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Fire stations too much like fire stations, says Govt

Iain Porter


utter bollocks.

That is all.

Unimpressed Sheilas mock boy racers' todgers

Iain Porter


Don't they realise the only way to slow motorists down is enormous numbers of cameras?

Plan for 20mph urban speed-cam zones touted

Iain Porter

Percentage of Accidental deaths...

"When we also remember that road deaths amount to 82 per cent of all accidental deaths for those under 20, there still remains plenty for us to do."

Increasing the number of people under the age of 20 killed by other means would be what he means, at a guess?

I wish people would refrain from quoting statistics unless they understand what they mean...

PC superstore puts Microsoft on sale for under £150

Iain Porter


I guess that installing Linux on it would void that warranty..?

MS lawyers take out AutoPatcher

Iain Porter

Security giant? Microsoft?

I missed the sarcasm tags on that one, didn't I?

Nashville strippers finger net forger

Iain Porter

Software recognition

Photoshop recognises banknotes and refuses to open them. Image Ready doesn't. Photoshop will happily let you work on anything that you open up in IR and then select 'Edit in Photoshop'.


Movie pirate forced to ditch Linux

Iain Porter

Sorry, what?

"...was sentenced to five months imprisonment after he confessed to uploading copies of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith..."

Five months in prison for sharing a film... Not that there's anything inherently broken about copyright law or anything.

IBM faces Second Life strike

Iain Porter

Second Life?

Took me a while to realise you were talking about Sadville. Who calls it Second Life?

El Reg issues Satan word alert

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'wer wer wer', If i'm feeling lazy. Never known anyone use 'dub dub dub'... thank god.

Other lazy pronunciations... missing dots out of web addresses ("wer wer wer google co uk") and parts of IP addresses ("192 168 1.1" - the last one must subconsciously be more important to me) and assuming people know where they ought to go. Some do... parents have a distressing habit of typing what I tell them verbatim.