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Bitcoin to be hammered – in an auction, that is

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Re: What's the point?

Because bitcoin is an illiquid product and dumping 24000 complete units of an illiquid abstract-construct on a market is sure-fire catastrophe.

Teen tricks leaky Valve into publishing hot new Steam game: Watching Paint Dry

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I saw this on the new releases page over the weekend.. didn't click the banner image but I remembered the title. good on him!

iiNet trial killed ISP-content talks, says Brandis

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We have the A-G (and government) for the Corporations and not the people in 'Straya.

Microsoft puffs up OneDrive, now with 1TB per head for biz users

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Re: Meaningless hype

Your point is not valid at all. at say 100gb per year (and i have years of existing work) i'd be nudging capacity and looking for more storage within a few years, and if i was looking at a solution like this then i'd want to be thinking in years rather than a short term dump.

Your point was which business user would need this sort of space; plenty of them

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Re: Meaningless hype

i generate between 5-15GB of files per month in a business environment, some of us do some real work you know!

Dimwit hackers use security camera DVRs as SUPER-SLOW Bitcoin-mining rig

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Re: Using someone else's hardware and electricity?

that was my thought too, to them it wouldn't matter that it was using more power that it was earning. it was probably pool mining so many small devices, still low processing power, en mass would be returning something to whoever was behind it.

Microsoft issues less-than-helpful tips to XP holdouts

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i've two XP machines still running at work, both control equipment and loaded with all manner of proprietary software and the like. really have to do something about this.

Virtual reality? Two can play THAT GAME, says Sony: New headset revealed for the PS4

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Re: A few problems with these things

if they're struggling to hit 1080p/60fps on the main screen they've no hope getting that level in the ps4 era

Wii got it WRONG: How do you solve a problem like Nintendo?

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Re: How do you solve a problem like Nintendo?

except they carry no debt and still have a mountain of cash from the wii/ds. they've survived before, they will survive again.

Ninten-DOH! Japanese giant slashes Wii U sales forecasts by 70%

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the problem with the SEGA argument is that now that they're out of the hardware business, their IP has been pimped to every platform under the sun, almost to the point where a new Sonic game brings nothing but rolls of the eyes. Because they struggle to make a proper Sonic game that people want. And their other star IP at the moment is....

nintendo will do a Pokemon MMORPG before they even consider getting out of the hardware business. things are not desperate enough yet.

Java, Android were THE wide-open barn doors of security in 2013 - report

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One stupid XEROX bit of software means i have to run Java at work, Minecraft for the spawn means i have to run java at home.

Facebook gets a 'trending topics' box (just what its cluttered pages need)

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Shark well and truly jumped, almost out of air and drowning.

Why Microsoft absolutely DOESN'T need its own Steve Jobs

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good read

really enjoyed the article - especially the point about traditional windows users being given a brand new interface for absolute no gain to the end user.

Apple Schill-er: 'I was shocked - SHOCKED! They went and copied the iPhone'

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Re: Dont forget the iPhone name

i actually have two of the cisco iphone phones on the work network, rubbish wifi voip handheld that often needs a firmware flash after daylight savings.

Those Xbox One first-day glitches: GREEN screens of DEATH, disc crunching

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Re: Is no one capable

agree my first thought when i read the news was probably a bad batch from lg or someone

HUMANITY STUNNED - Apple Retina iPad Mini arrives. A solemn moment

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Re: Retina?

spot on.. it's the new dpi that used to matter for printers (but only up to a certain point)

Construction industry outlook is bad news for Turnbull's alt.NBN plan

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I wont be happy until i personally see Ziggy and Turnbull out there with a shovel getting the real work done.

ITU to Europe: One charger for all mobes good. One to rule them ALL? Better

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Re: Good idea

these have been on the market for ages in australia

Facebook reveals plan to WIRE THE PLANET

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Re: "Allowing", Tom Samplonius? Really? (was: In otherwords ...)

Knowledge is power (just ask google/facebook et al) so I would say the internet could be extremely useful in their day-to-day lives..

iPhone 5S: Apple, you're BORING us to DEATH (And you too, Samsung)

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this is why i'm upgrading to the 5s - i'm actually fairly comfortable with the platform and its integration into the other products i use, in this case a windows desktop and an apple tv. i will admit that i'm underwhelmed but i'm still rocking the 4 (which has been a pretty solid phone in the end.. but i got one of the later revisions) and can afford to go back onto a 2 year plan. what i would have loved to have seen is USB 3.

I don't think the next big phone innovation will come from apple, they've become the mercedes of phones. somewhat limited in selection, priced to the bejesus but if you treat it with care you'll either keep it in great nick or be able to get it fixed with limited hassle.

i look forward to a snappier phone with a better camera, annoyed that i'll have to get an adaptor for my alarm clock dock though.

Facebook tramples Twitter's turf with media-friendly tracking

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Nintendo is FLATLY UNHINGED: New 2DS is a handful of game

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The point is children, I know, mine's on her second already. The hinge is always a weakspot (eliminated) and the 3D gimmick underused (eliminated).

Add to this experiences you cannot get on any other platform (Animal Crossing and Pokémon spring to mind initially) and a backwards compatibility to the original DS, i see it as a winning move.

As ever, anyone complaining about this device.. well they don't need to buy one, it's not a device or platform for everyone but this e x p a n d s the platform to be even more inclusive.


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