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Russell T Davies bows out of Doctor Who

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Chair size

1m high cone top 0.1mm bottom 150mm.

Like the tardis it makes you bigger on the inside.

Scientist who named the black hole dies aged 96

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Paris Hilton

Hawkins the Physics Guru.

"Were it not for his disability, he'd likely as not be just another Cambridge professor."

Yeah those Cambridge physics professors are as common as muck.

Apple lags MS in security response

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Paris Hilton

Paris would understand PR disasters.

<quote> Paris would understand PR disasters. </quote>

She would need to view them as disasters to understand them.

BBC iPlayer for iPhone and iPod Touch is iGo

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Bill Gates chuckles at Google Apps

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Multinationals Battle it out.

Multinational1: We make more money selling our overpriced products to our customers.

Multinational2: Hah weve spent millions spying on our customers so we can understand them.

Multinational1: We discovered sticking the word beta on the front of products lets us get away with murder.

Multinational2: Well we've bought all our competitors, so that our products don't look un-innovative.

Multinational1: We've patented the concept of the 'company' give me all your money.

Multinational2: If the (insert random super state) can't touch me, what makes you think you can?

Multinational1: the 3 million employees under the age of 10 ive armed with the "Multinational1 AK47's (tm)".

And thats how world war 3 started, renamed to Web2.1 the new propriety extension of the marketing term Web 2.0.

Samsung Armani mobile phone

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If phone manufactorers were cars

Samsung = skoda

About as fashionable as a skeleton covered in black cloth.

ISP data deal with former 'spyware' boss triggers privacy fears

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Thumb Down

Virgin Media

Well thats 'nother bloody isp I have to leave.

Porsche to challenge London CO2 penalty in court

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Hangings not good enough for 233g/m2 +

Bloody human rights act, blocking my guilty free murdering rampage of the sloane ranger.

US Army struggles with Windows to Linux overhaul

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Microsoft Paper Clip

"Hello, do you want me to show you how to use your nuclear capabilities? Click fire to continue."

Apple's Leopard rejects latest version of Java

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Well its not divx, I installed fine with it preinstalled in 10.4.

Mind you I am not impressed with the UI all those dark colours make for a very depressing OS, I think market share is going to go down just down to the increased suicide rate of the fanbase. Message call to Apple "metal and black" is so 90's you in danger of going retro.

BOFH: You think you know a guy...

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2 years to late

The mac is again the machine of choice for the decerning geek, mind you last time that happened, everyone was waiting for a george orwell prediction. Luckily thats happened in the past 2 years as well. Sparkling Wine (all the champaigns been turned to vinegar by the eu) all round.

Why Microsoft vs Mankind still matters

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Apple Licenses its OS

I'm sure they've done this twice before, and as soon as they saw their hardware sales drop; because someone had produced a clone that was cheaper, they quickly reversed their license. Even if they wanted to go through with it and risk the lucrative hardware sales. No one in their right mind will risk their business on licensing apple's OS.

I think the only major difference between apple and microsoft is that apple want money to produce innovation and microsoft want innovation to produce money. When it comes to developers or customers, both give with one hand and take with another; and (choose deity if you got 'em) help you if you step on their toes.

User panel says US should scrap GPS off switch

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Cough b*!!sh!t

"Removing SA from GPS might, in fact, largely remove the case for Galileo, as many foreign users of GPS would then have more confidence that they could rely on the American system."

For once the BBC managed to write a better more accurate article on the system than el reg http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4555276.stm

dotMobi starts giving away domains

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The Difference

unlike some of the other TLD's .mobi sites are reviewed by dotMOBI and sites may be suspended if they fail to follow the rules prescribed by the company. This is not 100% foolproof but will increase the amount of effort required by spammers using the .mobi domain.