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Think unpatched Win XP hole's not a big deal? Hope you trust your local users


Quote: XP is like 13 years old. Get with the 21st Century.

Sure, if you're still running XP in your basement apartment, then you're obviously a luser and will have lots of fun fixing your fabulous rig if you get hit. And if you're working in a shop that's still full of XP 'workstations' then perhaps you'd be wise to consider another line of work.

OS X Mavericks mail client spews INFINITE SPAM


Steve Jobs is gone

And I can see the quality of Apple's products decline — getting sloppy. Jobs would never have let this crap get through.

They need to hire a product dictator who is a high-functioning OCD crazy person. Tim Cook isn't up to the task. Neither Jonathan Ive (VP of Design) or Craig Federighi (VP Software) are good enough with getting all the details right.

Cloud biz model 'unproven' as Amazon scares world+dog into competing - or ELSE


Your Friends at the NSA

Sure, if you're a corporation, put your data on the cloud. Make it easier for the privateers running the NSA's spying operation to get hold of your secrets. Put yourself in line for corporate espionage (see Petrobras) and perhaps economic sabotage if the spies don't like you.

500 MEELLION PCs still run Windows XP. How did we get here?


IT Malpractice

An operation the size of the NHS is so big, they could maintain their own Linux distribution. They're so big, they could even operate their own 'white box' PC operation and make PCs to whatever specifications they want. The idea that they're wasting so much money to lease commercial software from the likes of Microsoft is ridiculous.

So you think you know all about configuration management


The best CM system is a few text files in /etc.

Hacker cracks Vodafone Germany, steals data of 2 million customers



If that's what you call the activities of corporate contractors working for the NSA.

Shingle me timbers! Seagate brags of 1m SMR drives - where are they?


Re: "That's shipped, not merely manufactured"

Oh, they've all been sold to the NSA, of course!

Crack open those wallets: Microsoft is raising software prices AGAIN



Are you trying to tell me that people still buy Microsoft products?

Four ways the Guardian could have protected Snowden – by THE NSA


Somewhere, a spy is being paid to go through Glenn Greenwald's trash.

I say the best way is to create lots and lots of false leads for them. Make a text file and type nothing but gibberish in it. Then print it out and send it through the mail. Do the same with barcodes. Go to one of those make-a-barcode websites and make a bunch of them. Put them together on a page, print them out and mail them. Fun for all! The agents will be forced to scan it, OCR it, then spend hours and hours trying to 'decode' your little gift. Go to a junk shop and buy an old Zip cartridge. I know I still have a box with about ten Zip cartridges in it somewhere. You don't even have to put anything on it. Just carry it through the airport. Then the agents will have to find a Zip drive somewhere to read what turns out to be nothing.

As far as the real data? Publish in on your blogger.com site. Nobody reads blogger sites.


Re: Encrypted Contents

Guilty conscience is what drives them.


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