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Free voice and video firm plans April 1 UK launch

Shane Bryan

RE: My own 'Maybe It's A Double Bluff' Comment

OK, well, it *was* working.

I made three calls, but now it is telling me that it wont make new calls and that Voixio will be live on 1 April 2008.

Maybe I slipped through their net :)

MySpace wins UK domain name that pre-dated its service

Shane Bryan

My Space

Apparently not your space any more mate.

US switches off the incandescent lightbulb

Shane Bryan

@ Entertainment?

As Mark said, you will find now, especially in gigs, LED lighting is more and more being used*. I run a company supplying and operating lighting for gigs but I have also done quite a bit of lighting design, operation and rigging for theatre too and even some of that etc. stoof that you talk about.

My last investment again went to LED lighting. It will, however, never never never replace the conventional generic lighting lanterns. Light output is quite low compared with normal lamps and lanterns used; which means buying more, which means you're getting more and more pushed for space on rigging. They are of course more expensive than the conventional lanterns. Again as Mark said, they're 'pish' for spotlights and projecting stencilled patterns (gobos), really you need an iris or two for that but lets not go there.

But then there's the advantages: Powever availability at venues, low power consumption, low maintenance. Some LED lighting fixtures can be very much 'do what you like with them'. An LED PAR64, for example, even if its RGB, you've got good enough colour mixing which means you can use the lantern for more than one state, possibly all. Although this doesn't cover white, there is always that damn blue tinit from the LEDs.

I will continue to invest in LED lighting for quite a few reasons not even mentioned here. It has it's many uses, not so much in theatre though. It becomes good in that etc. section again though; corporate events and stoof.

*Not entirely true with the magic of AV and their display screens now. (LED)

**And yes I'm talking right, it's called a lamp. A bulb is something you plant in the ground in this industry.

Evesham sale imminent?

Shane Bryan

No, no, no no

A sad state of affairs, it has been for a whilst mind. But TIMEUK!!! No, no, no, no.

The government could have shifted something, maybe money *grin*, into the direction of Evesham after the HCI collapse, but alas, the government are tight with our money.

Damn... I'm sitting here, at my computer, using an Evesham 37" TV as a monitor. I recently installed a couple of sticks of RAM into a brothers computer, bought via Evesham. There is an entire workstation downstairs bought from Evesham. I also live in Evesham. I remember the days of the familys first computer when we didn't live here, made by Evesham. And, hehe, I have just received a promotion email from Evesham. The last entire computer I bought from Evesham was for the grandma, her old one was a TimeUK machine. She much prefers the Evesham and grandma always knows best.

Oh how I will miss the days of me and the sales team, out in the car park, joking around, trying to fit my 37" TV into the back of an Aldi A4.

Sure, the Evesham showroom will always exist - probably - but owned by TimeUK.

No, no, no, no.


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