything Apple ever again, but I did just buy another HP, 15.4" Pavillion notebook and love it.

MacBooks and MacBook Pros have LONG history of Bugs, Flaws and Manufacturing Poor Quality, just as ALL their predicessors do as well - the PROOF is all over the Internet on news reports and blogs. Remember the infamous G3 iBook that the US Govnmt forced Apple to extend the warranty to 3 years because of an over 23% failure rate!

Get a clue MacTards, Apple sells shit and they couldn't care less if you are effected.

So lets see if the Reg Tards will print this too, or censor it.

OpenBSD 4.4 released

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Apple Already "Lifting it" for OS X 10.7.x .....

you know, Apple the great iNOvator.

Wonder how long it will be till Apple, ah, "borrows" ReadyBoost(tm) from Vista??? Guess Apple needs to figure out how to keep RAM slots in MacBook Pros from failing first.

Why no c*nt and paste for the iPhone?

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Jobs Horns

Answer is easy ... because Stevie Gods is GOD!

And just like the other self announted "The One" the Maxist the stupid American are about to elect, both arrogant Totalitarianists do and will do what ever they feel like and screw the little guy.

Tablet MacBook launched... again

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Jobs Horns

And Again ... it will be a flop

What do you get when you make an already over priced buggy POS MacBook into a REALLY over-priced POS Tablet MacBook that no one really wants?

A Flop.

Asus to phase out sub-10in Eee PCs, says CEO

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Dead Vulture

Is ASUS Going to take away our 7" and 8.9" Eee's!!??

Is this "journalist" a moron are what? Where the hell did he get his "writing" credentials? 5th Grade? This writing style belongs more on the tabloids or Barak Obama's speech writing team.

QUOTE: "Enjoy your 7in and 8.9in Eee PCs while you can..." WHAT is ASUS Going to take away our 7" and 8.9" Eee's that we already own!!?? That's essentially what this dope is writing!

Learn how to write, go back to "writing school", you dope.

No make sure you clowns at THE REG censor this so your dope writer isn't embarrassed.

Apple's 'next move' is an HSDPA MacBook, forecasts analyst

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Jobs Horns

Why Doesn't Apple Concentrate instead on ....

making a notebook that isn't a over-priced buggy, flawed, feature poor piece of shit?

Only the died in the wool Apple Kool Aid Drinker in the Fantasy Land of Denial will argue that Apple has had a LONG history that runs right to current models of SERIOUSLY FLAWED and BUGGY notebooks.

Way back to the PowerBook 1400/2400's, Katana's (fires), G3 Wallstreets - Lonbards - Pismos (fried LB's and broken hinges), G3/G4 iBooks (TOO LONG to list the bugs), G4 Tibooks / AlumiBook (flaking / pealing / chipping paint - Tibooks, LCD cables, LBs, easy denting, etc), MacBooks and Pros with - LCD, paint, noise, dead RAM slots, and on and on and on BUGS; Apple has proved that they sell CRAP.

Meanwhile the AppleTards falsify the magazine yearly polls of perfection by doing the Osama Obama tactic of "Vote Early and Vote Often". Apple has the biggest phony image of good products as Obama has of being a "centrist" and not a marxist.

Come on, I've written for and know the magazine people - they know it happens and so do you!.

Now lets see if the big libs at The Reg will censor this one too?

Windows 7 borrows from OS X, avoids Vista

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Jobs Horns

OH NO!! Not the Spinning Beach Ball of Wait n Wait n Wait ...

and the EVER BUGGY OS X Updates features!! Ya know, every OS X is BUGGIER than the bugs that they are fixing ... knocking out hardware, 3rd party Applications, hey even Apple applications!! Don't think so? Just take a look at the macfixit.com home page and the archives!

I'm just hoping that there won't be that childish bouncing dock icon or magnification mode for the aged or stupid.

Apple prices iPhone at $666, says analyst

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Jobs Horns

Proof at last about Apple - 666, but Osama Obama too

You watch - Obama IS the Anti-Christ too (along with Jobs, who is of Arab decent and adopted). Israel will be attacked within the first 6 months and closet Muslim Obama will do nothing.

Of course the bastards at The Reg will censor this too.

NASA: Google Gulfstreams not science experiments

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Jobs Horns

THESE are the pompous ass liberals that infest Silcon Valley

Here is a another taste as the liberal pompous asses that run Google, Yahoo, Apple, ad infinitum in the home of Nuts Fruits and Flakes - the Frisco Bay Area.

Man threatens lawsuit after negative eBay feedback

Webster Phreaky

eBay does NOTHING to cull the MANY DirtBag Sellers.

I bought a claimed new RC transmitter set from a seller and paid for it via Paypal just 20 minutes after winning the bid - I needed it fast for my kids new plane. I asked the seller, who had offered in the bid to ship it via Priority Mail with the normal USPS tracking number, to ship it right away. He wrote he would. Well three weeks later we never got it and after 6 demands for proof that he'd actually shipped it (even Paypal demanded it finally) and he never supplied it, Paypal FINALLY gave me a refund. Then the bastard had the never to file a "strike" that I'd never paid for it! (I had the Paypal confirmation number IN THE Dispute documentation!) What nerve this fraud had!

It was easier finding teeth in a hens mouth trying to get eBay to do ANYTHING! Did they penalize this fraudulent seller? Hell no. At least Paypal lists phone numbers and will talk to you; eBay hides everything for contacting them LIVE!

eBay sucks. And oh yeah I ripped the Seller a new asshole in his negative Feedback .... just try to sue me!

Oprah cuddles Kindle

Webster Phreaky

Just Keep It Away From Her Mouth! ....

She'll EAT ANYTHING that get within 5 ft of Oprah Windbag's mouth.

FLASH!! Oprah Windbag on her 52nd Miracle Diet!! Loses 100 lbs in just 20 days ..... but puts on 101 in 30.

London cabs to go 'lectric in 2009

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The Reg Hardware Assholes -- Censor Comments that make a point

Thank you The Reg Hardware editor assholes for censoring my common sense comments why electric cars are a farce (where the hell do you think the recharge is coming from?). In fact, you Reg assholes are a farce too, come to think of it! Liberal douche bags.

Apple and Psystar enter out-of-court counseling

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Jobs Horns

Apple Lawyers "Counsel" with Rubber Hoses.

But Apple's goose is cooked no matter how much they "hose" the Psystar dweebs, the horses are already out of the barn when Apple switched to a generic Intel PC platform for greedy reasons (to get cheap and ALL of Intel's NAND production run). Sticking on a single OS blocking PROM on an essentially generic platform (at twice the price for the Apple Premium) that could just as easily be in a POS Dell made in the very same Chinese Sweatshop mud brick "factories", is not enough to convince any Judge that Macs are anything but a plain ol "my too PC". So any claims of anyone not having "permission" to slap OS heXed on some other generic PC box is just something Apple will not be able to defend.

Smart Ass Stevie? You cooked you greedy own ass. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.........

Prediction - look for more Clone "me too Macs" coming down the pike and AAPL flailing to $19. p/ share. Oh there won't be more OS X powered Macs, just less that Apple will sell.

Man buys new MacBooks, pulls them to bits, takes pics

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Jobs Horns

ALL the "new" MacBooks will be taken apart SOON ENOUGH...

many times over and over by Apple trying to fix the USUAL crop of Flaws and Bugs that ALL crApple notebooks have a renowned reputation for.

Just my personal experience?

G3 500 iBook - Apple had to repair 3 times during 1 year warranty, finally died.

G3 700 iBook - " " 4 times during 32 months - 2 LogicBoards, 1 LCD and 1 Optical Drive (AppleCare), and then after, I HAD TO replace the dead AC/DC charging board.

G4 1.2G iBook - Apple had to repair 2 times during warranty, both times Logic Boards), but at 38 months old the Firewire port is DEAD and the LCD flickers.

G4 1G PowerBook - TWICE back to Apple for LogicBoards in the first 12 months, now it's a DOOR STOP (at 26 months old) because of a DEAD LCD that costs $899 to replace!

I will NEVER BUY another Apple. Apple products are $HIT.

Apple MacBook Air stays skinny, gains beefier specs

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Jobs Horns

Apple's Biggest Bomb since the Cube .....

Since it's release some 18 months ago, I have seen only ONE in any owners hands at our two Community College campuses, 5 high schools and 26 primary/secondary schools; and that includes teachers, admins or students. As Dir of IT for the our school dist, not one employee has made a request for one. (not that I'd approve it anyway.)

Perhaps Apple should consider selling these over in Iran, Iraq or Pakistan where they appreciate a good BOMB.

Apple takes wraps off rumour-matching MacBook Pros

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Jobs Horns

Investors say YAWN! AAPL -6.18 -5.60% on UP market!

As another story stated, MacBook Air is STILL pathetic in userability (no optical drive, missing ports), and anyone with a history of Mac notebook ownership knows ...... expect BUGS, FLAWS and PREMATURE DEATH just after the warranty runs out.

But the stupid Apple Kool Aid Drinker MacTards will still throw their money down the Apple Rat Hole.

Linux at 17 - What Windows promised to be

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Jobs Horns

What a LAUGH! "promised to be"? What? 1% of the OS Market???

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ....

This "writer" (to call him a journalist is another laugh) is delusional (he should buy a Mac, he'd fit in there too).

Windows 94% of the worlds Desktop OS Market in use.

Mac OS 4%

Linux <1%

Misc. 1%

(per Gartner Research 2007)

Apple patents OS X Dock

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Jobs Horns

@By Sarev and @Paul .... Correct yourself.

First off Sarev, "RISC OS" was not issued by or used by anyone in the US and we are talking about a US Patent. RISC OS was British , there is NO evidence I could find that it was was sold in the US. ..., but as you said it did predate BOTH Windows and ESPECIALLY OS X.

Most importantly - Paul, Windows 95 with the first US Task Bar (Dockable apps) was first publically SHOWN in late 1994 WITH THE TASK BAR! I never wrote anything about first for sale. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY is based on when first done and the proof was that MS showed it at the Dev Conf in Redmond (I was there along with 2300 other developers) in '94! There were press leak pics of Win 95 all over the place in 1994.

Beside, there is NO Taskbar or "Dock" with and "dragable" capability on any version of NeXTstep ... before Windows 95 anyway! Proof? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:NeXTSTEP_desktop.jpg

All Stevie Gods did with this "wonder OS" was rip-off FreeBSD anyway .... continuing his career as an OS Thief.

So .... correct yourself. 8^P

Webster Phreaky
Jobs Horns

Sure, AFTER STEALING it from Windows 3.1, 95, 98, etc.

Oh come on, this one is so obvious ... after STEALING THIS off of Windows 95 (for the stupid Mac user, it debuted July of 1994 and OS X debutted early 2001), the GREAT iNOvator once again claims what Microsoft had long before.

Now before you Apple Kool Aid Drinkers get your little girly panties in a bunch, the ESSENTIAL definition of a TTool Bar (oh yeah, that's what the INVENTOR MS called it) or "Dock" as the THIEF calls it, is the capability to have Applications launch from it that you can DRAG THERE, which Windows 95 DID and System 7, OS 8 nor 9 could do!!


Oh yeah and BTW, NO versions of UNIX or BSD before WIndows 95 had any kind of Tool Bar or Dock where you could drag apps or tools EITHER!

YOU! Have been caught STEALING again Stevie Gods and the Apple Cretans.

Now, will the REG tards censor this too?

HP and EDS kill nearly 3,500 UK jobs

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Jobs Horns

No Worry, Osama Obama will fix it for you Brits ....

and assorted problems in Sweden, Germany, France and the rest of Europe ... you clowns did elect Hussein Obama to President of the World didn't ya?

Jesus Phone vuln delivers fanboys to phishermen

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Jobs Horns

Oh, Apple design work so PERFECT AGAIN!

Yes, perfectly crap.

All the Apple Kool Aid Drinkers deserve this weekly sort of stuff. It's a lot like Leprosy. (look it up, stupids)

McCain laptop theft sparks conspiracy theories

Webster Phreaky
Jobs Horns

Osama Obama's Weather Underground friends Wm Ayers did it

Any surprise that Osama Obama and his Chicago Thugs wouldn't pull something like this?

Talk about lies, Obama's whole made-up bio is a lie. "Community Organizer" = Street Agitator for ACORN, which has been indicted in 10 states for Voter Fraud (enlisting illegal aliens, fellons and the DEAD to illegally vote!), claiming to vote against the war when he wasn't even in the Senate!

Apple shares plunge after Jobs 'heart attack'

Webster Phreaky
Jobs Horns


But I'd rather that Stevie Gods have a major stroke, a vegtable, hardly showing any life signs .... then he'd be just like all the piece of shit Mac's and iPods he's sold that croak and become useless just after the warranty expires! (I have FOUR of them)

Censor this one too, Reg Bastards!

Apple scraps iPhone NDA

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Jobs Horns

Ha! Apple Scraps Stock Value ... Tanks big time!

AAPL 110.47 -3.19 -2.81% (10/01/2008). Ya remember when it was $189 in May '08?

How's YOUR AAPL portfolio, AppleTards?

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ........

Ps. MSFT 26.83 +0.14 +0.52% (same day, same time)

'I can see dinosaurs from my back porch'

Webster Phreaky


First off - I'm an Atheist, have a MS in Zoology / Vertebrate Paleontology and don't believe in "Creation" or any "Devine / Creator lead Evolution" either. The ONLY "creation" that's been done, is MANS invention of religion and god (small G intentional).

Never the less, it's none of the business of the A-Hole so-called media writers of this DEMOCRAT BIASED Media Tripe, or any of you Lefty A-Holes, what Sarah Palin believes in! Desipite that you dicks on Left's attempts to have Big Governent dictate what we can do or believe in (since you're all Marxist at heart), like in Cuba, China or Iran, the US President or VP CAN NOT dictate what is taught or believed in by US Citizens. This is a FREE THINKING COUNTRY!

Palin has NEVER said she believes what science has proved was prehistoric Flora or Fauna only existed "recently"; and many "orthodox" religious believers either don't or suspect that the "time line" of ALL of the various religious bibles are distored by the barely educated people who wrote them. Print a single online hyperlink to any cooberated quotation that Sarah Palin has publically stated she believe "Dinosaurs exhisted recently"!! I'll bet NONE OF YOU can!

Keep in mind, if you have one, that Sarah Palin's father WAS A SCIENCE TEACHER in a public school teaching CONVENTIONAL SCIENCE and EVOLUTION!

So keep your OBVIOUSLY Politically Oriented Biased Slandering of a US CITIZEN, Sarah Palin or anyone else, to your selves! A-Holes!

eBay: don't come on our US site without protection

Webster Phreaky
Paris Hilton

@Dave ... who never got past 3rd grade ....

because he couldn't spell, punctuate and wipe his own ass ..... his Mommy is still doing for him (Dave lives in his parents basement)

Quote right from Dave's splendid posting -

"but I sick of your childish, pathetic postings about them.

Pleas do the world a favour and f%ck off."

Yes, today Dave cleans urinals for pennies and all the pubic hair he can stuff in his pockets (with holes in them, of course)

Paris finds you .... pathetic.

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Jobs Horns

If Safari (the Buggy) is Banned by eBay, I love you eBay!!

Quote: "They have just banned Safari from completing the checkout process unless you choose Firefox as the User Agent."

ANY company that understand the Secuity Risk of ANY APPLE PRODUCT is a winner in my camp! Right in eBay. Next? BAN Macs and iPhonies from accessing the eBay site all together.

Sun's solar wind hits 50-year low

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Paris Hilton

Barak Hussein Osama Obama is ALREADY "On it"

He just said he can't take a break from his EMPTY SUIT Campaign (the US economy wasn't important enough either), but he and Biden are definitely "On it", and "All Over it" and it's all W's fault with support from McCain, so "Just Call Me" he says and maybe Osama Obama will take a break from memorizing his debate replies since Obama can't use a TELEPROMPTER!

Obama, an Empty Suit ..... but a pretty Empty Suit.

Secret Windows 7 screens leaked?

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Jobs Horns

Stevie Gods snuck it out while stealing it to copy for OS X 10.6

Stevie has been LIFTING parts of Windows since 3.1, but always a generation behind or not at all. Remember that Windows had the "Start" menu first which then showed up in OS 8 and 9; THEN Stevie COPIED the Windows "Taskbar" and called it the Dock on OS X .... oh yeah Windows HAD THAT all the way back in Win 95 (OS X? 2001 and neXT or BSD never had it either - the two OS X progenitors).

Of course NOW Stevie has Stolen pop-up menus too from Windows for the fruity and boinging juvenile action Dock. Will the THEFT ever stop.

Well apparently not, since Stevie's crew of Apple "engineers" (copiers) morons can't seem to figure out how COPY Windows Vista's "ReadyBoost" instant USB Flash RAM addition to the systems RAM's reserves. (Turn your 4GB system into a 8 or 10GB just by plugging in a HS USB 2.0 Drive!) or the XP perfected one step "System Restore Point" that backs up settings/system files or restores a previous working condition if an app / malware, or / YOU. screw something up in Windows. (Stevie's solution to this is - "Reinstall OS X)

Oh and of course, despite the FACT that OS X FRAGMENTS worse and faster than Windows 2000, XP or Vista (as bad (horrible) as BSD and UNIX without a cache partition), Apple CAN'T seem to figure out HOW to include a defrag application that defrags automatically OR within OS X WHILE the OS is running!! How LAME is that???

Geez Stevie even had to steal "Widgets" from the poor folks at Konfabulator without tippng them even a cent. Remember that mail program that Apple stole for the iPhone??? It just never stops.

Well, I'm sure that we will see many of Windows 7 in OS X some day, probably 10.8 or 10.9 in 2012 .... when the world ends according to the alien / Mayan calendar nuts that all use Macs.

Sacked Indian workers beat chief exec to death

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Jobs Horns

It should be ... beat Union Workers to Death by Mgnt and white colar workers

.... for the destruction of most every industrialized nations economies. Pension plans that bankrupt company coffers, twice as many holidays and paid days off as the non union sectors, paid even if laid off for years. Wow, this even sounds like the Gov jobs!