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Man gets 6 years for laundering $2.5m from phony credit cards

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US fraud nation

There are more fraudsters in the US reported daily than anywhere else. Yet, you and your ilk will never give the US that kind of label. I suppose it suits you and your skin colour-minded fans(readers) to give negative labels to those who might be different from you.

419ers take council for £100k


Daily Mail all over again

Sayin they believe it just confirms my comments. What is the reason they believe so?

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Daily Mail bandwagon

What's it with the assumption that they are lads from Lagos? Is the Register now run by the same management team as the Daily Mail?

I suppose it is more accepting for the colour-minded simpletons to make the assumption that this was done by some Nigerians rather than to try and attach it to the worst fraudsters int he world (Americans). Nothing in the story to suggest that this was mastaerminded by anyone from Lagos. How would Lagos boys have the bank details without inside complicity anyway.

The totality of fraud committed by "the boys from Lagos" is a tiny miniscule compared to what gets done by our bankers and politicians...or even the like of MADoff.

'I Go Chop Your Dollar' star arrested


Re: Not Pidgin, Troll

So we have a group famous from British Showbiz who sing like broken glasses and call themselves rolling stones...they are real stones who makes rhythmless noises.


Re: you go learn English

If you're being reasonable, you wont expect everyone to speak exactly the same way you do. Others speak other versions of Englaish and there are also people who dont even speak any English. I wonder if you can speak and write any other language.