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Hawaiian Airlines to offer free Wi-Fi via SpaceX's Starlink


Re: Believe it when I see it

Forgot add, one hiccup is they will need approval for each type of aircraft, could be time consuming.


Re: Believe it when I see it

They have been testing with Delta and I believe USAF. They have also been testing with F9 missions so I would think technically they are confident.

At the they don't have laser link work AFAIK so the plane has to be within 500 miles of a ground station which I thought might be an issue for trans Pacific flight ? Maybe sats in a higher orbit have a larger radius of coverage.

SpaceX launches first totally private mission to the International Space Station


Re: dependencies

I believe the figure is around $10m but don't know if that is split between NASA and the other agencies. There is a breakdown somewhere, meal costs are $2k per day. Life support and toilet are around 20k per day (seems cheap). AFAIK, I don't believe Axiom have taken any supplies up with them.


Nuclear fusion firm Pulsar fires up a UK-built hybrid rocket engine


Re: SpinLaunch

Scott Manley has a video as to why SpinLaunch is extremely difficult both as a concept and for the payload. https://youtu.be/JAczd3mt3X0

Everything but the catch: '90s pop act or a successful mission for Rocket Lab?


Re: Raises hand from back of room

Already tested


Empty stage 1 weight is less that a ton.

VMware to kill SD cards and USB drives as vSphere boot options


It's relative to the lifespan of the system. 10 years should be enough.

The common factor in all your failed job applications: Your CV


Re: Tech CVs might not be understood

Because the company has a global policy regardless of the position. Personally unless its something outstanding of academic research then 5 years of actual work experience > degree.

10.8 million UK homes now have access to gigabit-capable broadband, with much of the legwork done by Virgin Media


Re: Gigabit...

Outside of IT community, 99.9999999999% of people don't even know their upload speed, for most ISP they don't even bother advertising it. As long as they can do a few zoom sessions and upload their social media pics they are happy.

Fast upload isn't a money maker, people aren't making their ISP selection on it.

Huawei's first desktop PC to be sold outside China is a sleek business machine with optional 'smart' keyboard


Target market is corporate desktops, no need for discreet gpu. Price wise it will need to undercut Dell, HP, etc to make a dent on target market.

Virgin Media adds 200% to its new broadband contracts in 2020, slips back in black (just)


Re: some in, some out

Why on earth are you paying £45 a month for 100mb ? I would be on the phone to retentions immediately. And as somebody else mentioned sounds like you are mixing bits and bytes. And starlink isn't designed for the masses and it's £90 a month for technology in the middle of being tested.

SpaceX’s Starlink finally reveals its satellite broadband pricing for rural America: At $99 a month, it’s a good deal


Expect the UK government to drag their heels thanks to their ludicrous "investment' in starlink rival oneweb.

You're stuck inside, gaming's getting you through, and you've $1,500 to burn. Check out Nvidia's latest GPUs


I'm sure I read they are supporting tensor memory compression offering up to 40% memory gain. So that 10GB is more like 14GB.

Beware, space Chuck Norris inside: Wacky flight rules for Chris Cassidy's first mission unearthed as Navy SEAL greets Dragon crew


How long before Rocket Lab try a first stage recovery ?

NASA's Human Spaceflight boss hits eject a week before SpaceX crew launch


Re: On the negative throught

I doubt it, his reasoning for leaving is causing too many questions. If it was being caught with his pants down then the usual reason for leaving is to spend time with the family.

My guess is whistle blowing.

Expect him to pop up with one of the private agencies in the next couple of weeks.

'Non-commercial use only'? Oopsie. You can't get much more commercial than a huge digital billboard over Piccadilly


Re: Free for non-commercial use?

Each usage has saved probably at least £100 of call out charge. Yet people moan.

If you want free then use VNC or other free alternatives,

Consumer reviewer Which? finds CAN bus ports on Ford and VW, starts yelling 'Security! We have a problem...'


Thank the EU for stopping encryption of the CAN bus.

Also need access to the bus to begin with.

Don't worry, I am sure OTA updates will be fine.

Cisco rations VPNs for staff as strain of 100,000+ home workers hits its network


Re: Anxious to find out how Teams will work?

What, no Yammer or Slack ?


Re: Anxious to find out how Teams will work?

We already have Office365 for most of the employees along with OneDrive and private SharePoint. Teams is a flick of a switch to enable. Integration is fine with rest of MS productions, for most people its just another collaboration tool. Like most enterprises the issue is that different teams go ahead and implement their own tools based on prior or personal experience and that just leads to fragmentation. God knows how much of the company is using WhatsApp for communicating.


Re: Anxious to find out how Teams will work?

Depends on if your organisation has switched it on or not.


Pre crisis Cisco VPN user here with 100,000 users and of course WebEx. Couldn't move away from those fast enough. Normally, it would have needed a year to approve the alternative VPN we were testing, managed to get approval and rollout done in 5 days. MS teams should be switched on next week.

Internet samurai says he'll sell 14,700,000 IPv4 addresses worth $300m-plus, plow it all into Asia-Pacific connectivity


How many of those class A address holders actually use them for public exposed services ?

AMD takes a bite out of Intel's PC market share across Europe amid microprocessor shortages, rising Ryzen


That is the whole point, who is going to verify thousands of combinations ? So a shift on CPU is going to take time.

Will add that for enterprise customers, supplies are stockpiled for year or more if there is a change its going to take a while for that to filter through.

Intel insists Xeon vs Epyc benchmark fight was fair, amends speed test claims anyway


They probably wouldn't as these will be running very specific workloads with low chance of exposure to vulnerabilities. You won't be buying these for general purpose compute.

Remember the Uber self-driving car that killed a woman crossing the street? The AI had no clue about jaywalkers


For those of you wondering what is required to conduct a trial on UK public road read the government guidelines,


AFAIK there have no tests of ADS so far on UK roads.


Re: Where are the test results?

Not all tests cover all conditions and ultimately unless the car is driving in fully autonomous mode (level 4 or above) it is expected that there is human guiding it. How else is it supposed to learn ?


Re: naive trust

Drivers don't want the inconvenience of a secure system.


Re: Surely

It was dark, the sensors could see more than you. Just the car made some stupid decisions.

The '$4.4m a year' bug: Chipotle online orders swallowed by JavaScript credit-card form blunder


Re: Ordering food online via credit card, eh?

Why do people eat at McDonalds or BK or Prezzo or any other chain ? Because they know what they are getting. My mrs ate there a few times on a recent visit to San Diego even though pretty much every other restaurant was Mexican.

700km on a single charge: Mercedes says it's in it for the long run


Re: 350kW!!!!

I am guessing your brother's doesn't actually want to actually drive anywhere ? In the middle of summer I get about 30kwh in a day which equates to about 100mile range. In winter I will let you guess how much the panels are generating a day.

There and back again: NASA's mobile launcher returns to testing after ducking out for Dorian


probably more worried about flying cows hitting it

HP Inc waves bye to EMEA president with 'immediate effect'


HP is right, OEM don't need to spend money on R&D. Problem for HP is there isn't much innovation coming from them either. I don't know what else there is left to develop in domestic or commercial imaging systems.

HP have tried a subscription model in domestic market and while it might work for commercial users the reality is most people I have spoken to aren't interested in it and people are generally printing less.

Google touts managed Linux, gets cosy with Dell in Chromebook Enterprise push


Re: Seriously, who uses Google spyware/crapware these days.

You probably want to to find out what the enterprise version of Chromebook does before commenting. It's specifically designed to connect to on prem infrastructure.

As for tablets, unless you want to paying 3x or 4x and have less manageability and less security then they are different classes of hardware. £250 is going to buy you a media consumption device, not a productivity tool.

There was a plan to merge codebase for Android and Chromebook but the direction is now for Play Store to be available Chromebook. Not all apps work 100% or may have weird GUI issues or may lack hardware but generally the support is OK (ISH) and getting better.

For non+browser apps I would suggest looking at VDI or Xen type solution rather than running them locally defeating the point of Chromebook. One area that is missing is native CaaS support which will need to run on Linux though it's debatable if the target market for Chromebook would notice the lack of CaaS support.


Re: Two words

And yet the majority of your kids data is now being managed via Google.

HPE may as well have stayed at home in bed: Biz turns non-profit as sales fall, costs rise


To much vapourware

Delivering on some the products promised would help ?

Hardware, software and services all failed to deliver. again !!!

Otto man thrown under the bus: 33 crim trade secret theft charges for ex-Uber exec Anthony Levandowski


Re: Actual time served

I guess it depends on if the judge decides on concurrent on consecutive sentences.


Re: Oneman2Many

yeah, I deleted the first one.


The real goal was to slow down Uber development and seeing as Uber were prevented from using Waymo technology that part was achieved. Second thing is don't forget that Google / Alphabet already own over 5% of Uber so sinking Uber would have been a bit of an own goal.

Uber and Alphabet have settled their case.

Truckers, prepare to lose your jobs as UPS buys into self-driving tech


Level 4 does not need human back up while in geo-fenced area. This could be within the confines of a smart motorway for example.

Car crash: Ford writes down $181m in Pivotal stock as investors claim cloud biz still can't do Kubernetes properly


Re: Why should a car maker

Because every car maker understands that selling metal is not going to last for ever and the real money in the future is transport services. Reality is nobody is doing PaaS at scale on prem very well at the moment.

Gone in 120 seconds: Arianespace aims for stars, misses, as UAE satellite launch fails


Re: Perhaps they should have ....

I assume at that height, trajectory and location they wouldn't have bothered with launch abort ?

Nobody really wants a 24 ton bomb landing in their back yard ?

Own goal for Leicester City FC after fan credit card details snatched in merch store hack


Re: magento

The fact they gave a specific range of dates seems to indicate that it was magecart attack and it would mean the data could have been swiped during transaction due to a compromised web site rather than swiped from their database.

Still no excuse for having a compromised server for that long.

Double trouble for Lyft after share price drop sparks class action lawsuits claiming hype


Its not about profit right now, that comes after you have taken market share and forced the competition out of business.

NASA 'nauts do what flagship smartphone fans can only dream of: Change the batteries


After all the scrutiny that FAA is coming under for the process for certifying 737 Max, I am wondering is NASA is going to revise their certification process for when they work with private industry ?

TV piracy ring walks the plank after Euro cops launch 14 raids and shutter 11 data centres


Be interesting to know how much Amazon paid for 20 games.

Cut open a tauntaun, this JEDI is frozen! US court halts lawsuit over biggest military cloud deal since the Death Star


Re: Larry Complains to mummy

Google dropped out due to ethical concern, lol oh and they didn't have the relevant DoD certification.

MS are still interested in bidding.

Nissan EV app password reset prompts user panic


You will probably find that thankfully safety critical are generally developed by suppliers and are closed systems working with very small number of functionality requirements.


Re: WAIT! Hang on, back up a second ...

As has already been mentioned, you don't have to login into a remote system to the data. You can get the same information in the car if you don't want the convenience of having the information remotely. As you seem to have a problem of having the extra convenience the car will work just fine if you switch the option off.

And why is it odd to upload the data to a central location for the app to access it ? How else do you propose the app can read the data from the car ?

Jingle bells, disk drives sell not so well from today. Oh what fun it is to ride on a one-horse open array...


Are you saying that you can store more on a mechanical drive than SSD ?

In case you're not already sick of Spectre... Boffins demo Speculator tool for sniffing out data-leaking CPU holes


This is exploiting known vulnerabilities. Nothing new, just easier to use.



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