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Taking a first bite out of Wolfram Alpha

Peter Kavanagh

Citizen Smith

I can see why they are annoyed at the hype (as generated by their own PR people ;-), but surely it could have a better name - how about "Wolfie" ?

'Power to the People!'

'Freedom for Tooting!'

(mine's the one with the copy of Socialist Worker in the pocket...)

BOFH: Remote access malarkey

Peter Kavanagh


... thank God it's Friday!

IT problems force HMRC to extend tax deadline

Peter Kavanagh
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No problems here...

I filed my return using TaxCalc, via the Government Gateway at about 11.30am today. No probs with a test submission, or the 'live' one, no more than 15 secs delay each time.

It seems from the reports that it was their website that went titsup - but it looks like the underlying architecture was working fine - i.e. query/response, and sending the forms data as XML. It's the 3rd year I've filed online, without a hitch, so for a chage it's a thumbs-up to government IT...!

US surgeon snaps patient's tattooed todger

Peter Kavanagh


Is it just me wincing when I read 'snaps his todger'???

Clarins unveils anti-aging satellite defender

Peter Kavanagh

Saw this in House of Fraser yesterday...

... and almost fell over I was laughing so hard. My wife suggested I should go and 'discuss' the theoretical nature of the effect of the spray with one of the ladies on the counter - but I decided that sort of battle of intellects would be akin to rottweiler vs poodle ;-)

You couldn't make it up...


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