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iPad Air not very hot: Apple fanbois SHUN London fondleslab launch

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Re: Eh?

> But one thing I don't do - I don't memorize the names and the specs as if they were some glorious gifts from the Gods.

So you have a poor memory. That doesn't seem a good reason to bash someone for being specific in their post.

Windows 8.1: Microsoft's reluctant upgrade has a split-screen personality

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I'm interested - when 8.1 was installed on a Surface Pro did it just work (i.e. all drivers downloaded automatically, etc) ?

iOS lauded as top moneymaker

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Maybe it's becuse the iOS clients are much better

Shock, horror... the platforms that have the best clients make the most money? Who would have thought it?

Website - no wonder this had the worst uptake. It was truly awful. It looks like they might have realized this though, as the new website is much better. Is it a coincidence that it now looks and acts more like the iOS evernote client?

Windows - Until recently, the windows application was terrible. Evernote blamed it on .NET being slow and buggy (although other companies manage to write great .NET programs). They re-wrote it in C++ and at least it's now usable.

WP7 - Still waiting for it. But good news, Evernote have ONE developer working on it, so I'm sure it'll be ready in no time!

Android / Mac - Haven't used, so can't comment.

UK probes ebook pricing

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Net Book Agreement back from the dead?

When you look at the eBooks on Amazon that have high prices (such as book 13 of the Wheel of Time which costs more than the hardback!) you'll see that Amazon clearly state "This price was set by the publisher".

So yes, the publisher is setting the price, just like the old Net Book Agreement.

Morgan Chase blames Oracle for online bank crash

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Oracle "corrupted the data"...

So let me get this straight, they restored the backup and rolled forward all the transactions and that cured the problem?

Wll in that case, the Oracle database didn't corrupt the records as replaying exactly the same transactions a second time (from the redo logs) would have resulted in the same corruption happening.

Sounds far more likely to be a hardware problem to me (memory, SAN controller, etc).

Huawei's Android touchphone details revealed

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Soft keyboard = Cootek TouchPal 4

The soft keyboard in the screenshots is TouchPal 4 by CooTek - I know, I use it on a windows mobile device and it is excellent. You can achieve incredibly quick text input on it.

Their website states that they have been developing a version for Android, and they also have videos demonstrating how quick it is to use.

Windows Home Server fixes bugs with Power Pack 2

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@Jon Brunson

Actually, if you compare the specifications of several of the "Home Server" appliances out there you'll discover that devices such as the HP EX470 are *cheaper* than linux alternatives (make sure you compare like-for-like - the linux home servers tend to be very underpowered on the CPU front).

Personally, I have had two linux home servers in the past (one a home-built machine, the other an appliance) and both have corrupted the entire storage beyond repair when attempting to extend the storage (thank god for backups). WHS has not corrupted any data, even pre SP1.

Of course, you can re-purpose old hardware and put linux on them as a home server - that's obviously cheaper. I prefer the appliances due to their low running costs though (around 45W instead of the typical PC consumption of 350W+)

Samsung NC10 netbook

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Snappy little machine

It runs Windows7 nicely too... the beta (installed via a USB key) feels faster than the pre-installed version of XP.

Hacking the Apple TV

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@David Haworth

The Popcorn Hour does have a rather limited interface - but there are Open Source alternatives that are just a simple install onto your Windows or Linux box. Checkout http://www.swisscenter.co.uk/ (or http://www.flickr.com/photos/swisscenter/ for screenshots)

Newer Tech punts toaster drive dock

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Maplins have done one for ages

Maplins have done something similar for ages (~£30):


Virgin Media boss in shock exit

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£1.50 for broadband support? Not True

John: "I still get their mailings though including one telling me that if I ring up because of a problem with my broadband they will now charge me £1.50/minute for the pleasure of listening to their hold music for 30 minutes!!"

Not true at all.

Yes, they charge for broadband support, but a 25p/min and that doesn't start until you are connected to a customer services rep. Also, provided the call is about a problem with your broadband they actually refund you the cost of the entire call.

I've had to call them a couple of times, and although I was initially against the idea of them charging, I have to say that the service has improved a lot. It now only takes 2-3 minutes to get though, and you get the cost of the call back anyway. I call that a result.

What's al-Qaeda's take on the iPhone?

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You don't get it do you...?

"Shut up about the cocking iPhone. It's just a phone, not a cure for fscking AIDS. Apple's coke snorting PR/Media luvvies will still hate you, no matter how many articles you write about their fecking phone."

hahahahahaha.... you were so busy getting stressed out that you failed to realize that this article was written especially for you?

Yes....*YOU*... the people who click on every article with "iPhone" in the title just so that you can post a comment about how we've had too many articles on the iPhone.

You're just encouraging them y'know... ;O)

Apple emasculates the iPhone

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Using the iPhone with Windows Media Player.

I just wondered - has anyone tried using Dopsip from Mgtek (http://www.mgtek.com/dopisp/) to sync their iPhone with Windows Media Player?

I use this all the time with my iPod because copying music to/from my iPod using WMP 11 is so much better than using the pile of crud that is iTunes.