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Another VPN quits India, as government proposes social media censorship powers


Re: Same owners, right?

And your point is what?

FCC announces winners in $81bn 5G spectrum auction. Congrats to Verizon, which must cough up $45.4bn


Logically the buyers of this bandwidth are going to have to recover these costs. So how is this not just another tax on consumers in the end?

No more installing Microsoft's Chromium-centered Edge by hand: Windows 10 will do it for you automatically


Re: Déja Vu

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même shit.

Outlook more like 'look out!' as Microsoft email decides everything is spam today



"We hope it is a touching Terry Jones tribute. We fear it might be titsuppery of the highest order."

I am pretty sure Terry Jones would approve of the word "titsuppery". Pure pythonesqueness.

The Nokia 3.2 is a phone your nan will love: One camera's more than enough, darling


Re: "longevity ... guaranteeing two years of software updates and upgrades"

Yes you can simply unplug it - but you don't actually need to. Take the risk and live that little bit more.


Re: "longevity ... guaranteeing two years of software updates and upgrades"

Current battery technology IS smarter. You don't need to disconnect before 100% because the battery system SW will cut charging at ~90%. It just displays 100% to key us warm verticals happy.

Allowlist, not whitelist. Blocklist, not blacklist. Goodbye, wtf. Microsoft scans Chromium code, lops off offensive words


Re: This is stupid


"What's next, changing the colour names themselves?"

Mayday, mayday. Cray, you cray cray: Investor attempts to halt HPE's $1.3bn biz gobble


Make or Break

Remember when HP used to make things that worked not buy things that work and break them?

Hongmeng, there's no need to feel down: It's patently obvious this is Huawei's homegrown OS


Re: spy wear

Tuxedo c/w Aston Martin DB5 and Morland cigarettes

You got a smart speaker but you're worried about privacy. First off, why'd you buy one? Secondly, check out Project Alias


Re: you could simply not put the creepy things in your home

"You know you could do all that without any need of a device permanently connected to a remote server run"

Nope - don't know. So how about you explain more, and maybe ease off the superior tone.

Pasta-covered cat leads to kid night operator taking apart the mainframe


Re: Burroughs/Unisys...

BTOS? what a strange way to spell CTOS ;-) Scarey story tho. Well they did market the X-Bus as being very "flexible"...

HPE swallows cloud consultancy RedPixie


Rinse, repeat (sigh)

Can anybody, anywhere tell me of an acquisition HP has made which did not end in misery for the unfortunate, but enterprising, sods what woz acquired?

Hooo boy, Commvault, your activist investor is not a happy chappy


Commvault good - Elliott meh

So Elliott acknowledges of Commvault; "an incredible product success story. However, having built a great platform with high-performance products" and

"a leadership position in a growing market with a product set that customers like and competitors respect". But their opex is (claimed to be) too high.

Commvault looks to me to be a good software company that invests in R&D and aims to keep faith with both it's customers and stakeholders. Long term.

Elliot is a bullying rentseeker that exemplifies why European and Chinese industry will trash the US if it cannot start taking a longer view.

Someone tell Thorpe Lane in Suffolk their internet sucks – they're still loading the page


Fly to Sydney?

"It is astonishing to think that you could fly to Sydney in Australia in the time..."

Well no - the flight time to Sydney is 21 - 22 hours. On the bright side; this is enough time to watch pretty much every decent in-flight movie. And without buffering.

Ex-FBI man spills on why hackers are winning the security game


Re: Sorry, off topic but I can't resist

And Cisco lost out.

A few "housekeeping" points (sorry not wishing to be persnickety but...):

It is CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation); the CSIRO logo is actually a series of vertical bars which echo the shape of the Australian continent not the *Sydney* Harbour Bridge and; Cisco were trying to block the CSIRO trademarking their logo because of the alleged similarity to their own.

Terry Pratchett's self-written documentary to be broadcast in 2017


Back in Octarine perchance?

RIP. Read everything he wrote. Will always want for more.

Your weekends may be safe, admins – IT giants tout 'zero outage' tech


Their ethics manager decreed they sit this one out.

Sound-mufflers chuck acoustic sleep blanket at the noise-plagued


Re: From the website:

Sure is. Can't you hear the idiot Trumpeting?

Linux Mint hacked: Malware-infected ISOs linked from official site


That could be funny - but it isn't. "At least in this case."

Linux Foundation quietly scraps individual memberships


Steady on James. No damn it; time to fork it!

Phone-fondling docs, nurses sling patient info around willy-nilly


Re: Threema works well for this.

Chillax - .ch is the country code top-level domain for Switzerland

Australia gets its site filter at LAST


Tree-seducing, unicorn-riding insane?

Tree seducing?? I don't know why but the nonsense style of this article complements perfectly my exasperation with the so called "policies" and "initatives" of these nongs. Thanx.

Want to hide your metadata? You probably can't


Like Greyeye's comment I don't get it.

With most the major email providers now providing SSL connection as a default how *IS* the gov't going to collect useful metadata, about (say) who emails whom, anyhow? All a journo has to say to a whistle blower is "use Gmail webmail" and (without Google handing over the actual email contents) the sender's identity or IP address cannot be known.

As for halfway competent* terrorists and kiddy fiddlers - they probably already use TOR or at least a VPN.

So I am thinking that the only probable value for 140 million (taxpayer) dollars worth of "IP address on a given day" data is as a reverse lookup database for Big Content to identify file sharers from their <insert favorite torrent client name here> activity.

So who influences our pollies most? Not the taxpayer clearly. It's pathetic!

* The user of "competent" in this context does not indicate or even vaguely suggest approval.

Who's Edward Snowden? Capita bungs its email into Microsoft's cloud


So Capita staff will have two email accounts?

Quote ""The current plans exclude [Financial Conduct Authority] FCA regulated and government businesses which will continue to use on-premises email services".

So Capita staff will use different email accounts when working on different projects? Hmmm - so this is either clunky or utter bullshit.