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iPhone 3G isn't necessarily

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My god, there is such a lack of understanding of GPS, A-GPS (assisted GPS) and "other" positioning systems by use of triangulation of cell towers or wifi spots.

Firstly the iPhone (and iTouch using a db of wifi spots) can roughly locate your position using a triangulation of signals from cell towers, which in itself is quite a bit of funky technology. This is *NOT* GPS in any form, assisted or otherwise.

Secondly, the iPhone 3G has a full blown GPS chipset in it, so can get your position down to a few meters. But, like all GPS units it has to download all the ephemeris data from the satellites. This can take up to 10 mins for a unit that has no knowledge of its position at all.

A-GPS is superior to plain old GPS and don't confuse it with other things. That makes Greg the owner of the

This is where *assisted* GPS come in. It connects to the interweb and downloads all of the satellite data from a server somewhere at web speed not at 50 BITS/sec that it takes from the sat itself. Now, equipped with all that data, you get a fix very quickly.

That makes Greg the owner of the stupidest comment here.....

BT matches analysts' forecasts

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It's not that bad

"So how come none of the providers actually provide anything higher than 4mbps, on a good day?" - is a total BS statement.

I'm not going to say the UK is fantastic, and I'd agree that BT has a lot to answer for, but statements like that are just rubbish. I have a consistent 14mbps at home through Be* and very happy with it.

Is your phone free?

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"I mainly use a Windows Smartphone for GPS. If this gets some GPS software it would be useful. If not then I'll get a Tomtom unit."

Tomtom one was/is Linux based. In fact Openmoko uses some of the GPL code written and released by Tomtom.

I give it a week before you can download a version of TT for this beauty.

I put my order in within hours of the announcement. I can ditch my horrible WM5 device - well the hardware is ok, but the software (TT aside) sucks big time. Let UPS gods deliver my FIC1973 quickly!