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Petty PETA rapped by judges over monkey selfie copyright stunt


PETA is an extremist organization. If it had its way, all humans would be vegan and animals would not live in captivity.

Russian hackers got Trump elected? Yeah, let's take a close look at that, says Obama


The Democrats keep looking for somebody to blame for Clinton's loss, other than who they should be looking at. Admit it, Democrats, if you had only pushed Bernie Sanders instead of Clinton, there's a good chance that a Democrat would have won the White House. Clinton was a horrible candidate.

FBI won't jail future US president over private email server


Oh, please not Hillary

I voted for Bernie Sanders in the caucus our state had back in March. Bernie always seemed to draw huge crowds during his campaign rallies. The times that I saw Hillary Clinton speak, I wondered where her crowds were.

Seriously, though, if she wins in November, I think it will be for two reasons: She is a woman and nobody wants Donald Trump as POTUS. There are a lot of women in the US who are chomping at the bit to have a woman as POTUS. But, Hillary is not the first woman to ever run for the Democratic nomination.

Hillary also has things going against her. She is not particularly likeable and she's not an easy woman to trust based upon her history. I do not understand why the Republicans are all in a tizzy over Hillary Clinton, if she became POTUS, she would be the best President the Republicans could ever ask to have.

I think America is ready for a woman as President; but, there is a better option: Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party.

US House to vote on whether poor people need mobile phones


telephone assistance

My state ended its telephone assistance program last year. With the federal lifeline program, I only save a couple dollars off my phone bill. If I was a corporation, I could get all kinds of state and federal benefits.

When was the last time anybody saw a public pay phone? I remember when I could call my parents just with a dime. The last time I ever saw a pay phone, it cost me a quarter to make a local call.

Hey Windows 10, weren't you supposed to help PC sales?


Each of my sons has his own computer. My oldest son has Windows 8.1 and my youngest son has Windows 10. My oldest son tried to get the free Windows 10 upgrade; but, it failed either at the download or with the installation.

My youngest son has been using Windows 10 since he got his computer. He said that Windows 10 is better than Windows 8 or 8.1.

Yahoo! is! up! for! sale! – so! how! much! will! you! bid!?


Re: What exactly are they selling?

Yahoo sells ad space. They may still offer ad-free email for a fee, otherwise the main customers are the advertisers. Those who use the regular Yahoo email, Yahoo search, and/or Yahoo Groups are Users not Customers.

Yahoo! axes! websites! you've! never! heard! of! and! lays! off! staff!



This is the first I've read anything about Yahoo having digital publications. Oh, well, I'm sure there are many other digital publications to peruse.

Yahoo! boss! Mayer! promises! shake-up! in! bid! to! save! her! job!


Re: A couple of questions...

I'm thinking that Yahoo's core business is selling ad space. The company seems to ignore complaints about its various products. Perhaps it will discontinue those products which have the highest number of complaints.

Hello? HELLO? Major Skype outage hits folk WORLDWIDE


I don't use Skype. I did install it once, before it became part of hotmail; but, was not impressed. So, I uninstalled it and have not used it since.

Netflix profits plunge, but streamer still plans global domination


Netflix streaming

I've subscribed to Netflix for a number of years. I get one dvd and unlimited streaming. I used to be quite happy with it. However, the recent change in the streaming side of Netflix has dampened my enthusiasm for the product. I'm referring to the white text on the black background. While I do not have any trouble with viewing video, I am having extreme difficulties with reading white text on black background. I understand that's how it is with the Netflix Original series; but, now it is for all streaming series. I have given up watching any streaming series since this radical change. My son still watches some streaming shows; so, I will keep paying for it.

Yahoo! displaces Ask in Oracle's Java update crapware parade


I have never used Yahoo Search. I used Ask back when it was Ask Jeeves. Recently, I switched to DuckDuckGo Search. Yahoo may not ever be number 1, since Google has slipped into everyday jargon. A person is more likely to say, "you can google it if you want to learn the truth." So far, I have not heard anybody say, "you can yahoo it if you want to learn the truth."

Yahoo! and! Microsoft! extend! tricky! search! deal! talks! by! 30! days!


In the beginning when I first used search engines, it was Ask Jeeves. When askjeeves.com became ask.com, I just kept using it. I have no need for Microsoft, Yahoo, or even Google.

RadioShack lists 1,800 stores facing the axe across America


Our local Radio Shack closed a long time ago. Maybe 10 years. There are times when I do miss being able to run down there to get something that none of the other stores in town carry.

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


Compared with some sites that I visit, it seems to load a lot faster. However, that could also be the time of the day that doesn't get a lot of activity. I don't think it's too white. In fact, I would like to see a bit more white space around the blocks of text. The text could possibly be a bit darker, though. People with low vision need to have the contrast in order to discern text from background.

Forget Hillary, HP's ex CARLY FIORINA 'wants to be next US Prez'


I have already forgotton about Hillary; but, I'm sure not thinking about Carly.

Bada-Bing! Mozilla flips Firefox to YAHOO! for search


MY search engine of choice is ask.com; but, I've been using it since it was Ask Jeeves. Yahoo is getting to the point that I just don't like it as much as I once did. With the many problems that Yahoo continues having with Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Groups, I just wonder how problematic Yahoo Search would be.

Seth Rogen bags Woz role in Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic


Steve Jobs

I watched Jobs with Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs. While he did okay in the role, the best film about Steve Jobs was The Pirates of Silicon Valley. Noah Wylie had all of Steve Jobs movements and mannerisms down pat. At the time, he even bore a striking physical resemblance to Steve Jobs.

I'm not sure if another Steve Jobs movie is really needed, though. RIP Steve Jobs.

Aaah, what's that smell, Nook? Yes, it's death: Barnes & Noble to jettison e-book biz


I had the opportunity to do a side by side comparison of Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook. The Kindle had buttons and the Nook had a touch screen. Even with these minor differences, I found the Kindle to be more responsive. At one point, the Nook displayed what appeared to be two separate pages stuck together. The Kindle seemed to have more menu options. My overall impression was that Kindle was the better option for me.

CEO Marissa Mayer puts on brave face as Yahoo! shows another loss


What does Yahoo sell?

The same thing that Facebook sells. Ad Space. But, there are a lot of unhappy and disgruntled Yahoo users who are trying to get restored what was taken away. Yahoo Mail and Groups have both been remodeled. Not for the best, mind you. But, Groups, especially seems to be changing every single day.

Yahoo!, Summly to publish News Digest: An app for Generation-TL;DR


I already get newsletters that do what I think Yahoo is trying to do. The newsletter comes in, there are article titles listed, with a very brief idea as to what the article might be about. I click on those that I want to read and ignore the rest. With all the changes that Yahoo had done to many of its products, I just don't see the innovation anymore.

Ghastly! Yahoo! Groups! gripes! grip! grumpy! gremlin! grumblers!


Yahoo gives the same canned response to The Reg?

In many of the Issues posted to the User Forum, I have read the same response that Yahoo has given to The Reg. The Neo format of Groups is not an improvement. I think Yahoo's new target audience is the 15-23 year old crowd. Maybe the range could be expanded to 30. Yahoo Groups users should have a choice.

New! Yahoo! logo! shows! Marissa! Meyer's! personal! touch!


There's more important things to be concerned about. A new logo will make Yahoo's stock prices skyrocket? How funny! Most members in my groups hadn't even noticed the logo was changing on a daily basis.

'WTF! MORONS!' Yahoo! Groups! redesign! traumatises! users!


It's not about the users

The impression I get is that Yahoo only cares about the money from companies who want to advertise with them. I'm not even sure if Yahoo contacted said companies to see what user interface they should use. Yahoo has changed Flickr and there are still complaints being posted in the feedback forum, ever since May 20, 2013. When Yahoo changed Mail to Neo, users complained. They are still complaining. And, now with Neo applied to Groups? The horrors of it all! What Yahoo has done, it appears is take everything that was on the old groups and squished it all together into a format that is supposed to look updated and easier to use; but, instead of asking groups to be volunteers, Yahoo didn't ask anybody and just started dumping random user accounts into Neo. For my personal experience, I think the Neo format just doesn't work for me. The continuous, or infinite, scrolling has to be changed; but, it's not going to happen since this is what Yahoo did to Flickr photostreams. So, now my group has Flickr photostreams, message streams, file streams, it makes me want to go fishing. Finding anything is very difficult.