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Woz: Google Glass will be SO COOL... just like BLUETOOTH


I just don't see this really taking off. The virtual reality aspect is cool, but honestly, they shouldn't have cut out porn apps. If they really wanted this to sell, they shouldn't have put porn restrictions on it.

Chinese Bitcoin exchange disappears, along with £2.5m


Yeah, must always look out for shady businesses, but honestly, just a little bit of background research could have saved these investors their money.

Google Chrome: Extensions now ONLY from the Company Store


My question is whether this only effects chrome, or any browser that uses the chrome source code. For example, I sue the torch browser, would it too be effected?

Aussie bloke hacks way to top of music charts with MIDI-based tunes


I don't know if this is kinda cool because it messes with the system, or kinda scary because it messes with the system. I think I might have even come across one of these tracks (although I come across a lot of legit music on spotify, pandora, and torch music that has about the same level of quality!)

The Pirate Bay's new censorship-dodging browser 'not secure'


So it's kind of like an in-between to a regular browser, and the tor browser. Seems like there might be some issues with it not being anonymous though. Worries me a bit. I use the torch browser to get past geographical restrictions, but getting around government restrictions is a bit more, and if I'm to do that, I think it best to be anonymous. Great play though for the anti-censorship side!

Urban Farming


I don't currently do anything like this, but would like to in the near future. Best way to know that what you're eating hasn't been messed with.


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