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Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce

Andy Jones

Wrong description

Microsoft, the VW Sedan of IT? I consider them to be more like a Trebant!

Sony grovels, offers freebies after PlayStation network spent Xmas TITSUP

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Re: They're still a bunch of dicks even when they act kind

Sony would love it if the prices were cheaper as they make more money percentage wise on the digital versions than they do the disc based versions. Unfortunately though the pricing is partly controlled by the studios who they would need to approach to ask them if they can reduce the price. Also, there is the fear that making the games the same price or cheaper than disc based versions will hurt the brick & mortar stores.

People who state that there is nothing worth buying on PSN obviously has not bothered looking as there are a few good indie games out there that are also fairly cheap. A remake of Resident Evil also comes out this month which is digital only, afaik.

Insight warns of $20 MILLION kick in the teeth from Microsoft

Andy Jones

Re: Tragic News

You are kidding right? Let's break it down:

The inbuilt products:

Antivirus - Experience of dealing with people who rely on it usually have me cleaning their machine more! I usually point them to external programs.

CD Burning - Have more failures or unreadable discs. Better off with an external burning program. This isn't a disc problem by the way! Our users generally use this, or our external clients, and we have a high rate of unreadable discs!

Zip - Absolute rubbish program. We get a lot of Zip files from authors on Macs. While the temporary folder can be seen Windows mostly fails to see the actual files. We rely on 7Zip to do the work because it opens the files perfectly.

I use Linux for private stuff and some work stuff. Have no problems and no inconvenience. Everything works perfectly. In fact, when I have stuff on Windows that doesn't work I find Linux usually does the job without problem.

WHY didn't Microsoft buy RIM? Us business blokes would have queued for THAT phone

Andy Jones

same old rubbish

If Microsoft purchased RIM it would be no different to Nokia. What you would end up with is a phone that still have Windows 8 Phone on it because Microsoft are determined to push that OS or be labelled as failures - again! As Windows Phone 8 is substand the resulting RIM phone with that operating system would also be substandard. It would make no difference. Microsoft could buy Samsung, drop Android, replace it with WP8 and it would be crap!

Windows 8 fans out-enthuse Apple fanbois

Andy Jones

Don't believe it has fanboys

I do not believe anyone likes Windows 8, or more specifically the Metro crap. it is an absolute mess of an OS. How Microsoft could push that crap is beyond me. Trying to help people with it is difficult because you are constantly swearing yourself. In the end you have to bypass the Metro shite just to get any resemblance of an operating system to even try to solve the problems it produces.

Santander downplays risk of 'personal data-stuffed' cookies

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Re: Yikes

Three cookies on my machine and not one contains account details.

Who'll save the 100 most endangered species? Microsoft, apparently

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Re: Best marketing ever!

The next iPhone/iPad will be black with white patches. Apple will just sue the giant panda.

Restaurant takes the piss, recycles it as fertiliser

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Re: already well-known and well-used

Yet when I took a drunken dump in our neighbours strawberry patch they called the police. You just can't win!

Sony PlayStation Vita

Andy Jones

£500 is far too much for an internet tablet but people are buying them in droves!

ICO 'enquiring' about Google's serving of tracking cookies

Andy Jones

If Microsoft is relying on outdated technology that makes it impractical for other companies to follow EU rules then maybe the EU should just ban Internet Explorer, making its use illegal, until such time they can make a browser that responsibily allow other companies to follow the rules!

At the end of the day if IE just allows the sites to bypass user preferences just because it does not recognise the command, then that is Microsofts fault, not Googles. Microsoft make the damn shoddy browser so they should fix it and only a ban will get them to do this.

Google should have brought this to Microsofts attention but the fault lies with Microsoft. If it is true that Microsoft know their technology is preventing other companies to follow EU rules then Microsoft should also be prosecuted.

No 'Xbox 720' in 2012, says MS exec

Andy Jones

They are having lots of meetings to discuss what colour the ring of death will be on this console.

Sky follows BT in blocking Newzbin2

Andy Jones

The producers, and the actors, are more than likely not going to get any money from the films anyway if it is made by big Hollywood studios. Their corrupt accounting practices ensure the movie makes a loss, even if it is a big blockbuster that sells lots of cinema places, lots of DVDs/Blu rays and also lots of other merchandise. It will still make a loss on paper so they don't have to pay the people who contracted to make money from the profit. The amount of blockbusters that make a loss is absolutely staggering, and yet they get away with it!

Look up 'Hollywood accounting' for further info! The big studios are the biggest crooks!

Ten... top PlayStation Network game downloads

Andy Jones
Black Helicopters

Sssshhhhh! XBox Live hasn't been hacked. Microsoft said so so it must be true!

Oh, and the Red Ring of Death really only affected less than 1% of XBoxes, and not the 50% I am led to believe. Honest guv! My XBox loving colleague told me. Apparently the Yellow Light of Death is much worse.

Microsoft people! You gotta love them eh. One step away from being 'special' imo.

Microsoft tempts Kinect developers with bacon

Andy Jones

Lard arse alert

"Anyone can pop along and grab some bacon ... and cover it with a variety of toppings, including spray cheese, Sriracha, peanut butter, maple syrup, and chocolate sauce."

And they wonder why they are fat!

Waddle along sir, nothing to see here!

Google flings Bing into search engine bin

Andy Jones

Actually ...

Just change the GB to EN in the address string and you can suddenly find it.

Bloody annoying but what do you expect from Microsoft.

Apple admits iPhone battery suckage, promises fix

Andy Jones

I would just like to point out that my Samsung Galaxy S2 works perfectly. No flaws. Battery is fine. Screen is fine. Signal is fine. Oh, and it is a .0 release!

Steve Jobs' last words: 'OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.'

Andy Jones

"He was often quoted as looking forward to his next journey, so it would fit the Man."

As long as he didn't need registration plates for his transportation vehicle and there were lots of disabled places for him to park in I expect he would be happy!

Andy Jones


Behind his 'partner', kids and sister, he probably saw the angelic figure of the real Jesus Crust talking to God using a Samsung Galaxy S2.

Ballmer disses Android as cheap and complex

Andy Jones

@ Giles Jones

You don't need to be a computer scientist to use Android. It just works. There is nothing else to it. It doesn't suck otherwise 10's of millions of people would not be buying it, and Android phones wouldn't also be outselling Apples iPhones.

Ballmer is just being a dick. Stop protecting Microsoft.

Kinect 'augments' Bulgarian airbags

Andy Jones

What a load of crap! That must have cost all of 5 Yen to come up with that. It looks pathetic and graphically poor. How in Hades did this make news?

Sony slashes PlayStation 3 prices

Andy Jones


Well, that makes that XBox overpriced junk then! For an extra £100 you get a reliable 3D capable Blu-ray player/games machine and a hard drive to download games onto. If you don't like the size of the hard drive then you can easily upgrade (do that on the XBox! Lol).

There is a reason the XBox is priced from about £100 - it is crap!

Has Google wasted $12bn on a dud patent poker-chip?

Andy Jones

Not really

Paying $12b for Motorola's phone division means they are getting something in return. With regards the patents they can use these to protect themselves, and use the rest of the phone division how they wish.

Oracle are asking for an exhorbitant amount in licensing fee's, even taking revenue into account in areas that are of no concern to the infringement (Googles advertising stream). Google disagrees with this amount, and disagrees with the patents and copyrights themselves, so obviously rather than pay up to an obvious troll they are fighting them and winning as well.

It is quite simple really.

Microsoft man saves drowning woman

Andy Jones


Did she catch a virus? If yes, then that was from the Microsoft man!

/mines the one with the AV hanky in the pocket.


On another note, the headline is wrong, or typical Microsoft history rewrite. The Microsoft man helped save her, he didn't do it by himself. As you state a Yell employee jumped in the water first.

So, following on from the Yell employee jumping in the water first to rescue her, the Microsoft employee embraced the situation and also jumped in to rescue her. What next, how will he extend and extinguish the situation?

'Indestructible' rootkit enslaves 4.5m PCs in 3 months

Andy Jones


@ AC 07:49

Windows is far from being polished and full of features. I use Linux and it does everything I need it to do, and I use Windows at work and am constantly frustrated due to it missing things I need that are in Linux!

Microsoft nails second Android device maker

Andy Jones


What? You don't think Apple pay royalties to Microsoft. Of course they do. They are just as much in bed with Microsoft as these other companies.

Just look harder. There are more Android suppliers than HTC and these guys (who I have never heard of). For a start, try Samsung Android phone - not sure if they pay them royalties. Also, Motorola.

Microsoft BPOS biz-cloud hit by another outage

Andy Jones


"which transpired to have been caused by network hardware failure."

Did they build a super computer data centre out of XBox 360's and some of the Red Ringed?

/mines the one with the heatsink in the pocket.

Microsoft loses Supreme patent fight over Word

Andy Jones

Not quite


Unfortunately you need to start reading his post from the title and not just the post itself. When you do that you get:

"Unlike past instances like SCO vs. IBM, M$ did steal the technology and paid the price."

it makes sense then. It confused me at first as well.

Xbox 360 sales reach Sony-smashing milestone

Andy Jones

No title!

If they included worldwide sales it would be a completely different story. Only in the US is the XBox outselling the PS3. Everywhere else the PS3 outsells the XBox - so much that it is catching up with it in overall sales and has outsold it worldwide every month for just over a year.

VGChartz has worldwide sales from 28th May as:

XBox - 54 million

PS3 - 50.5 million

And the people above who state that a lot of XBox sales are not multiples because of the RRoD, please explain how, despite selling more units than the PS3, the XBox trails the PS3 in installed user base?! What's that, you can't?

And again with the above comments, it is typical that when you mention that some people have gone through multiple XBox's someone comes along and states that they have gone through severeal PS3's because of the YLoD. This is bullshit and is from a Microsoft fan trying to justify their loyalty to Microsoft, or trying to justify their purchase - or could be one of MS's employees. Yes, the YLoD exists but it affects less than 1 percent of the PS3's. I know multiple people who have had multiple XBox failures, but only one person who has had a PS3 failure due to a faulty power supply - caused by their son just yanking the power out continuously! And just to even things out I also know a lot of people who have not had XBox failures!

Sony restores PlayStation Network in full

Andy Jones


That's odd then because I managed to reset my password on Saturday! I did it on the website.

Ballmer: Time up for 'stuck in the past' Microsoft CEO?

Andy Jones
Thumb Up

And the dog!

Where is the dog? When I go to search in Windows 7 that stupid little dog doesn't bounce towards me anymore. Bring him back as well. In fact, make it a rottweiller or a pitbull.

Sony: 'PSN attacker exploited known vulnerability'

Andy Jones

Where do I start?

"I'm loyal to Microsoft, at least they own up to mistakes and don't take stuff away from me that I paid hard earned cash for!"

Do what? You are talking about Microsoft owning up to their mistakes? The RRoD that they denied for up to 2 years before finally caving in and admitting what everybody knew - their hardware was shit so they extended the warranty! Most Microsoft loving idiots think this was a good thing and appreciate Microsoft for doing this, but they were just painting over cracks in their poor hardware and marketing services! The hardware was shit, cheaply built shit, and they extended the warranty to cover their butts but STILL CONTINUED TO SELL DEFECTIVE HARDWARE!! But the fanboys were appeased - all hail Microsoft.

Amazing that despite you have consoles that needed fixing you still praise Microsoft. You are an idiot. They sell you broken hardware yet you are still loyal!

And yes, Sony took away the right to run another operating system on their machine - which if you had tried you would have found out it ran poorly. But what did they give in return? Well for a start they turned your PS3 into not just a standard Blu-Ray player but into a 3D CAPABLE BLU_RAY PLAYER! Not only that but it is now a 3D CAPABLE GAMES MACHINE! You may not have gone 3D and will probably find excuses not to but for those of us who have we have saved a few £100 as we don't need to buy extra hardware on top of the TV.

As you are an obvious MS fanboy trying a pathetic troll let me make this clear - The PS3 way surpasses the XBox 360 in gaming/video, has a better optical drive in Blu-Ray and is now 3D capable. What does the XBox 360 have?

Microsoft's Word fight opens in US Supreme Court

Andy Jones


"M$'s patent portfolio is primarily defensive - they rarely sue other parties. They have much more to lose from poor quality patents being asserted against them than from their own patents being weakened."

Their patent portfolio is for their offensive and to be used as leverage against other companies. That is why they are threatening lots of companies and then signing deals at the last minute with the part of the deals being secret. The non-secret part of the deals always involve them getting access to other companies patent portfolio.

Their tactic is clear. They threaten companies with patent infringement for the soul purpose of getting access to another companies patents for either free or for a massive discount than if they approached the company through the reasonable channels.

I don't know why people say Microsoft do not sue other parties. Ok, they don't sue that many because it never gets that far. But their patents are definitely not used defensively!

Whitehats pierce giant hole in Microsoft security shield

Andy Jones

They are a joke

Microsoft ... "told users it wasn't much of a threat because the worst it probably could do was crash the application."


“The point was proven that you could actually start to execute code, as opposed to them saying: 'Don't worry about it. It can only crash your server',”

This is why Microsoft is a joke. The hackers probably cannot steal your data but they can take out your server! And this is not serious?

OFT probes extended warranties

Andy Jones

Even better ...

"Can i interest you in an extended warranty sir?"

"No thanks. I am covered under the Sales of Goods Act for 5 years if anything goes wrong."

Andy Jones


@ Elmer

You are right Elmer. The Sales of Goods act covers items up to their life expectancy so computers/tv's/monitors are covered for approximately 5 to 6 years, fridges are about 9 years and washing machines are approximately 9 years as well.

Companies should be forced to publish their expected lifetime of a product instead of this guarantee crap. Would you buy a product that had a lifetime of 1 year?

Apple's 'App Store trademark': A farce of Jobsian proportions

Andy Jones

Fanboy much David W.

I see that you are really quick to defend their trademark of Windows. FYI they did hijack the term to confuse people into thinking 'MS Windows OS' was THE best or only GUI OS. The term Windows in computing had been used for over a decade, used to describe the 'window'. or framework, that let you graphically peek into a folder. You may claim rabidly that it doesn't apply because it involves the OS but I'm sorry it does apply because the term is used for COMPUTING, and last I checked the OS was part of computing.

MS hijack generic names quite regularly and trademark them. Word for example, for word processing, and to confuse people with regards to Word Perfect. They also took the generic name of SQL Server. What about Internet Explorer!! These are just three examples!!

As for Lindows I think you would find that Microsoft didn't win the case. In 2004 they paid off Lindows to the tune of $20 million to get them to change the name of the product. In fact Microsofts case was rejected first in 2002 and then again in 2004. They paid Lindows off in a bid to protect their trademark.

Their 2002 case was rejected because they (Microsoft) had used the term Windows to describe 'windowing systems' before MS Windows was released, and the windowing technique had already been in use by Xerox and Apple years before.

Google's 'clean' Linux headers: Are they really that dirty?

Andy Jones


I totally agree with you. Metz comes across as a Microsoft Shrill with his anti-Google rants. And lately he seems to be getting information from known MS shrill Flo Muller.

This is a non-story. Everybody connected to it cannot see that there is an issue and have publicly stated this. Two lawyers connected to Microsoft decide it is an issue and all pro-Microsoft journos and shrills jump up and down trying to make this a bigger issue.

It is part of Microsofts FUD campaign against Android. They are attempting to scare developers from the platform so they can be enticed to the MS platform, WP7.

Congratulations on continuing spread MS FUD Cade Metz. I hope you are being paid well.

Feeling heat from Macs, Microsoft sells PCs sans crapware

Andy Jones

Microsoft selling PCs

So, Microsoft are selling PCs now are they? That will please the OEMs.

The OEMs now need to start offering Linux across ALL their line and ignore Microsofts threats of upping their Windows price because now Microsoft are a competitor to them. If Microsoft threaten to up the price the OEMs can just regard it as anti-competitive and complain to the authorities!

Microsoft has just painted themselves into a corner!

Judge guts suit against Sony for killing Linux in PS3

Andy Jones


Standard warranty in Europe is 24 months no matter what the seller or manufacturer says. In the UK it is 5 years under the Sales of Goods Act (always keep the receipt).

Steve Jobs unveils 30% subs model for ... everything

Andy Jones


Alex Rose - you are an idiot! What he is saying is that content providers will not be able to afford to redesign their content for other platforms if Apple take 30%, not that Apples high charge will discourage them from looking for different platforms!

And British Gas are a completely different kind of business so you can't use them as an analogy, unless you are talking about them creating an App that allows you to see your gas/electric usage!

It's official: Nokia bets on Microsoft for smartphones

Andy Jones

Won't happen

Stephen Elop is still on Microsofts payroll. It was inevitable that he would steer Nokia into Microsofts arms! All I can say is 'Bye bye Nokia. Was nice knowing you!'.

Microsoft will either eventually buy them or destroy them and then buy them! Or maybe just destroy them because it won't be the first time they have written into the contract that if the partner goes bust all their IP belongs to Microsoft (Sendo anyone?).

Microsoft Windows guru turns to cybercrime (fiction)

Andy Jones

Not believable

Airlines and Oil Tankers do not run on Windows so are unlikely to be hacked.

@ Danny 4.

Even if they could find the system discs to restore the OS they would probably find that the WGA servers are working properly so they would have to ring the Helpdesk in India.

Steve Jobs takes 'medical leave of absence' from Apple

Andy Jones


Maybe he was holding it incorrectly!

No court order against PlayStation hackers for now

Andy Jones

Sky boxes

Yes, I own the box. If they licensed it they would be responsible for maintaining it as it would be part of the license. Considering they keep pestering me to take out extra warranty/insurance on the box proves that I own it. Plus it comes with a 1 year guarantee. If it is licensed why would they guarantee it?

Gamers raid medical server to host Call of Duty

Andy Jones


New Hampshire is in the USA, so it won't be an NHS machine

Microsoft 'maintenance' blocks Hotmail

Andy Jones

RE: Gmail ... Really ?

@ AC Thursday 6th January 2011 01:17 GMT

Please expand on what you said as the way you left it you sound like a troll.

99.999% of people will be end users. From experience, and also of my friends/family, I cannot recall any problems with using GMail. There has been no downtime for us, no disappearing emails, no blocked accounts ... nothing. Everything just works. This is what end users want.

So, please expand on what you mean because you are indicating there are massive problems with GMail when my experience begs to differ.

UK Man cops to £500,000 iTunes royalty scam

Andy Jones

Not quite right

I expect that they didn't download one song 6000 times, but downloaded multiple songs at least 6000 times EACH!

Man caught w*nking over Alan Sugar's autobiography

Andy Jones

Oh dear ... these hackers!

Quote: "An anonymous source said ..."

I see Anonymous are involved! And the police came along and performed a Denial of Service attack!

/Mines not the one he used. It's the clean one hanging up in the cloakroom!

Microsoft joins protest against Google web travel buy

Andy Jones


That's the way I read it as well.

At least we got a list of web travel firms to avoid now. Start spreading the word.

Microsoft unveils 'do not track' option for IE9

Andy Jones

Not really

They are not really up on Mozilla as Firefox has an add on called Ghostery which blocks tracking. Ok, it is not built in to Firefox but it is still available, and it does block everything (well, that is known). I bet you can guarantee that if Microsoft has something like Google Analytics (have no idea if they do) then IE9's Do Not Track will not disable that!