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BT job cuts start to bite ahead of March deadline

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User's perspective

I am a user of BT's services, both at home and at work (my employer outsourced IT to BT) and from a work point of view, it seems that, at the moment, when a contractor's contract comes to an end, it's not renewed and BT tries to use retrained 'poleclimbers' (the guys who used to climb the telephone poles) in place of contractors because they can't get rid of them for some reason. However, these guys, even retrained, cannot replace someone who is a senior project manager with experience of delivering large scale projects. It's about time BT was given the option of getting rid of staff it can't use any more due to technology change.

Samsung launches latest netbook UMPC

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A design to watch

This looks like a clunky version of the sort of design that Apple should be releasing - a larger iPod Touch...

Intel launches convertible 'kid-friendly' netbook

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Yet another machine aimed at "the children"

I cannot understand why the manufacturers of these machines restrict their markey to kids. They'd sell more if they considered adults and also thought a bit more about what the kid is going to think carrying that around, especially with it called 'classmate' and a built in carry handle. Rex is right when he says that Apple's designs makes them more attractive sought after. Look at the way Macs are used in BBC dramas like Spooks, and even 'Rick & Steve cartoon programme has a laptop with a banana on it instead of an apple.

Sony all-in-one PCs get even more iMac-alike


At last!

A windoze machine that looks (sort of) like an iMac for all those anti-Apple guys out there. Price? probably in the region of £900 I'd guess. Sony are never cheap. Like Apple.

That's enough - I'll get my coat... it's the one with the apple in the pocket...

Lateral thought saves sizzling server


@ Anonymous Coward

Didn't you consider for a minute that the person who wrote that is possibly from one of our foreign call centres, or may even have some illness that prevents him/her from spelling correctly. If you really cared you'd be sympathetic to his/her needs and not be so scathing and politically incorrect...

Oyster system failure causes travel misery

Paris Hilton

Waht about older cards?

Does this mean that an Oyster Card that I bought a while ago on my last London trip won't work the next time I visit? Or is it deleted and whatever's left on it (mis)appropriated by London Transport?

(Paris because I feel I'm asking a bit of a daft question)

MySpace hides in bathroom ahead of make-over


What about Bebo?

Isn't that better than both <snigger>

MP launches ten minute rule bill on in-UK roaming


Who really cares?

Personally, I'd rather some MP introduced a Bill to prevent any network coverage in places like concert halls, cinemas, restaurants, buses, and so on. Or for an enterprising company to develop a paint that blocks the signals. There's nothing worse than having a Sharon or Tracy sit beside you on public transport or in a cinema and be forced to listen to her weeks sexual achievements with Darren and what she bought at Top Shop on Saturday.

Canon shows off Spring Collection


outdated 400D?

It seems like no time at all since I bought my 350D which was replaced very soon after by the 400D. Now the 400D is "outdated". Give me my trusty G3 any day...

How can I make the most of old CPUs?


Staff costs

I get the impression that you're going to do this work yourself. Have you actually costed it out, including the cost of your own time, plus the likelihood that these will need possibly more hardware support until they reach final end of life?

You may be better just reformatting the hard disks and taking them to the local recycling place and buying new ones.

Coming to terms with Raon's Everun tiny, Lolita-based PC


I agree with Ryan

Why oh why do these people spend millions of £/$ of research money making things smaller and ultimately less useable?

Like Ryan above I'd much rather have a decent size of screen, very little weight(500g or less) and thin. Something I won't notice so much when I'm travelling.

Virgin Media boss in shock exit


If TV has taught me anything...

it wasn't actually Sir Humphrey, it was Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, but yes, the man wasn't hated enough to fire him...

(Un)lucky UCLA student cops Paris's old mobile number


Heard on TV

I heard this on TV the other night, "Paris Hilton completed just 23 days of her 45 day sentence in prison - looks like that's another sentence she wasn't able to complete..."